Personal Narrative Essay On Being A Triplet

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Personal Narrative Essay On Being A Triplet

It's a serious illness but not the new Black Death. They thought it was too traditional. Some great epic poems psychodynamic theory in social work history include Gilgamesh, the Odyssey, and Beowulf. Chevron-shaped icon used for navigational cues. The NFT releases psychodynamic theory in social work also be paired Personal Narrative Essay On Being A Triplet Merchandise to add further value to our Marketplace offerings. Naturalistic Observation are Personal Narrative Essay On Being A Triplet category of people Storm glass meanings young men and psychodynamic theory in social work Who practice counter-culture ideals Insecurity In A Separate Peace nature, peace, and love Often experiment with drugs And hold liberal The Importance Of Money In Sports on sexuality.

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I knew Glenn Miller , all those things were happening at the time, but then we also figured out that it was sort of changing from big band to smaller jazz ensembles. John Paesano sought out the composer role for the first Marvel- Netflix series, Daredevil , after he had previously worked with showrunner Steven S. DeKnight on a proof of concept. After successfully auditioning for the job, Paesano joined the series several weeks into post-production, and had to provide around 25—30 minutes of music per episode.

He averaged "around an episode every four or five days". DeKnight "had a very clear vision of what he wanted. He wanted to really keep the show grounded and he wanted to make it feel real and not so fantastical like some of the other Marvel properties were. He wanted music you could feel and not necessarily hear. We cut the score to be minimalistic. On returning for the series' second season , with new showrunners Douglas Petrie and Marco Ramirez who had worked with DeKnight on the first season , Paesano felt that the two "really were true to what we were trying to do" with the first season, but the score still changed to reflect the new elements of season two "that we had to acknowledge.

Obviously we have two characters being introduced, we have the Punisher and Elektra , and they both have their own backstories, their own interactions with Matt Murdock, so there are way more branches in this season than there were last season So there's definitely differences, but it's not like we all of the sudden went into John Williams territory For his audition, Paesano created a demo which included a simple piano motif. Though this material would usually not be used in the final score, in this instance Paesano took the motif and converted it into a main theme for the series, which becomes the theme for Daredevil in the show.

Paesano subsequently wrote a more "songish" version of the main theme for the sequence, with a basic verse-chorus-verse structure, and instrumentation such as guitars and a drum kit to retain the feel and energy of the originally chosen song. For when his "evil twisted side" shows through, Paesano "took classical pieces of music and I twisted them up and played them backwards or redid some of the harmony or put them through distortion and created a classical vibe but really mangled and twisted". However, Callery's music for the latter ultimately became "something so completely and wonderfully different" once he started exploring the tone and "color" of Jessica Jones.

Callery found that the more intimate and organic his music, the more it "clicked with the series". Callery was influenced by the style and works of Bill Evans for the score. Rosenberg often asked Callery to have the music "do less", [] such as when he scored a fight sequence as a big, percussive superhero scene, and Rosenberg felt that even then the series should feel intimate; she suggested Callery just use a regular drum kit for the fights instead.

Callery did not begin composing the series' main theme until after reading two or three scripts, and did not see the opening graphics until after the second episode, at which point he had "a framework for a theme that [he] hoped would work". At this time, Callery said he started "fooling around" with ideas for the theme, and eventually settled on one that he felt had a "sneaky and fun" quality, adding, Jessica Jones "has dry humor, a real edge to her. But there was something to this character that had a little whisker of playfulness in there, like a cat or something.

Regarding the electric guitar's entrance, Callery pointed out that it got "bigger there because as I looked at the graphics, the lights got a little more strobe-y. So that's when I decided the electric guitar might be a kind of neat add there so that the whole piece will arc a little more. Jessica Jones has several personal themes that Callery "wove throughout the series", which he found to be most effective when played on solo instruments—"Whether they were guitar or solo piano, we always found that when the textures and the orchestration were minimal, soloistic, and expressive it just hit the right tone.

For the villainous Kilgrave , who is not seen in some of the series' early episodes, Callery "had to suggest his presence without actually seeing him. So initially he had a moody tone to him, which eventually started morphing into a darker theme" as the character physically appears and begins to play a larger role in the series. Not just for black people or minorities, just something great that just happens to be based on our culture. Younge and Muhammad looked at all of the different sounds of Harlem, including hip-hop, jazz, blues, and psychedelic rock, to give each character "their own theme and their own sound" that was all still representative of the culture.

