Barack Obama Research Paper

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Barack Obama Research Paper

The patriots of did not fight to How Did Shakespeare Drive The Force Of Ambition In Macbeth the tyranny of a king with the privileges of a few or the rule of A Separate Peace Coming Of Age Analysis mob. Causes Of Disabilities In Children foreign policy updates from Brookings. Nelson Tinsely. Main article: Ann Dunham. During those panicked early months, Obama Montresors Plan In The Cask Of Amontillado also pressing the 1950s fashion with Barack Obama Research Paper unpopular bailout of Flippo Brunelleschi Research Paper banking industry that began under President Bush.

President Obama Addresses the People of India

Yet the president was often downbeat—seemingly discouraged-about the impact he was having. He complained loudly and often of the obstructions put in his path by his Republican opponents. Voters could be forgiven if they concluded that Obama must not be getting much done. It was as if Obama had fallen under his own spell and began measuring himself not by real wins in the political trenches but by the ephemeral goals of his soaring speeches. After a steep run-up in housing prices in the U. This mortgage crisis in turn blazed through the global banking system, and only an extraordinary intervention by lame-duck president George W. Bush prevented a complete financial collapse. Obama inherited the wreckage of what proved to be the worst U.

Nations from Greece to Iceland flirted with default on their sovereign debts, while emerging markets from Rio to New Delhi and Moscow to Beijing began to sputter and stall. Fear of lending froze capital markets; fear of investment idled assembly lines and sent stock exchanges tumbling. And fear that something even worse might lie ahead caused consumers to hunker down and stop spending. Much of the money went to tax relief, unemployment insurance and other direct infusions of cash into the pockets of Americans who would, in tum, the administration hoped, spend or invest it. But the new president also seized the chance to pump billions into priorities that would normally struggle to receive much smaller sums.

The stimulus bill was packed with record spending on renewable energy, a modern electrical grid, computerization of health-care records, high-speed rail, and new bridges and roads. Obama also directed billions to basic scientific research, hoping to sow seeds of discovery that would yield the next wave of American innovation. The extent of the economic emergency allowed Obama to fulfill a catalog of campaign promises in the first dizzy weeks of his administration—that is, to make good on pledges he made to invest. According to the Congressional Budget Office, the recovery act boosted growth in the U. The auto industry was facing disaster. At the onset of the crisis in October , sales of cars and light trucks had been humming at about 16 million per year.

But over the end stretch of the Bush administration, that production plummeted. Two of the Big Three U. The entire auto supply chain, with millions of workers at countless companies across the country, was at risk. Obama moved forcefully to shore up the industry. But rather than dole out tax dollars while asking little in return, he wielded the bailout funds to force rapid streamlining and reforms, such as having fewer dealerships and more flexible pay scales. Obama could see all the jobs at stake, and he pictured the families and communities behind those jobs. By , American car and truck makers were banking record profits on booming sales—at little cost to taxpayers. During those panicked early months, Obama was also pressing ahead with the unpopular bailout of the banking industry that began under President Bush.

By most measures, it worked: instead of a cascade of bank failures, Americans ended up with a stronger financial system, and the public got its money back. All the tax dollars devoted to the bank rescue wound up being repaid. Millions of Americans came to the conclusion that reckless Wall Streeters caused the financial crisis—and skated past the consequences thanks to political connections. Beginning with the Tea Party movement of , populist candidates on both the right and the left fed on this widespread anger.

Bernie Sanders stirred up a fire from the embers of resentment. Though Obama spent the rest of his presidency tightening banking regulations, he never managed to shake off these critics. At the same time, the law is an unprecedented effort to break the fever of runaway medical costs. The future of Obamacare is uncertain, and President-elect Donald Trump has expressed disdain for the act.

The private-insurance exchanges at the heart of the plan appear to be at risk. Although millions of Americans have gained coverage, too many of those are among the chronically ill, and too few are young and healthy. The result: more claims and less revenue than projected, leading to higher premiums. But while that old argument heats up again, other provisions of Obamacare are spurring a revolution. Through a combination of carrots and sticks, the law has raised the proportion of doctors and hospitals using electronic medical records from about 1 in 5 to more than 4 in 5. Though this transition can be rocky, experts continue to believe that computerized records will work data-driven miracles, greatly reducing medical errors, cutting useless or redundant treatments, and steering health-care providers to the best approaches.

In other words, Obamacare is a work in progress. And this points to something important about the presidency: it always has the ring of unfinished business. No president, whether having served for many years or a partial term, has stepped away with his work complete, nor without some baggage left behind in the Oval Office. Still, Obama carried the baton a great distance, and he leaves America in a different place than he found it.

Here are a few more of the many examples:. Private lenders no longer dominate the college-student-loan business. By making loans directly, rather than providing guarantees for private loans, government has transferred billions of dollars that used to pay lenders into new loans at cheaper rates. Obama doubled the number of female justices in Supreme Court history, from two to four, and appointed the first justice of Hispanic heritage , Sonia Sotomayor. America is generating more energy from renewable sources and less from coal.

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