Pride In The Rocket Man

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Pride In The Rocket Man

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Elton John - Rocket Man (Official Music Video)

The flamboyant looks were entirely unconnected to his songs, hits about love, friendship and music itself. The designer created the artwork for his 24th studio album, The One, in addition to the wardrobe for his world tour — checked prints, all-white ensembles, more satin. A more grown-up restraint came when Japanese designer Yohji Yamamoto created looks for him from to , though there still were bright purple tailcoats, metallic cravats and lots of velvet.

You can look at this wardrobe and laugh. But Elton John, a fierce LGBT activist, knew how to wield flamboyance against unkempt metalheads, clean-cut crooners and angsty balladeers. The Barbie created in his honour in is elegant, but nowhere as fun. The clothes: Bruce Springsteen recalls blue jeans and a white T-shirt. The sunglasses: Heart shaped lenses, spangled frames, sequinned rims, oversized bubbles, feathers, windshield wipers. The piano: His skills were legendary. The music: There are 36 albums, nine soundtracks and more compilations than even fans can keep track of.

Goodbye Yellow Brick Road has sold more than 30 million copies worldwide. The singer-songwriter is on his final tour, capping 60 years in music. But we might miss his costumes more. Share Via. By Rachel Lopez. And they had Von Braun. So it is easy to draw a direct line between the V2 rocket — built by slave labourers and launched from Nazi-occupied Europe — and the first American in space. Probably, but perhaps not as soon. As with so many technological innovations, war hastened the development of the modern rocket and accelerated the space age. Even today, the fundamental technology of launchers remains the same as it did 70 years ago.

The engine looks similar, rockets still use gyroscopic guidance and most are powered by liquid fuel. All pioneered in the V2. Unwittingly, on a September day in my father had witnessed the dawn of the Space Age. Space Station Weapon. V2: The Nazi rocket that launched the space age. Share using Email. We use cookies to personalize content and ads, to provide social media features and to analyze our traffic. Learn More. It's the last weekend of Calgary Pride, but there's still a ton to be proud of in the city. What started as Calgary's first pride festival in has transformed into full-blown celebrations, vibrant events, entertaining drag shows and informative panels — all in the name of recognizing, understanding and celebrating gender and sexual diversity.

The art-walk exhibit, now in its second year, is one such example. The art walk and other Pride activities provide the perfect opportunity for people to come together this year to show their public support for the Queer community. The art walk is just one of many fun, interesting and thought-provoking events being held across Calgary this year. Check out what else is happening and show your bright and bold colours, loudly and proudly! Courtesy of Shaw. Why You Need To Go: Check out the work of the eight talented artists chosen through Shaw's Pride Marches On initiative to produce exceptional and colourful art installations at this year's art walk , located at the four corners of Central Memorial Park. While there were many creative and inspirational submissions, the committee picked Pride in Solidarity, You are Queer Enough, Metamorph, and Liberation Now because these artworks captured what Pride, community and connection means in When: September 4 from 11 a.

This glamourous public reading by Calgarian drag performers celebrates diversity and inclusion by teaching kids to see past gender stereotypes and accept everyone for the individuals they are. You'll need a library card to attend, which is free, and you can pre-register on Calgary Public Library's website. These events will follow health and safety guidelines for COVID, which you can learn more about here. At this event, you get to enjoy both with an all-ages outdoor concert featuring three fabulous Canadian artists: Wares , D'orjay The Singing Shaman and The Lovebullies.

Sit back and relax in your vehicle or book a patio for up to 10 adults limited availability. COVID restrictions are in place, including only leaving your vehicle if necessary. You can learn more here. With a food truck or two, music and a pride float parade, there's no room for a bad time. Why You Need To Go: If you're an Elton John fan, love live music and if you want to be Vegas-style entertained with multiple, funky costumes featuring Elton's iconic glasses , this event is a no-brainer. Rob Skeet is performing a tribute to the Rocket Man himself, backed by the four-piece band, Husky Tower. Covering 50 years' worth of Elton songs, along with the showmanship you'd hope to see, this is one gig you'll need to book ahead for.

Diana Vyshniakova Dreamstime. You can attend the event in person at Hotel Arts, or you can watch from the comfort of your home via the online stream. If you're in Calgary and watching from home, Pride Brunch has organized special takeout menus from Winebar and Yellow Door Bistro so you can get the full experience. If attending the event in person, be sure to check out the art-walk exhibit, which is just a few minutes away in Central Memorial Park. So march on with Pride and let your colours fly! Narcity does not condone illegal gatherings. Always make sure to follow all provincial public health measures and respect physical distancing.

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