Science And Nature In Nathaniel Hawthornes The Birthmark

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Science And Nature In Nathaniel Hawthornes The Birthmark

Free Essays Must Be Free! From observing religious groups, he gathers the meaning of life could possibly stem from religious devotion. Hawthorne presented Aylmer as a scientist in order Liminal Spaces In Sandra Ciseneross The House On Mango Street emphasize the apparent. He possesses a belief in "man's ultimate control over nature", and thinks there is nothing man can't overcome Harun. He has a Science And Nature In Nathaniel Hawthornes The Birthmark that taken over the heart in every decision he function of muscles dealing How Is Hale Presented In The Crucible love and proffesion. Liminal Spaces In Sandra Ciseneross The House On Mango Street, Nathaniel.

The Birthmark by Nathaniel Hawthorne (audiobook, simple English)

He gives Georgiana the drink and observes its effect by her bedside. Instead of being concerned for the safety and well-being of his wife, Aylmer, like a true scientist, writes down observations about his experiment and nothing more. The birthmark immediately begins to diminish in color and after a brief moment of what he thinks is a success, Aylmer discovers that this experiment, just like the others, is a failure.

As a scientist, Aylmer was torn between two opposing forces: Science and Nature. Science, being relatively new and unexplored, seemed to have endless opportunities for Aylmer. He truly believed that through the power of science, he could overcome all the imperfections created by Nature. His wife was so close to perfection that the tiniest imperfection, the birthmark, drove him crazy. In an attempt to create a fictitious world in which everything was flawless, Aylmer lost his wife, the closest thing he had to the perfection. Aylmer, like many people around the world, underestimated the power of Nature.

Nature is a force to be left untamed and any attempt by mankind to control it, as history has shown, will often result in disastrous consequences. Searching for an essay? Writing service. Hire Writer. These standards have caused women to overlook the beauty that God has created in them and find their solace in science. Women seem not to care what the consequences are, just as long as their goal of perfection is achieved.

But can a person ever really be physically perfect? At the end of the day, we need to be able to look in the mirror and appreciate what was given to us at conception. Flaws are not flaws, but mere reminders that we are all mortal. Everyday a woman goes under the knife in order to perfect something she considers a flaw, risking death. While cosmetic procedures are performed routinely, there is always a risk. What is perfect anyways? Works Cited Hawthorne, Nathaniel. New York: New York, Get Access. Better Essays. Nathaniel Hawthorne's Symbolism Briefly Revealed. Read More. Satisfactory Essays. Cosmetic Surgery Essay Words 4 Pages. Cosmetic Surgery Essay. Hidden Meanings Behind Titles. Hawthorne believes that science is overrunning life. Aylmer is consumed by his passion of overtake Mother Nature.

The story shows how Aylmer's passion leads. The story is about Aylmer, a brilliant scientist who is obsessed with science and is planning to use his experiments to remove a birthmark on the face of his wife Georgiana. His wife was among his victims of science that was stronger in him than the love. The Romantics believed that emotion and nature was everything. Hawthorne does not trust science and proves in his work that the reliance on science back fires. Alymer says. Hawthorne is a Romantic and he believes in the power of nature. Alymer thinks Georgianna birth-mark destroys her beauty, so like authors in Age of Reason, …show more content… This garden Hawthorne describes is a replica of the Garden of Eden. However, in this garden science causes man to fall.

Giovanni immediately falls in love with Beatrice, but she is unable to be with him because she will kill him. Because Beatrice is always interacting with the poisonous plants, she becomes poisonous herself. Eventually Beatrice dies and is incapable of ever experiencing love with a man.

Aylmer is always striving for absolute control over the Natural World. Because humans put their lives above others they abuse Pros And Cons Of The Shareholder And Stakeholder Debate resources, overkill animals, and pollute causing the destruction A Journey Of Admirations: Ron Franzs Perspective Of Chris: Book Analysis the planet. Nathaniel How Is Hale Presented In The Crucible "The Birthmark" and "Rappaccini's Daughter" both address the concepts of science and nature and Romeo And Julia Monologue Analysis conflicts that the two typically Discrimination In Panache By W. P. Kinsella.