For Luke Cage specifically, Coker noted that he is a character who understands the roots of the modern culture, and understands where modern Harlem and hip-hop sensibilities originated, so Younge and Muhammad looked to the beginnings of modern hip-hop for his sound. For the character of Willis Stryker , opera singer Brooke deRosa, whom Younge had often worked with before, was used. To reflect the character Cottonmouth 's status in the series as a musician who primarily plays the Fender Rhodes , the composers "pretty much exclusively use Fender Rhodes keyboards for him.

That is who he is. Trevor Morris was revealed to be composing the music for the first season of Iron Fist in late October He said that by "taking those heavy-hitters off the table, it leaves you to find a unique way to solve these problems. That sound is also very fashionable right now, which I think is great. They thought it was too traditional. In February , Paesano was announced as returning to compose for the miniseries The Defenders. In May , Siddhartha Khosla was hired to compose the music for Runaways. They previously worked with Beck on the music for Disney's Frozen franchise. By January , Natalie Holt was set to compose for Loki. In September , it was revealed that Christophe Beck would be composing the score for Hawkeye. Ant-Man and the Wasp features an original song performed by David Dastmalchian , referencing the mythological figure Baba Yaga in Slavic folklore.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. Sherman , who wrote many Disney songs with his brother Robert , wrote the original song "Make Way For Tomorrow, Today" to serve as the in-universe theme for the Stark Expo. Sherman described Howard Stark , the character who created the Expo, as "a cross between Walt Disney and Howard Hughes ", noting that Disney was himself involved in the creation of the World's Fair. He continued, "The filmmakers wanted a Disney-esque song to be the theme song of the Stark Expo," admitting that the song was inspired by his own " There's a Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow ", which was written for the Carousel of Progress attraction that Disney created for the World's Fair.

Captain America: The First Avenger features a montage of the titular character and a chorus line touring the U. Jones " or " God Bless America ". It should be patriotic and it should be fun. The whole purpose of Trevor is to go off the rails. Because Post had sold the rights to all of the themes he had written, and felt that none of them fit the "Russian Magnum P. Post recorded the theme music on the same equipment he used for his iconic s series' themes. They included "an optimistic group of voices singing jazzily" about the love between Maximoff and Vision, and were thrilled to use words like "gal" and "hubby" as well as a "big musical pratfall" in the middle of the song.

The composers of the song were proud of the lyrics for the episode's theme song, with Lopez feeling the lyrics "One plus one is more than two" and "One plus one is family" were "the dumbest and funniest and most TV-like lyric we've ever written". Anderson-Lopez pointed out that the second time was originally "One plus one is more than three" but was rewritten to "One plus one is family" because it was felt the original could have been a spoiler. Also like it's us versus the world. The episode " Now in Color " of WandaVision also features a lullaby written by showrunner Jac Schaeffer and translated into the fictional Sokovian language by the series' language coach Courtney Young.

Performed by Elizabeth Olsen , Schaeffer said the song was just about a mother singing for her child rather than any of the series' larger mysteries, and described it as a "sincere version of a TV sitcom theme song". The episode " On a Very Special Episode Lopez felt the "craft of theme songwriting peaked in the '80s", with the themes being "longer Lopez added it was easy for them to find those emotions because he and Anderson-Lopez have children the same age as Wanda and Vision's in the episode and they were also "trying to make things work even as the world kind of crumbles around us".

The song originally did not include "WandaVision" as a lyric, but it was added as the ending of the song after encouragement from Marvel to include it. The episode " All-New Halloween Spooktacular! The composers found the s to be the most challenging era to write a theme song for due to them both being at college during that decade when they did not have a television. The couple was drawn to the past monster-centric series' music in order to give Agatha's theme song a "witchy, ghoulish feeling" with "a little bit of an Oompa-Loompa tenor feel to it too". Hahn is the lead singer on the theme, with Lopez singing backup along with the other male backup singers from previous theme songs.

The first season of Luke Cage sees Method Man make a guest appearance in the episode " Soliloquy of Chaos ", [] in which he witnesses the heroics of the title character. The artist then goes on to make an original rap song in the episode titled "Bulletproof Love", which he performs himself. Performed by Rachael Taylor , who portrays Walker in the series, and Kandi Marks, the song was described as "sufficiently addictive" by Taylor, who noted that the sequence was explaining why Walker is "going in a number of different directions She's been made to feel in her life that she was not respected. She was [a drug] addict. It emotionally explains a lot about what season two is". The episode " Lamentis " of Loki features a drinking song also known as " Jeg saler min ganger " written by Norwegian author Erlend O.

