Silent Film Analysis

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Silent Film Analysis

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The Silent Era: Crash Course Film History #9

The receiver will demultiplex the signal coming from the transmitter, and filter the input to retrieve the corresponding audio signal. The heat test was was the most important because it can determine what the powder would smell, sound, and look during the heat test. C and D were the only ones that were chemical reactions because they were showing sign of chemicals. It was a need to retest, so we can know it is reliable and accurate. To avoid contamination, we would open one at a time and use one spoon for each container. I wouldn 't do anything new to improve this lab because we did exactly what the guide paper told us to do.

What is an albumen print? What is an ambrotype? An albumen print was the first commercially available method of producing a photographic print from a negative from a negative. An ambrotype was also known as a collodion positive in the UK, was a positive photograph on glass made by a form of the wet plate collodion process. Silent Film Analysis Words 6 Pages. Silent movies were almost always accompanied by music, from a multipieced pit orchestra to a single piano or even a guitar. This is why silent film audiences seemed perfectly happy with silent movies. There was also technological difficulty of matching sound with visuals so that everyone in the audience could hear.

The problems were synchronisation and amplification. A vitaphone was something that produced the first commercially viable sound system. This was then replaced by the now- standard strip of celluloid prepped for sound that runs on the side of the film strip, this makes the two modes remain in sync. Even after this apparatus was invented, sound still presented quite a few problems. The early sound cameras and equipment were noisy …show more content… Characteristics that allow film sound to be manipulated are as follows, sensitivity, nonspecificity and ambiguity. We are subjected to sounds all around us every day but the brain tends to filter out those that are not important to us at that moment in time.

A microphone is not as selective. The filmmakers eliminate that for us, the viewers. A film sound track is made to not draw attention to itself unless it is a vital part of the plot. A sound track is comprised of three ingredients. The human voice, sound effects and music. These sound elements must be balanced and mixed to produce the desired dramatically creative …show more content… The first known public exhibition of sound film was in Paris in It could both record sound and play it back. Through these images Sherman tells us the identity of a women. Even though Scott goes on to illustrate how all actors influence stereotyping, I was pleased this film proved the opposite of what Scott believes.

This film initially portrays a young women being influenced by gender stereotypes, but eventually discovers that she would rather find her self-worth and learn to love herself no matter her flaws. Bianca creates a positive image for her audience by not conforming to hypocritical gender stereotypes. This film will hopefully start a trend and more actors will take on this role and go against typical gender….

The author conveys this new image of the 20th century woman through the character Jordan Baker. Jordan is characterized as cynical and quite masculine at times, representing a shift from the traditional role found in Daisy and Myrtle. Are two ways in which Fitzgerald defies the role of women and conveys a sort of empowerment of women through Jordan. In the area of film, the music grew to become a vital element of film production. In its original run, Man with the Moving Camera was presented with the live musical accompaniment. Gender roles successfully create a divide that states what acts are socially acceptable for men and women to perform. Women are expected to aid men without adapting their roles.

However, society is challenging this norm and highlighting this challenge through the means of cinema. In the films Sicario and Mad Max: Fury Road, the androgynous women stand in contrast to the patronized women by the leadership roles they fulfill and their rugged appearance. There are women who occupy the both roles and are depicted in both films. The author includes evidence of past and present women comedians that have initiated a comedic feminist evolution in order to elicit a sense of freedom of expression. The film is an art to be watched, which is not the lack of a variety of female image. The film depicts the power struggles that existed in Poland Cabin 2. The French Revolution which took place between and can be compared to the famous Russian Revolution.

The armies allied to Louis XVI went beyond the borders of France to rescue Bourbon monarchy causing the entire French people to join the revolution later. Despite the fact that the armies crossed the borders, the fierce battles of the revolution took place in Paris and its environs. The leaders of the revolution in Paris assisted by irate mobs created policies that would have been initially rejected by the population of the country.

The direction taken by the revolution was determined by a tiny section of young men who began as idealists before turning into comrades and good friends. They separated after a few years and became enemies. Those who were considered traitors were taken to the guillotine because of betraying their fatherland Cabin 3. The film narrates a true story of the life of Georges Danton.

Danton played a crucial role in the French Revolution before his guillotining by the state together with others who were equally instrumental in the revolution. The film highlights the political struggles that took place as idealists tried to forge the state. The idealists fought against the state that purported to care about the welfare of the people yet it had turned tyrannical and corrupt. The film uses the spoken word rather than physical violence to achieve this. The story of the French revolution which started with the relationships among renowned personalities is clearly explained in the film. Among the prominent characters in the film are Maximilien and Georges Danton.

Danton represents a passionate man who has some attributes of dishonesty. He is a respected revolutionary leader whose attitude towards the revolution becomes moderate with time. The moderation he embraces is considered an act of betrayal and Robespierre, who is a moral lawyer, agitates for the trial and subsequent conviction of Danton. Danton protests by screaming as he is pushed to the guillotine. The film which is a co-production of Franco-Polish was directed by Wajda in France. The role of the fanatic Robespierrists in the film is acted by actors from Poland while the loyal and honest Dandonists are represented by actors from France.

This probably explains why the government of Poland was not interested in showing the film in the country.

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