The Importance Of Speech Codes In Schools

Monday, February 21, 2022 11:31:36 PM

The Importance Of Speech Codes In Schools

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Do North Carolina Students Have Freedom of Speech? A Review of Campus Speech Codes

Recently, more and more schools all over the country have turned to dress codes. Some people say that dress codes teach professionalism and protect students. However, schools should not have dress codes because dress codes target girls and limit their freedom of expression. They also are hard to enforce and students break them anyways. First, schools should not have dress codes because they target girls and limit freedom of expression. Some deem others who do not wear the most fashionable clothes unpopular. This is merely one example illustrating people being viewed differently and judged because of a misunderstanding of what normal is. In hopes to solve such problems, some schools even implemented school uniforms.

Those are some of the reasons why I think school uniforms help you concentrate more in school because as I said if someone is wearing something crazy in front of you it is going to be really hard to concentrate during class. Instead when everyone is wearing the same thing you will be ready to learn in class without any distractions from what other people are wearing. People also think that it makes school a lot safer. School uniforms should continue, even though children may not get to express themselves, because they prohibit violence, provide cheaper lifestyles, and promote better education.

Violence is an issue in all schools. Gangs are one of the leading causes of violence in schools. Gangs can be formed by clothing, like students wearing a certain color or symbol on their shirts. What this means is having school uniforms can lower bullying. While there is some truth to this argument, it is wrong because only teachers think of this and not parents who are the ones who have to pay for uniforms.

According to many websites stating about adulthood and the affect that brings it into the topic of school uniforms such as "Procon. Which some people would argue on, if you still taking orders from someone when your in the process of growing up, then you wouldn 't have a fair chance being independent in the adulthood. People would also argue on uniforms doesn 't have anything to do with students work and grades, etc. Some people has more weakness then others because they are busy being stuck under someone 's wing. There are many requirements that leads to having to wear a uniform. Many people doesn 't go against it or protest about it.

The controversial idea of praying in schools is detrimental to the school environment because it could cause arguments, it would have to be inclusive to all religions, and it would not consider the interests of non-religious students. Praying in schools is controversial because it causes a conflict between religious and non religious students. Prayer in schools can interfere with the environment for people who have a different religion than others.

It can bother people who do not have a religion and it causes fights and controversy. If a person did have prayer in schools it would have to involve every religion. Prayer is part. This is another flaw in his article. It is important to back up claims with facts and it is pivotal to not use logical fallacies. They can teach the proper ways to select, prepare, and cook vegetables. Learning the different cuts of meat and how to prepare them can not only improve health, but can help keep the budget in check as well. Perhaps one of the biggest challenges for modern families is the balance between eating healthily and not spending a fortune on groceries.

A home economics class is the only course which can help students get a handle on this skill. The class can also teach students how to incorporate modern kitchen appliances like rice cookers, bread machines, and crockpots to make nutritious meals in less time. At one time, all young women needed to know how to sew in order to have clothing for their families. While modern home economics classes still teach sewing, the repertoire has expanded. Along with basic sewing skills, pupils can also learn how to make curtains and other items for the home. They are also taught about different textiles: their qualities, care, and purposes.

This includes how to do laundry properly to extend the life of clothing. Advanced classes even delve into both fashion and interior design. These classes help students understand what colors complement them, and how to dress their body style. Learning how to recognize quality clothing is also a key skill. Millions of dollars are spent every year in home decorating. Learning some basic skills the professionals use can help students in the future when they are establishing their own homes.

While these three categories encompass a great deal of what home economics classes teach, it really only scratches the surface. Some classes teach basic home repairs, child care, family interactions, and even community service. Instead of a class for housewives, it is really a class in skills for real life and a great preparation for many careers. In a society where most children grow up with a mother who works outside the home, many of these skills are no longer being passed on from parent to child. Home economic classes need to be returned to high schools and universities across the country.

Family Finance Whether a woman is a homemaker, career-driven, married or single, handling personal finances is a skill that everyone needs to know, and yet is no longer taught in most schools. The Development of Home Economics — This brief overview describes the evolution of home economics from the domestic arts to the modern teaching of life skills. Senate Bill — As the economy struggles, one state senate debates mandating that personal finance is taught to all high school students PDF document.

Teachers Agree That Personal Finance Should Be Taught — While a vast majority of teachers agree that personal finance should be taught to high school students, they feel unprepared to teach it because they have never taken a class in it themselves PDF document. Web-based High School Home Economics Curriculum — This high school course concentrates on the financial aspects of family finances and understanding how the economy works and affects the individual. Nutrition and Cooking While cooking is perhaps the skill people most associate with home economics, like personal finance, it is a practical skill that most people will need during life.

Moms Call for Help in the Kitchen — A recent study shows that even educated mothers today feel they need a better grasp of basic kitchen techniques as a coping mechanism during the current recession. Cooking with Kids — Teaching about nutrition and cooking is best taught by having the students actually cook. This site gives practical instructions on how to accomplish this in a classroom setting. Food and Nutrition — This classroom material would constitute a basic food and nutrition class in either junior high or high school.

Home Baking Association — Home economics teaches baking as well as cooking. This association helps parents and teachers pass on safe baking skills to children or anyone else who wants to learn to bake from scratch. Textiles At one time, all young women needed to know how to sew in order to have clothing for their families. Educational Projects in Textiles — The University of Wisconsin-Madison has a year history in the home economics field. The faculty and students have compiled an extensive textile catalog used in various areas of research and conservation.

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