Ophelias Dishonesty In Hamlet

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Ophelias Dishonesty In Hamlet

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Hamlet \u0026 Ophelia, a non-love story

It is this fuming mind-set that is responsible for his terrible treatment towards dear, innocent Ophelia in Act 3. Once Hamlet discovers the cause of his fathers death, he disguises himself by acting nutty to mask his true objectives of revenge. By doing so Hamlet is now able to do whatever he wants to, without being questioned of his behavior. He does this on one occasion during a visit with Ophelia. Ophelia later relays this meeting to her father, telling him that Hamlet was not properly dressed, and with a look so piteous in purport as if he had been loosed out of hell to speak of horrors-he comes before me. This scene is directly after Hamlet learns of his fathers murder. It seems that Hamlet is looking to Ophelia for help, his feelings were crushed and he needed consolation.

I extract the estimation that prince Hamlet adores Ophelia, and that she is one the few loved ones he has left to turn to. I am sure he loves his family, but his father is dead, his mother is unconcerned with his fathers death and his uncle is the murderer of his father. The plot thickens and Hamlets mind begins to ponder the possibilities of a confession by the king. His love for Ophelia is also strongly noticed by all.

The nobles of Elsinor also notice the love he shows and they begin to realize the possibility that Hamlet love for Ophelia would benefit them all. When Polonius reads from one of Hamlets love letters to Ophelia, in which he says to her But that I love thee best, O most best, believe it. Claudius wishes to do the same. His reason, however, is to end the threat of his own life. Once the king and queen realize this remedy they quickly act to use it by persuading Ophelia to talk to Hamlet. In this Scene true madness comes into play. Once Ophelia meets Hamlet and speaks with him Hamlet realizes that his mother and stepfather are aware of this love and might use this to end his threat. Hamlet must end their thoughts of using Ophelia to rid him of his condition.

To do this he must destroy all the current feelings Ophelia has for him and he does so very well, perhaps too well. If you saw a ghost in the form of your dead father, would you believe what it said or what it told you to do? This is one problem Hamlet had to face. This ghost said he was King Hamlet Hamlet's father. He told Hamlet some shocking information, that he was murdered by his brother and is living in everlasting hell, until Hamlet would avenge his fathers death. Hamlet has to find out if this is the Hamlets plan develops when actors arrive in Elsinor. He uses their skill by relieving the mystery of his fathers death in a production with hopes of getting his uncles confession. Prior to visiting with her, Hamlet states in a soliloquy his famous to be or not to be speech in which he contemplates suicide.

By this point his purpose for revenge has made him all the more miserable, and cynical. As Ophelia enters, Hamlets spirits seemed to be aroused as he addresses her, The fair Ophelia! Nymph in thy orisons be all my sins remembered. However Hamlets good disposition does not seem to last long. It is when Ophelia returns to him tokens of his affection that his attitude changes toward Ophelia. Hamlet starts to insult Ophelia, and taunt her. She felt shame in the face of Jesus and the Saint because she had taken part in love before union, or unwholesome love. As a Guardian, he is also pushing that he knows better than Ophelia what is appropriate behavior for her.

While in the beginning Ophelia thinks she is just helping her father check on. Polonius and Laertes are both Guardians. Laertes fears that Ophelia is throwing herself into a very temporary romance because her feelings for Hamlet exceed his feeling for her. He warns: For Hamlet, and the trifling of his favor, Hold it a fashion and a toy in blood. Nonetheless, what are the punishments for someone who feigned his or her madness and sparks off the death of the entire royal family?

Shakespeare's Hamlet significantly demonstrates the consequences of dissimulating, in a way of dishonesty, but is Hamlet's madness simulated or real? This question is often left unanswered among the fans of Shakespeare's Hamlet. The idea of a character impersonating the concept or motif. Women back in the day were treated very differently compared to today, they had no rights. Both of the stories covered similar topic such as women mistreatment, protective parenting, and acts of madness. Women mistreatment was a very important aspect when it comes to Shakespeare time.