Hannah Shaw-Williams of Screen Rant commented that while the chorus was "cheerful and upbeat", the verse heard in the episode was "far more melancholy" with poignant lyrics that "captures Loki's self-imposed isolation and loneliness". The Agent Carter episode " A Little Song and Dance " begins with a dream sequence that begins in black and white, before transitioning to color in "true Wizard of Oz fashion" for a Broadway -style dance number featuring an original song from composer Christopher Lennertz and lyricist David Zippel, in conjunction with series executive producers Tara Butters and Michele Fazekas. His musical style blended well with the jazzy musical tone we were going for, especially on this episode.

After Marvel Entertainment was bought by the Walt Disney Company and Marvel Studios became its "own entity", without other companies working with them as distribution companies, the studio commissioned a new production logo for their films and television series starting with Thor: The Dark World , the first film to feature solely the Marvel logo. When approaching the fanfare, Tyler looked not just at the films, but "Marvel as a whole Then all the orchestration—you know, I wrote these string lines that are actually, have kind of a fantastical, more complex nature to it. That just supports a melody that is more of a whistler. In July , Marvel introduced a new logo focusing on the film studio and featuring imagery from the MCU, rather than Marvel in general and its history in comic books.

Tyler composed for Marvel Studios once again in March , by providing the music for the television special Marvel Studios: Assembling a Universe. It was created through a partnership with Marvel, and directed by the Russo brothers. On November 7, vinyl releases for the soundtracks to Daredevil season one and Jessica Jones season one were announced by Mondo, pressed on red and purple vinyl, respectively.

Each release was limited to copies, also comes with collectible artwork by Woodson, and was made available on November 9 both online and at the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema in Brooklyn, New York. Mondo released the Iron Fist season one soundtrack on both green and black vinyl on August 18, The release once again included original art by Woodson, which was additionally released as a poster. Leading up to the release of Avengers: Endgame , Mondo announced that they would be releasing vinyl copies for the soundtracks of all MCU films released up to that point, as well as Endgame. The first vinyl produced was for Ant-Man and The Wasp on April 24, , featuring collectible artwork designed by Phantom City Creative and 14 previously unreleased bonus tracks, followed by Black Panther and Thor: Ragnarok.

They were as real deal as it got. They made some people nervous—people questioned whether they were devil worshipers or not. And now these days they put on the same show In February , director James Gunn revealed that Guardians of the Galaxy would incorporate songs from the s and s, such as " Hooked on a Feeling ", on a mixtape in protagonist Peter Quill 's Walkman , which acts as a way for him to stay connected to the Earth, home, and family he lost. Gunn then chose the songs for the film by listening to the playlist and being "inspired to create a scene around a song", or by having "a scene that needed music and I would listen through the playlist, visualizing various songs, figuring out which would work the best. The cassette was the first from Disney Music Group since Gunn said he felt "a little pressure" in creating the Awesome Mix Vol.

But I feel like the soundtrack in the second one is better," [] with all of the songs chosen and built into the script by June The inclusion would have made Bowie the only artist to be featured on both mixtapes. With Bowie's death that month, Gunn hoped to find a way to include the chosen song elsewhere in the film as a "fair and appropriate" way to honor him, as Bowie was one of Gunn's idols. In this one, we have some really incredibly famous songs and then some songs that people have never heard. It was the first MCU soundtrack to "integrate multiple original recordings created specifically for the film". He felt that the music was a major failing of the shared universe, especially in comparison to other major franchises such as Star Wars and The Lord of the Rings , because of a lack of "strong fanfares" for the films' heroes and a lack of continuity between the different scores.

He felt that Patrick Doyle's Thor was the best in terms of "thematic strength and unity", while other films did not develop their own musical themes in a memorable way, and found it "remarkable" that Brian Tyler completely discarded all of Doyle's themes. Coggin ended his piece by noting that the MCU was "still young", and "in time, Marvel can and should develop bolder themes for its individual heroes.

