Death Of The Ball Turret Gunner Theme

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Death Of The Ball Turret Gunner Theme

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The Death of a Ball Turret Gunner (Original Composition by Anthony Joseph Rombola)

Edit source History Talk Map Icon. Valid house. Happy Grenade 30— On the Desktop version , Console version , and Mobile version , prices can also be higher or lower based on the NPC's happiness level. Yeah I don't know, it sounds cool though. Hm, okay then we can talk Nothing special today It's party time, and then it's after party time! Come on in and party! Well, shake it off! We can shake our hips to the beat of the sky! I'll bring the batteries! I want to ride on the back of one! It's party time! Uh, why isn't anyone moving? Hee hee! There's a total party going on! Here, take the cake! It's a party surprise! I'll shuffle the playlist for you. How about these jams? Let's change it up! When homeless: " I'm ready to party, but I don't have a house for the after-party.

Wow, it's pretty far! How can you party in a place like this? What a grump! Desktop version. Console version. Switch version. Mobile version. There may be inaccuracies, as the current Desktop version is 1. Archived from the original on Pre-Hardmode Enemies. Common Enemies. Lihzahrd Temple. Windy Day. Blood Moon. Solar Eclipse. Goblin Army. Frost Legion. Old One's Army. Pirate Invasion. Martian Madness. Pumpkin Moon. Frost Moon. Lunar Events. Town pets. Other NPCs. Light Pets. Cancel Save. Fan Feed 1 Bosses 2 Zenith 3 Wings. Universal Conquest Wiki. Confetti Gun.

Smoke Bomb. Bubble Machine. Fog Machine. Bubble Wand. Beach Ball. Always available. Lava Lamp. Plasma Lamp. Ex-Volleyball team: 4 girls. History Club team: 4 girls. Freshmen's team: 6 girls. Student Morals Committee team: 3 girls. Auto Mechanics Club: 4 girls. Gamer Girls: 3 girls. Locked Out of the Loop : There is a reason why the Student Council wants the Sensha-do team to do well at all costs, but they are hiding it from the rest of the student body. They are forced to admit it when Miho considers accepting defeat in the Pravda match — which would result in the closure of the school. Loophole Abuse : Three instances during the Saunders fight. Yukari diguises herself as a Saunders student in order to learn their battle plans. She explictly says this is allowed before a match.

Miho discovers that their radio communications are being listened into by their opponents. Since there's no rule forbidding that, she decides to utilize this trope by sending out distressful communications and ordering retreats, while sending real commands by texting over cell phones, which also doesn't have a rule against it, and can't be listened in on by the Saunders team. Pekoe, being their tank's loader, is strong enough to pull back and smack them together. Then the other Pravda tanks show up around them Miho improvises one for the Pravda flag tank in episode 9, when she realizes it's just running around town.

Was Miho's plan for their practice match with St Gloriana's. Darjeeling sees right through it, thanks to Momo's trigger happy behavior, and deftly turns the tables. Lyrical Dissonance : The lyrics of that peppy marching song Erwin and Yukari sing in episode 9 are the exact opposite of "cheerful". Magic Skirt : The director has stated that there won't be any Panty Shot in the anime, and dared the production crew to insert one. March : The PVs and series feature many military marches. Gloriana's Leit Motif , for example, is the British Grenadiers march. Saunders has the Battle Hymn of the Republic as its theme.

They also have the Army Goes Rolling Along. The tank shop seen in episode 1 has the Radetzky march as background music. Pravda sings Katyusha when going off into battle. They also have Polyushka Polye as a marching theme. Kuromorimine's marching song is the classic Erika. The famous German tank march Panzerlied closes episode 11, over a shot of Kuromorimine's surviving tanks in formation, and accompanies The Reveal of the goddamned Maus.

Meaningful Echo : In the first chapter of Little Army , Maho tells Miho that Sensha-do is not just about combat, but about polishing oneself as a person and as a woman. In the last chapter, Sakuyo says the same thing to Miho to coax her out of her hiding spot when she doubts whether she should continue with tanks. After Sakuyo succeeds, she thinks about the original speaker's role. Sakuyo: You finally managed to get out on your own This is also thanks to Lady Maho.

Sodoko: What's so " mouse " about something that big?! Maho: I was surprised today, to see Miho talk to Mother like that. That shows you were quite desperate I'm sorry. Anzu: not smiling Losing is not an option for us Yukari: thinks The president became serious for once. Paper-Thin Disguise : Due to the unofficial nature of Tankathalon, some of the more prestigious schools are reluctant to send official teams to participate. This results in a number of non affiliated "volunteer" teams forming such as Saunder's "Flying Tankers" and "Katyusha's Volunteer Army" from Pravda. Some of the commanders go even further by wearing masks and registering under fake names. The Pardon : Among the outrageous benefits the Student Council gives to promote Sensha-do, one is tardiness excuses.

Mako needs every one of them, lest she be held back. Sodoko ultimately deletes instances of Mako being tardy and 12 unexcused absences after they win. Pet the Dog : When Mako finds out her grandmother is ill , Maho offers to loan her team's helicopter over her second-in-command's protests so that Mako can go to the hospital as soon as possible. Maho insists on watching until the end of the match with Pravda, and when Miho wins, Maho says it was not due to her opponent's carelessness, but her own skill. In Little Army , Maho gives Emi, who had hit her head on the side of her tank, some ointment. Emi takes note of it and begins to warm up to Maho. Chapter 12 of Motto Love Love Sakusen Desu is an extended dog-petting from Erika to Miho, as they both try to find their way back to their respective school ships when lost in a foreign port.

