Overpopulation Of Dogs

Thursday, September 23, 2021 12:13:00 PM

Overpopulation Of Dogs

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Dog Overpopulation

We extend our deepest thanks to the PETCO Foundation for a generous grant which will enable Oklahoma Spay Network to expand and upgrade our very small surgery and prep areas and to even have a window in our surgery room. This upgrade will enable us to increase our services and keep our staff and volunteers comfortable. We recently had air conditioning issues arise, and welding and fabrication work had to be done to the mobile unit itself. Without this work our mobile clinics would have been halted until fall. Diesel Power Plus at East 56th St in Tulsa volunteered to provide the work needed to keep us on the road. There is math to pet overpopulation and there are concrete ways to halt it. Marsh dispels the notion that we can adopt our way out of the crisis of pet overpopulation through hard numbers and hard facts.

This is an excellent read. To download a copy of Replacing Myth With Math, or to order a copy, visit www. We extend our warmest thanks to Oklahoma Living, an invaluable resource for rural Oklahoma. If you're nearby please visit us! We always welcome donations or supplies. Oklahoma Spay Network! A contract company that acts on the behalf of the council takes these stray dogs to kennels.

However the owner will have to pay a government fee in order to obtain their dog, wherein the fee is typically heavy, thereby resulting in more money trouble to the owner. A dog that is all by itself might get stolen or lost which might result in the owner not seeing it ever again. Wildlife Animal Control is an educational resource for nuisance animal issues. We also provide professional service in over locations. Call us today! Select Your Animal. Raccoons Raccoon Control Education and Services. Squirrels Squirrel Control Education and Services. Opossum Opossum Control Education and Services. Skunks Skunk Control Education and Services.

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