Temple Grandid Essay

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Temple Grandid Essay

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The world needs all kinds of minds - Temple Grandin

When Lupe was nervous about facing the girl in finals, Rachel encouraged her that she could do it. That great kindness and work lead to great rewards. Willa Cather writes, "…Tiny Soderball was to lead the most adventurous life and achieve the most solid worldly success" This quote once again expresses the theme of human spirit triumphs over adversity because Tiny was only a young hired girl at first who just wanted to help provide for her family, but later grew successfully despite the poor. Pride is indeed a common characteristic that human beings share, which is satisfaction for our own achievements. However, Malala 's pride extends much further, as she uses her pride as combustion to reach her greater goal; provide education for the Pakistani girls.

Uniquely, her fulfillment isn 't individualistic, because the young women feels delighted for her family origin rather than feeling joy for her own achievements. This ancestral pride was implemented into her by her parents, as they chose to name the young girl after a woman of importance in their country 's history, "I was named after Malalai of Maiwand, the greatest heroine of Afghanistan" Malala, Since then, she became eager to follow the steps of her ancestors in trying to change the daily.

If she was discriminated against in one of the activities she took part in, she moved right on to the next one and tried equally as hard to be recognized for the talent she has. Because of growing up observing her mother go through all of the troubles she experienced in Manzanar and how she got over them with dignity, Jeanne is a very emotionally strong and confident person by the end of her. Eventually with great persistence she was able to get a great opportunity that led to her success. Her persistence paid off and allowed her to achieve many things no one would have thought possible for her at the time.

Another example of persistence being revealed is in the TED talk by Aimee mullins. Aimee Mullins persisted through her physical therapy which eventually led to her success as an athlete. She wants to form a family and have a successful career that makes herself proud of all that she has struggle and accomplished. As the bright girl that she is Aura is capable of anything she sets her mind to.

She is happily looking forward to achieving her goals and proving to herself she could have all along. She takes her education serious, yet enjoys being the young lady she is growing up to be and is having fun along the way learning from her mistakes and improving her weaknesses in her. Oftentimes, the world will view success as someone who is well known, and of high ranking. Meaning education wise, income, the whole works. By concentrating on a particular goal, of surpassing her parents, her success was not out of reach but was a challenge to achieve. Gibbons 98 Ellen has now set a goal for herself, she wants the foster mother to take her in, she will do anything to impress her, by showing how well behaved and clean she is. She is going to try her best. Comparatively children her age would not be worrying about dressing the best, and acting the most well behaved, because they have their parents to take care of them, but this is a huge deal for Ellen because it will make a big difference of how she will live.

This puts Ellen ahead of the rest of her peers. Even though there is a possibility this may not happen she still holds onto hope. Despite the odds, Nancy remained happy and motivated, leading to her success in high school. As she moved into adolescence and young adulthood, Nancy showed her personality by being determined to becoming a distinguished actress. She worked extremely hard to land many roles, and went lengths to fix her reputation when it was altered by the press. Once Nancy met the love of her life Ronald, she assumed the role of the primary caregiver. She is proud who her daughter is — and who she is becoming as a person independent of her mom.

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