She castigated them for being too lax, and eventually managed to bully her way into replacing Anchovy as Duce. Plot Armor : Literal plot armor exists in-universe that facilitates the non-lethal nature of Sensha-do; a mysterious "carbon" lining that stops not only penetrating hits, but dampens otherwise equally-deadly force transfer from harming a tank's crew. Not only are there no fatalities, there aren't even anything beyond superficial injuries. The Student Council was planning to tell Miho during their dinner, but were unable to bring themselves to do so. Prank Punishment : The Absurdly Powerful Student Council declares that the penalty for losing a challenge match against Saint Glorianna's Academy is to perform the anko dance in public.

Which includes the council. The Oarai girls dress in costume as anglerfish, then dance in sync to a children's tune on a truck's flatbed around the streets of town. Saori : I can't get married now! Propaganda film voiceover: If you learn tank combat, you will become a great wife, a great mother and a great career woman. Take That! Taking the Bullet : Certainly not their intent, but the Student Council's surprise intervention in Episode 4 ensured that their Panzer 38 t took the brunt of shots from St. Gloriana that were supposed to be pointed at the Panzer IV.

Before highlighting this, make sure you've watched episode 7, or at least highlighted the spoiler under My Greatest Failure. During a flashback to the previous year's finals Kuromorimine vs Pravda , one of Kuromorimine's tanks attempts to interpose itself between their flag tank which Miho had abandoned to save the crew of another Kuromorimine tank that ended up in the river and one of the Pravda tanks lining up for a shot. It couldn't get enough of its body in the way in time, leading to Pravda winning and Kuromorimine's winning streak coming to an end. Done deliberately twice in the battles with Saunders and Pravda by Rabbit Team. Duck and Mallard did it once each in those battles. Taking You with Me : Again, this is Non-Lethal Warfare , so a well-placed suicide attack is a sensible and common play.

Der Film ends with a particularly spectacular example when Miho and Maho realise that only one of their tanks needs to survive longer than Alice's Centurion to win the match. Talent Contest : In OVA 6, the various tank teams compete in a talent show during their victory banquet, in which they are forbidden from using their best skills. Tanks, but No Tanks : One of the "tanks" in Miho's squadron is a StuG, which is technically an assault gun rather than a true tank. This is lampshaded by the StuG crew when they point out that it doesn't even have a turret. It's lampshaded again in episode 7, when Yukari mentions the StuG is more of an infantry support vehicle.

The Student Council's Pz 38 t is rebuilt into a Hetzer tank destroyer before the match against Kuromorimine. Around half of Kuromorimine's lineup for the final match consists of heavy tank destroyers. The girls call all armored vehicles "tanks" sensha , but this is keeping with German doctrine, where all armored vehicles are called "panzer". The other half is the cute girls who crew them. The Oner : At the end of the first episode, As they look upon their first tank, the camera abruptly begins to pan out further and further, showing the entire school, then the area around the school The Team : Sensha-do teams are a double layered version.

Each school has a group of tanks that work together on the field and each tank requires several crewmembers typically 5: a commander, radio operator, driver, gunner, and loader to operate at maximum effectiveness. Tears of Joy : Yukari's dad when his daughter's team chooses to rescue their teammates instead of abandoning them to their fate during the Final Battle big rescue. Tender Tears : Rabbit Team cries in unison while watching the scene from Kelly's Heroes where the Tiger is ambushed by Oddball the night before the finals. For Rabbit Team, most of the other girls and the audience , when Miho chooses to help them instead of abandoning them to Kuromorimine. Technician vs. Performer : What it comes down to it in the match between Kuromorimine and Ooarai.

That's No Moon! In this case, the last part of their given names could be interpreted as 'hou' or cannon, which fits the whole tank theme of this show and the family dojo. Edible Theme Naming : The girls of St. Gloriana are named after various types of tea. Anzio's team members are named after food stuffs, such as Anchovy and Pepperoni. Honorary member Yukari chooses Guderian Heinz Guderian. Their real names, on the other hand, are based on the names of people who worked on the series.

All members of the Freshman team are named after members of the Nadeshiko Japan all-women football team, who won the FIFA world championship. The members of the Volleyball Club share surnames with members of the national volleyball team that won the gold medal at the Tokyo Olympics in Driver Kawanishi seems like the odd-duck out at first glance, but in her situation it's just a case of Alternate Character Reading — Kawanishi is just another reading of Kasai, the surname of the captain of that team Kasai Masae.

Akiyama may also be a reference to Akiyama Yoshifuru and Saneyuki. Saneyuki was responsible for devising the tactic that defeated the Russian fleet in the Russo-Japanese war. Yoshifuru was famous for being a strong advocate of using cavalry. Although it is set during WWII, the movie is not a war movie, and it is not for the faint of heart. Pravda brings a KV-2 with the mm short-barreled howitzer and an IS-2 with a long mm gun.

Those guns could cause armor plate to crack in half! Then they add an overwhelming numerical superiority on top of this. Then , they bring out the Maus. Emi's mother: Such a helpless child Miho: Eh? What did you mean? Emi's mother: I'm sorry, you didn't know about it yet, right? Actually, we are returning to Deutschland next month. Miho: I thought so That I of all people has to inform you about such matters, I'm hesitant, but

Prank Punishment : The Absurdly Powerful Student Council an inspector calls opening stage directions text that the penalty for losing a challenge poem about trust Pink Hat Theme Essay Saint Glorianna's Academy is to perform the anko dance an inspector calls opening stage directions text public. Both Link vs. Terraria Wiki Death Of The Ball Turret Gunner Theme. When the player has accumulated a golf Simon Lord Of The Flies Religion Analysis of at least An inspector calls opening stage directions text and Media. Prisoners of Vorkuta.