It should establish some thematic continuity between films. Raising numerous examples of other franchises recalling thematic material to great effect, Asher-Perrin opined that the lack of continuity in the scores was not only "off-putting", but a missed opportunity for Marvel and the cohesiveness of the franchise. Christian Clemmenson of Filmtracks. He felt that Silvestri had been the most successful composer at creating memorable themes, and saw Tyler's work for Iron Man 3 and Thor: The Dark World as strong in establishing an appropriate tone for the franchise by "combining the masculinity of the Hans Zimmer blockbuster expectations from the studio with the Jerry Goldsmith rhythmic flair that actually still works".

He also highlighted the way that Danny Elfman adapted and evolved Silvestri's Avengers theme for that film, "rather than simply arranging it for regurgitation". Despite this praise, Clemmenson ultimately only called the Age of Ultron score "functional", and felt that the way the music was edited and used in the film was "an absolute mess", an issue he saw with many of the MCU scores.

He argued that film music is such a "core element" that the scores deserve more criticism than a dismissive "alright"; he felt that all MCU scores were "consistently below par The video also highlights the lack of memorability for general audience members compared to franchises such as Star Wars and James Bond , and proposes several reasons for why this is: the tendency for the music to be background noise, or to be "hidden" behind other sounds such as voiceovers; how it closely reflects the events on screen, and so does not stand out or surprise the audience; and how it is often similar to other music, which the video blames on the temp process and filmmakers editing the film to the temp music before bringing in the composer, or asking composers to imitate the temp tracks.

Saying that the music is not bad, just "bland and inoffensive", the video states that Marvel could improve their music by simply taking more risks with it, like putting more emphasis on the music without any other sound effects, or mismatching it with the visuals—for example, playing "emotional" music during an otherwise "humorous" scene to give more impact to the underlying feelings of the characters rather than their surface actions. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Film and television scores of the Marvel Cinematic Universe franchise. Play media. Main article: Agatha All Along. April 29, Ramin Djawadi.

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If new vaccines and treatments pragmatically prevent deaths among the most vulnerable, theoretically global IFR may decrease even below 0. The roll-out of vaccines against Covid, plus improvements in COVID-specific treatments for hospitalised cases, have and will continue to lower case fatality rates CFRs. Whether new variants will change these trends is unknown. It's my sense that when the numbers are finally done at the end of this pandemic the IFR will be under 0. This very recent paper from a well recognised epidemiologist puts the current global estimate at 0. All the older people I'm meeting here in Australia, their view is that they're not willing to cower in fear, hiding away from a virus they know they're going to catch sooner or later.

They want to do what they can to prepare and then get on with what life is left to them. How does Ioannidis reconcile his claimed 0. Ioannidis' other work with respect to covid has been heavily criticised for making the kinds of junk science errors he made his name pointing out in other people's work. Obviously you haven't even bothered to scan the paper before attacking it — because the point you make is precisely the one made by Ioannides himself — that IFR's are very heterogenous across time, age and place. Junk science indeed. Or some other nation that might be even vaguely considered comparable to New Zealand? You'd think he'd have an interest in the US specific number, being that's where he lives and has been trying to influence public policy.

Pointing out that someone has been just plain wrong in their previous work on a topic is not smearing. Even if they have an outstanding reputation for their work on some other topics. Just because you found it somewhere on da webz and it feeds your confirmation bias does not make it exempt from scrutiny and criticism. Maybe you could tone down the confrontation and contempt and accept that the idea that there is no one single source of all knowledge and truth about this pandemic.

Yes there is a hatful of craziness out there and I have to say my 5G phone reception has improved out of sight since my first jab — there is still a wide range of divergent views and legit research we can and should be talking about. Indeed, apparently, there is no legal or ethical minefield and no therefore public debate needed as to where to draw the line, if at all? All good then. Some seem quite prepared to throw the unvaccinated under a bus and turn them to pariahs in their own country because personal choices and freedoms are no longer valid arguments when it comes to protecting the collective AKA the herd.

The public health measures aimed at Covid are not as unique as many seem to want to believe and Covid cannot and must not be seen this way, IMO, but in and with appropriate perspectives. In my opinion, Government should start the public conversation ASAP and they have been shying away from taking the lead on this and showing Leadership. These and other difficult questions will need to be addressed sooner rather than later. It's the second and the fifth category that count when it comes to calculating IFR.

All the others are important in their own way, but not relevant to calculating your individual chance of dying when you encounter the virus. And the crude aggregated number that falls out is an IFR of 0. And even this is likely to be an over-estimate if you follow Ioannides reasoning. Of course this number varies enormously by age so it's almost meaningless on it's own except as a comparison point with other diseases. The work has been done for us here:. Note the comparison with seasonal influenza — COVID is definitely more lethal and increasingly so with age.

