A Girl In The River Analysis

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A Girl In The River Analysis

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A Girl in the River (Equality for Women)

A Girl in the River portrays that honor and respect are the most valuable trade assets. Both are built upon maintaining control of daughters and wives. As fathers and brothers are the breadwinners, they maintain power. By keeping women at home, they are confined. The milk spoils when women are unleashed to become more than child bearers and caregivers and are allowed to make autonomous decisions such as who they will marry. Maqsood is of sound mind and is rational in his belief.

There is humanity in his eyes while speaking of the inhumane. Pakistani Director Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy believes in the power of film to change culture. She had an incredibly different upbringing to Saba and was supported by her family. Obaid-Chinoy went to American schools Smith College and Stanford for journalism and was the first to go to school abroad in her family.

Her first was for Saving Face , about acid attacks in Pakistan. For her second win, she walked onto the stage overflowing with pride and confidence. She was brave to speak openly of such a contentious issue to her country that is influenced by the Quran and to the men who manipulate its written words in their favor. Obaid-Shinoy did this as a woman, about women, in Pakistan. A Girl in the River gives Saba a voice. I hope she can stand up for herself. I hope she can do good things and be educated. I hope she can work if she wants to. She should do whatever her heart desires. Ernest is passionate about the arts such as film, theatre, music, comedy and literature. Together with the film-makers and change. It is vital that this loophole is closed so that a convicted person cannot escape accountability.

Honour crimes have nothing to do with Islamic law. Rather, the principles of compromise and forgiveness effectively sanction these crimes. Similarly, it could now intervene to ensure that compromise and forgiveness no longer apply to honour crimes. In April , Samia Sarwar , a young woman whose mother was a medical doctor and father was president of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province Chamber of Commerce, was gunned down in the office of her lawyers, Asma Jehangir and Hina Jilani. Her assassin was hired by her family, as she wanted to divorce her abusive husband and marry an army captain with whom she had fallen in love.

A bill was put before the parliament at the time, but it failed to gain support. Seventeen years on, Nawaz Sharif, the prime minister, has declared his commitment to eliminate honour killings. The amendments could be sent to parliament this week. We understand that the law would ensure the Islamic legal concept of forgiveness does not apply to cases where the families of the victim and the perpetrator are the same. We cannot afford to lose momentum this time, particularly as new cases are occurring all the time.

Women's rights and gender equality Global development. This article is more than 5 years old. Every year, more than 1, girls and women are victims of honour killings in Pakistan. Photograph: SOC Films.

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