The Golden Goblet Analysis

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The Golden Goblet Analysis

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Reading Deeply - the Golden Goblet

Horace Slughorn claimed that he used the potion twice in his life: once when he was twenty-four years old, and again when he was fifty-seven, each resulting in a perfect day. The bottle would give Harry twelve hours of luck. Harry later pretended to add a small amount to Ron Weasley 's drink at breakfast before a Quidditch game so that Ron would feel more confident about his abilities. Hermione noticed what Harry did, and believing that he had actually put something in Ron's drink, warned Ron not to take a drink. He ignored her and drank the pumpkin juice , and he then went on to play a nearly perfect game.

Following the game, Hermione berated Harry for what he had done, and Harry told her and Ron that he had not given Ron the potion at all, and that Ron played that well all by himself. Harry Potter drinking Felix Felicis in The first real use of the potion by Harry was in attaining an important memory from Slughorn when Ron suggested it; he was originally hesitant in using it, as he wanted to use it to win Ginny Weasley 's affections. He took only a small dosage, for roughly three hours worth. In between the potion's first and second use, Harry suggested using some to discover what Draco Malfoy was up to in the Room of Requirement , but Hermione advised against it as it would be a waste on using it on a powerful defensive location such as the Room.

When Ron suggested they brew more for themselves, Harry found the potion's complexity and time-consumption to be too much of a hassle. This potion had been stated to greatly resemble molten gold , with droplets leaping out at intervals like goldfish soaring from their bowl. It was noted that the drops of potion that leapt across the surface never spilt and that the potion splashed about merrily when in a cauldron. Felix Felicis caused the drinker to have a limited period of good luck, during which they were likely to to succeed in all endeavours in which success was possible.

When Harry Potter took the potion, he had the sensation that 'Felix' knew what it was doing and that he needed only follow its inspiration, however unlikely the approach seemed as a means of accomplishing his goal. It indeed led him into a near-freakish but plausible set of circumstances in which all the right choices seemed obvious to him. Along the way, without even meaning to, he also accomplished some minor side goals, such as breaking up Ron Weasley 's bad relationship with Lavender Brown , and destabilising Ginny Weasley 's relationship with Dean Thomas to give Harry more of a chance with her.

A person under the potion's inspiration would likely prove highly adaptable to any unexpected change in the circumstances. There were always infinite possibilities in any situation, some of which doubtless lead to the desired outcome, and Felix could highlight them no matter what happened. Though Felix Felicis conferred no extra powers on the user, it seemed capable of drawing out the best reserves of their ability if needed. Harry was able to use Refilling Charms non-verbally, even though he had not yet managed it in his previous classroom practice. There was a period of 'coming down' when Felix Felicis wore off. During this time, the user's sense of confidence faded, and unlucky circumstances could quickly catch up to them if they were not vigilant.

As Hermione Granger pointed out, the potion was not able to better the chances of the drinker against particularly powerful enchantments , [4] since members of Dumbledore's Army were not able to bypass the Peruvian Instant Darkness Powder that Draco Malfoy used. The potion's effectiveness seemed to wane after a certain amount of time, as it did in Harry Potter 's situation when he made his way back to the Gryffindor Common Room and he ran into Peeves , but was only just barely able to dodge him with the potion's influence. Overdosing was dangerous, as it was highly toxic in large quantity, [1] [2] and over-reliance on it may have led to dangerous overconfidence, giddiness, and recklessness. When Harry Potter used Felix Felicis, several events occurred that were beneficial to Harry and his friends; the main being Harry obtaining the memory from Slughorn.

Harry only took a small portion, for roughly two-to-three hours of effect. Before leaving with Dumbledore to search for one of Voldemort's Horcruxes, Harry gave the rest of the Felix Felicis to Ron and Hermione with the instruction that they were to share it with Ginny, as he believed Draco Malfoy was ready to act on his mission from Voldemort. Ron, Hermione, and Ginny split the potion between themselves and effectively used it in the ensuing battle to dodge the curses sent their way by Death Eaters, many of which were Unforgivables.

Felix is the Latin word meaning happy or lucky. It is translated as 'of luck. Harry Potter Wiki Explore. Commanders could not nominate themselves. In the Luftwaffe the lowest level was the Geschwader and in the Kriegsmarine the respective flotilla was authorized to make the nomination. It was also possible to nominate subordinated foreign units. The nomination by the troop had to be submitted in writing and in double copy. The format and the content were predefined. Every nomination contained the personal data, the rank and unit at the time of the act, since when the soldier held this position, the military service entry date, previous military decorations awarded and date of presentation, etc. The nomination had to be forwarded in writing by a courier up the official command chain.

Every intermittent administrative office or commander between the nominating unit and the commander-in-chief of the respective Wehrmacht branch commander-in-chief of the Heer , commander-in-chief of the Luftwaffe and commander-in-chief of the Kriegsmarine with their respective staff offices had to give their approval along with a short comment. In exceptional cases, such as the nominated individual had sustained severe injuries or that the command chain had been interrupted, a nomination could be submitted via teleprinter communication. At first, the recipient of the Knight's Cross, or one of its higher grades, received a brief telegram informing him of the award of the Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross. The Army Personnel Branch Office was split due to the deteriorating war situation and was moved to Marktschellenberg in the time frame 21 to 24 April The approval authority of the Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross became confusing after Hitler's death on 30 April General Ernst Maisel , deputy chief of Army Personnel Office, was authorized by the Presidential Chancellery to approve presentations of the Knights Cross effective as of 28 April Maisel, on 30 April, legally approved and conferred 33 Knight's Crosses, rejected 29 nominations, and deferred four.

A teleprinter message dated 3 May was sent to the Commanders-in-Chief of those units still engaged in combat, empowering them to make autonomous presentations of the Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross themselves. The following decision making chains of command were possible at this time: [22]. The Deutsche Dienststelle WASt came to the conclusion that this decree is unlawful and bears no legal justification. This blanket decree is not in line with the law governing the bestowal of the Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross which requires a case-by-case decision. Author Veit Scherzer concluded that every presentation of the Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross, or one of its higher grades, made until 20 April is verifiable in the German Federal Archives.

Hitler frequently made the presentations of the Oak Leaves and higher grades himself. The first presentations in and were made in the Reich Chancellery in Berlin or at the Berghof near Berchtesgaden. After the July 20 plot , the presentations were only made sporadically by Hitler himself. OdR is an association of highly decorated soldiers of both world wars.

However, of the OdR-listed cases are lacking an official proof of award. In , German Minister of Defense Rudolf Scharping banned any contacts between the Bundeswehr and the association, stating that it and many of its members shared neo-Nazi and revanchistic ideas which were not in conformity with the German constitution and Germany's postwar policies. German law prohibits wearing a swastika , so on 26 July the West German government authorized replacement Knight's Crosses with an Oak Leaf Cluster in place of the swastika, similar to the Iron Cross of , and the denazified Iron Cross of , which could be worn by World War II recipients.

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Knight's Cross with Diamonds Recipients Highest military awards for gallantry. List of highest military decorations. Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross. Schnellboot service U-boat service. Oak Leaves, Swords or Diamonds recipients.

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