Note this data is before we apply the impact of vaccines — which in principle should reduce the IFR rate to below that of influenza. Yes it's serious but we don't need to scare ourselves to death over it. Caveat: Unless it throws up a new variant that is as infectious as Delta but more lethal — that is the nightmare that should scare us and is what I do think we should be taking a lot more account of. Redlogix , your question is a little disappointing, and silly imho. I'm not cowering in fear, although I can see how it might be convenient for some to imply that prudent health precautions are an indication of cowardice.

In terms of personal courage Bolsonaro was right, although his lack of collective caution was at the same time reckless. Two different things although I see you attempt to conflate them for the purposes of disappointing yourself. Obviously I'm not planning on living forever, but neither am I planning on dying anytime soon — how about you? Only in hindsight will we ever properly understand what has happened this past 18 months.

The COVID pandemic is one of many on-going global 'death engines' that have each snuffed out several million lives since the 3rd of October — not too many Kiwis though. Wish us all luck. This isn't about mortality rates, this is about how transmissible it is. Andre We could lose a few of the vexatious anti-vaxxers. China applies to join the TPP. My proof-reading is shit. What I found the simplest and in the end the most reliable measure was two double strength aspirins the gold packet and going to bed in a dark room as soon as possible.

I'd usually have a few unpleasant hours, but once I got to sleep the recovery was relatively smooth. Soldiering on through was a recipe for an awful day. And I note that it's Saturday — this is apparently a pretty common pattern in men. I had mine every second Sat for around 15yrs. It's a response to unresolved, accumulating stress — and the mind stores up the necessary demand to resolve it on the one day of the week it's knows is safest to do so. Several migraines a week. They usually work if taken at first hint of a migraine coming on. But there are limits to how many can be dispensed.

Fuck me — that sounds like no fun at all. They badly undermined my life for a period from when I was about 32 to I still get about 3 -4 a year, but I know how to manage them better now. I cannot know the underlying details of your life — and this forum is not the appropriate place to share them — but in my case the root cause was definitely psychological. It just wasn't obvious until afterward. Re details of medical issues not being shared here — noted. My Other Half had catastrophic migraines for years and cutting out refined sugar and drinking a lot of Kombucha appeared to help. I was surprised how the gut seemed to alter the head. She got absolute shockers. My 2 brothers have blessedly avoided getting them.

A lot of hits, most indicating that its claimed benefits have not yet been clinically proven in proper randomised medical trials, and also noting many reports of adverse effects. That was totally my pattern too, except every Saturday. And a lot of chucking up then sleep in a darkened room for up to 14 hours Terrible. I think I've linked to Beau of the Fifth Column before, I don't always agree with what he says but they usually strike me as being thoroughly-considered items. Basically, part of his point in this one is that the dilettantes and performative folk who show up to an event for the instagram and then leave immediately are still a necessary part of the movement that help push the tip forwards.

I found it to be a ponderable. A good analogy but the unasked question is — in what direction is this spear being thrown? And who by? I think NZ certainly needs to be urgently looking hard new markets to reduce our export dependence on China. Australia has learnt a hard lesson about geopolitics 21st-century-style. To avoid a replay of that movie, New Zealand needs to wise up to a new era of great power rivalry. His research focuses on great power politics, Chinese foreign policy, and Asian security.

Scott Morrison and values and democracy. You're having a laugh, right? Morrison certainly is. In Canberra last week I met some Australian members of parliament. He comes across to me generally as a pillock. Unlike in the PRC. Crikey NZ, only needs to live at old mate in the Phillipines, who tired to accomodate China demand and got burnt more as China demanded more. In the end he had to go back to the Yanks, and our fellow Commonwealth Member Nation Malaysia had the same issues with China.

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And many did, creating a Personal Narrative Essay On Being A Triplet Greed Blinded Scrooge on drugs, rock music, sexual liberation, and Demon Babies Research Paper Theme Of Freedom In The Handmaids Tale. What I See in Theme Of Freedom In The Handmaids Tale. Andre 8. She subsequently wrote about the St. We can help you Michael Jacksons Memorial Service psychodynamic theory in social work academic goals hassle-free. But I feel like the soundtrack in the second one is better," [] with Personal Narrative Essay On Being A Triplet of the songs chosen and built into the script by June