Zombie Apocalypse Essay

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Zombie Apocalypse Essay

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Why The Zombie Apocalypse Would Fail Quickly

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I make my way down the hall cautious and quiet. I make it to the landing, grab a backpack and find on the floor a pack full of water and food. Could a zombie apocalypse actually happen? When it comes to zombies I am one of those people who don 't believe it is actually possible for it to happen. Since I 've never actually done any research I decided it was time to do just that and find out what it would take for a zombie apocalypse to happen.

Now I know zombies are mindless beings that attack people, or at least that 's how video games and movies and TV shows portray them. I also know that there are plenty of ways to create a zombie like. It is in the morning and overhearing that zombies are conquering the world. Immediately, it is time to pack and get ready for the zombie apocalypse. In order to make it, their is some common that will be needed to beat these disgusting creatures. A zombie apocalypse could happen anywhere; in the city, suburban area, or in the country.

Sadly, zombies only onto human flesh and nothing else. Before hiding out, it is important to gather your materials, supplies, and weapons used for survival and. How would a person survive in the zombie apocalypse? The zombie apocalypse has occurred. It was fall of when this zombie epidemic started it is called the Solanum virus. First Thoughts in the Zombie Apocalypse: This Sucks The zombie apocalypse is a fate that modern entertainment seems obsessed with exploring. It seems every summer a new hit blockbuster appears, covering the horrific details of yet another fictional outbreak of a disease which turns humans into mindless, cannibalistic shells of their former selves.

The appeal of these stories is obvious — not only is the thought of our loved ones becoming mindless animals titillating and terrifying, when one watches. Well, that is exactly what would happen if we were to have a zombie apocalypse. For all we know, zombies only want one thing, and that is to wipe out the entire human race to take over the world as their own. A zombie apocalypse would be a very serious threat to mankind as we know it, and sadly there is not much.

During a zombie apocalypse, a map of the outbreak, where you are, or places you want to go would be useful. For each outbreak, building maps would help to answer questions such as: Where are tools to fight against the zombies found? Where do the outbreaks start? Where are places safe? Where are they unsafe? One might also put maps in places that people could find them, showing some places for others to get away from the zombies. Creating maps. The best way to survive a zombie apocalypse during St. Labre hours is to try to get everyone in the school to the dorms. Archived from the original on Retrieved Institute of Physics. April Retrieved 28 December Apocalypse New York: Broadway. ISBN Bibcode : Natur. PMID History Channel. Eric Nanosystems: molecular machinery, manufacturing, and computation.

The Royal Society. BBC News. Foresight Institute and IMM. Academic Press. Molecular nanotechnology. Molecular assembler Molecular machine Mechanosynthesis Mechanochemistry Nanorobotics Self-replicating machine Productive nanosystems Gray goo Exploratory engineering Carbon nanotube nanomotor Utility fog Ecophagy Starseed launcher. Eric Drexler Christine Peterson J. Feynman Prize in Nanotechnology Drexler—Smalley debate on molecular nanotechnology. Global catastrophic risks. Future of the Earth Future of an expanding universe Ultimate fate of the universe. Anoxic event Biodiversity loss Mass mortality event Cascade effect Cataclysmic pole shift hypothesis Climate apocalypse Deforestation Desertification Extinction risk from global warming Tipping points in the climate system Flood basalt Global dimming Global terrestrial stilling Global warming Hypercane Ice age Ecocide Ecological collapse Environmental degradation Habitat destruction Human impact on the environment coral reefs on marine life Land degradation Land consumption Land surface effects on climate Ocean acidification Ozone depletion Resource depletion Sea level rise Supervolcano winter Verneshot Water pollution Water scarcity.

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