Although O's arrogance may have led to his downfall, it is their impulsiveness that does in each man: O's decree of exile parallels the gods' requirements, but Hamlet's stabbing of Ophelia's father right after NOT stabbing Claudius means that, in the grand scheme of things, he will have to die rather than assume the throne. Both plays are tragedies that result from behind-the-scenes machinations--the gods plot against O's family. Ophelia's Road to Madness Words 5 Pages. Polonius is self seeking and callous. Is Hamlet Mad? Perhaps the world's most famous mental patient, Hamlet's sanity has been argued over by countless learned scholars for hundreds of years. As a mere student of advanced-level English Literature, I doubt I can add anything new to the debate in words, but I can look at the evidence supporting or dispelling each argument and come to my own conclusion.

Hamlet is obviously Hamlet compliments him for his goodness, and self control, Horatio, thou art een as just a man, As eer my conversation copd withal. That was true in the end of the play, Horatio was the only one left standing. He was the only one left alive. Another type of love in Hamlet, is the paternal love between Hamlet and Gertrude, or lack there of. Hamlet was very affectionate with Gertrude in the beginning, but as the play progressed, he became more bitter towards her. This happens as Hamlet learns of his fathers murder. Many questions arise in his fragile mind. Was my mother in on the plan to kill Hamlet Sr.? After Polonious reads the love letter from Hamlet to Ophelia, to Gertrude and Claudius, Gertrude wanted to use Ophelias love to bring her son out of madness, showing her motherly characteristics.

Then Hamlet decides to put a play on which re-enacts the death of his father in order to see the reaction of A- Claudius guilt, and B- To see whether or not his mother knew about it. Later on, Hamlet seems mad in everyones mind. He threw his mother onto her bed and insisted on condemning her marriage to Claudius, Nay, but to live in the rank sweat of an esteamed bed, Stews in corruption, honeying and making love Over the nasty sty! In Shakespeares day, perhaps he viewed the love between a mother and son to be strong and everlasting.

So maybe he just wanted to give the image as to what can happen if things were somewhat distorted. But in the long run, Gertrude, the mother, stepped in and drank the poison to save her son. Now a different type of love in Hamlet, is also present. That is the love Claudius had for power. Claudius was in love, not with Gertrude, but with what came with her. The power to rule. In order to obtain the power and what came with it, Claudius murdered Hamlet Sr. Even Claudius himself admitted the murder when he was praying, I am still possessd of those effects for which I did murther: my crown, mine own ambition, and my queen. Within all of William Shakespeare s tragic plays the main characters contains a tragic flaw. A tragic flaw of a character is defined as some aspect of the character that will enviably result in his or her demise.

In Hamlet the main character, Hamlet contains sever tragic flaws just as most of all normal humans do. As many people say it is a well known fact that no one is perfect and because Hamlet All along, Hamlet is the only one who was aware of the true nature of Claudius, Nay, but to live in the rank sweat of an esteamed bed, Stews in corruption, honeying and making love Over the nasty sty! The main instance when Claudius and Gertrudes love is questioned, is at the fencing match. Claudius was prepared to kill his nephew, Hamlet, when Gertrude stepped in to drink the poison, and all Claudius could say was, Gertrude, do not drink.

Claudius showed three main qualities throughout the play, dishonesty, evilness, and deceitfulness, and all three of these could be shared with another popular Shakespearean character, Lady Macbeth from Macbeth. Shakespeare in one of his most popular plays, Hamlet, explores many different types of love.

Ophelias Dishonesty In Hamlet nature represents a woman, how can Why I Want To Be A Mentor Essay be condemned as whores? Laertes feels immense sadness for Persuasive Speech On Cancer sister"s Warfare And Technologys Influence On The Assyrians because now he is all alone and only has Hamlet to blame. He warns: For Hamlet, and the trifling of his favor, Hold it a fashion and a toy in blood. If being a women Ophelias Dishonesty In Hamlet so horrible and everyone hates them, why become one is Why I Want To Be A Mentor Essay question.