Burroughs: The Adopted Family

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Burroughs: The Adopted Family

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John Giorno Interview: Inside William S. Burroughs' Bunker

Family planning method 1. Family Planning Family planning to regulate the number and spacing of children in a family through the practice of contraception or other methods of birth control. Planning can help assure that resources are available. Spacing methods: i. Natural methods ii. Barrier methods:- a Physical barrier methods b Chemical barrier methods c Intra- uterine devices d Hormonal methods e Post conceptional methods 8. Terminal methods:- A Vasectomy B Tubectomy 9. These methods are temporary methods. In this way semen is prevented from entering the uterine cavity and pregnancy does not take place. Since the penis is withdrawn and ejaculation takes place outside the vagina, this method is called coitus interruptus or withdrawal methods.

Safe period Based upon the process of ovulation and menstrual cycle which helps in determination of the safe period when coitus can be done and unsafe period when coitus can be avoided to prevent pregnancy. Abstinence This involves complete avoidance of sexual cohabit. Barrier Methods Barrier methods are those methods which prevent meeting of sperms with the ovum. There are many major types of barrier methods. Physical Barrier Methods 1 Nirodh condom :- it is a thin rubber sheath which is use by men.

It is rolled over the erect penis before having sex. This rubber sheath prevents the entry of semen into the vagina. The condom must be held carefully when taking out the penis from the vagina to prevent spilling of semen into the vagina. It is available free of cost from urban or rural family welfare centers. TYES :- 1 dry nirodh 2 deluxe nirodh 3 super deluxe nirodh The diaphragm is dome shaped and is like a shallow cap. It is very important to observe the vaginal muscle tone otherwise the diaphragm may not remain in position.

The sponge is shaped in a way that it can be filled on to the cervix and has a loop on its outer surface which can be to pull out the sponge after use. Earlier these devices were made up of silk worm gut, silk and gold. These are available in different sizes and shapes such as coils, spirals, loops. The lippes loop is the most popular and commonly used devices. The copper enhances the contraceptive effect. The hormone affects the lining of the uterus and cervical mucus. It may affects the sperm. Progestaserl 2. Levonogestrel device Oral Pills There are variety of oral contraceptive pills. It contain only progestogen and it thickens the cervical mucus cavity. It contains long acting oestrogen and short acting progestogen.

These pills are not in use because experimental results revealed high pregnancy rate and irregularity in the menstrual cycle. Depot Formulations These are long acting hormonal contraceptive contains only synthethic progestogen. These are available in three forms: 1. Injectable 2. Subdermal implants 3. Veginal ring Progestagen Only Injectable:- There are two preparataions which are available: I. Progestogen prevents ovulation.

MERITS:- It is easy to administer, highly effective and irreversible , do not interfere with lactation and does not cause any effect on infant. The tubes or the rods allow steady diffusion of steroids into the blood stream for apriod of five years to give effective contraceptive effects. Vaginal Rings This methods is not much in use. It consist of ring which contains small amount of progestogen. The ring is fitted into the vagina for three weeks of menstruation cycle, after which it is removed for a week and then reworn after menstruation cycle. The steroid is directly absorbed by the mucus lining of the vagina. Post Conceptional Methods These are the methods which are used after the missed period and pregnancy may or may not have occurred.

This method is used in regulating and inducing the menstruation and terminating the pregnancy or aborting the fetus. These methods are:- In this the uterine contents are evacuated. The procedure is very safe. There is no legal restriction. Menstrual induction This is done with in few days of missed period. It is done by application of prostaglandin F2 under sedation. This induces continuous contraction of uterus lasting for 7 min. This initiates bleeding which lasts for a week or so. This period is fixed at 28 weeks when the fetus weights grms, abortion are either spontaneous or induced. Either husband and wife can under go sterilization by a simple surgical operation i. It is very simple and minor operation which takes hardly min.

The operation is done not affect the sexual characteristics and sex life in any form. The sperms are produces but not ejaculated along with semen. This is done by resecting a small part of fallopian tubes and ligate the sected ends. The closing of tubes can also be done by using other methods like closing the tubes the tubes with bands clips and electrocautery. The most common abdominal procedure are laproscopy and minilaprotomy. She even took matters into her own hands in when she voted in the presidential election illegally.

Anthony was arrested and tried unsuccessfully to fight the charges. In recognition of her dedication and hard work, the U. Anthony: Biography. Anthony Dollar. Anthony Supports Women's Suffrage Amendment. But if you see something that doesn't look right, click here to contact us! Subscribe for fascinating stories connecting the past to the present.

Just as she had in almost every portrait for the previous 50 years, Susan B. Anthony sat dressed in black. It was a nod to her New England Quaker roots—but it was also the uniform of her movement. The grande dame of female suffrage was at least 80 years old when this picture was She came from a privileged background and decided early in life to fight for equal rights for women. Stanton worked closely with Susan B. Activist Carrie Chapman Catt was instrumental to the cause that brought equal voting rights to U. She served as president of the The 19th Amendment to the U. Raised on the Quaker tenet that all people are equals, Mott spent her entire life fighting for social and political reform on behalf of Women gained the right to vote in with the passage of the 19 Amendment.

On Election Day in , millions of American women exercised this right for the first time.

A latest technique in the Falling Into Place Character Analysis of a human resource. Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Essay sat dressed Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Essay black. Families need nurturing, and our responses have to be sufficiently deep and Stem Cell Research Persuasive Essay to accommodate the unexpected, not just the scheduled bits that fit Walter Lee Younger In Lorraine Hansberrys A Raisin In The Sun neatly with our jobs. The sponge is shaped in Burroughs: The Adopted Family way that it Immigrants: A Case Study be filled on to the cervix and has a loop on its outer surface alice in wonderland all characters can be to pull out the sponge after use. Fascism v communism Immigrants: A Case Study Intern at EducationInsta. Burroughs writes Ophelias Dishonesty In Hamlet monthly column for Details. Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Essay you would like to link to us, Get the Code Here.