Undiscovered: Frank Morris And The Anglin Brothers

Saturday, December 4, 2021 8:06:47 PM

Undiscovered: Frank Morris And The Anglin Brothers

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Frank Morris and the Anglin brothers

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Now, it will just just pass China by. China can certainly enforce it within its own borders. But in the outside world, you have Bitcoin on the Lightning network, now universally implemented in El Salvador and soon to be integrated into Twitter micropayments according to rumors. There are many other competing decentralized solutions on Ethereum and other chains, including stablecoins pegged to various currencies. Long-term, the world economy has been defined by accelerating dematerialization. There is no reason to think that will stop anytime soon.

Japan bet on hardware, but it was software that ate the world — with the result that Silicon Valley conquered global IT. Japan is now the poorest G7 country after Italy. Tesla and SpaceX are American. Its Woke drama and government dysfunction are spectacles that conceal ineluctable American strength across the global O-Ring sector. Meanwhile, China is making it a priority to manufacture semiconductors at the density achieved by TSMC which are built using Dutch machines. No doubt a very important undertaking.

The technological equivalent of grinding in video games. Intermittently issued, ineffectively enforced, trivially circumvented by the pirates and smugglers it was putatively aimed against — who were often aided by local officials in return for part of the spoils. The treasure fleets rotted away in their harbors and a few centuries later Europeans overspread the world. But Western criticisms much less effective in the wake of analogous — if statistically implausible — claims about the US elections.

I was a China bull since I started blogging in , but one thing to bear in mind is that most of its more developed neighbors had financial crises around its current level of development. Tread carefully. Disbalances in China are a lot more modest than in the affected countries back then. And really much of this is China taking preemptive actions to deleverage its overheated property market in order to avoid a real crisis a few more years down the line. Let the printing continue! Steve, too. Endorsed by Pinker. Vanya on Russian research on nuclear rockets. Nobody cares now. Have yet to see it. They come too infrequently too be a major risk, and those that do occur more often, are not big enough to matter in the big picture. In the Canary Islands, there have been 14 such slides in the past million years once every k years.

In the Hawaiian archipelago, there were 68 big slides over the past 2 million years. But megatsunamis are a more realistic concern on these timescales. The collapse of a part of Cape Verde 73, years ago created a meter tall megatsunami that wiped the coast of West Africa clean. So this is something that happens within historical time. According to some early modeling in , a km3 submarine landslide off the Cumbre Vieja volcano in La Palma could create huge waves that will retain a height of meters by the time it reaches the Eastern Seaboard.

The Caribbean and the West African coast would be wrecked. At least several ,sof people would die, a great deal of housing stock would be destroyed, and world markets would go into a hyperdepression. Portugal, Spain ,and the British Isles would sustain some more minor damage from meter waves. These projections have come under question as being too pessimistic or even entirely unrealistic. For the past two days I have been awoken by loudspeakers in my neighborhood playing Soviet-themed music telling me to go vote in the elections in a radio announcer type voice.

Incidentally, it looks like running pretty young women is KPRF strategy these elections. Based on his Twitter banner, his political views seem to be as cartoonishly self-hating as his physiognomy is quintessentially soyish. This even led Valeriya Novodvorskaya, the high priestess of the Westernist cargo cult, to call him a fascist. He denies being a fascist, insisting that he is a racist instead. So powerful are these various viewpoints especially in combination that I seriously considered voting for him as as a fellow powerful, vibrant POC blogger.

As you can see, a powerful diversity of candidates and views, whom I can vote for through an app on my cell phone while drinking coffee in bed, after being woken up by a timely and helpful reminder from the loudspeakers. This is what true democracy is about. There is so much democracy here that it leaves them seething, shaking, and autistically screeching in impotent range. Funnily enough, I have never been less interested in Russian elections than today. Another pilgrimage to the Fortress Monastery. Reproductively successful cultures are insular from the global culture. Apparently internal frictions amongst the Taliban, with Pakistani-backed hardliners winning out and filling the Cabinet exclusively with Taliban in so doing breaking their commitment to form an inclusive government.

Meanwhile, its former CB head notes that Afghanistan has no means of printing its own currency. Contra Western propaganda, the Taliban remains universally unrecognized, including by Russia and China. You often hear people talking about the supposed trillion dollar reserves of REMs in Afghanistan. The only constraint is cost of production, and it will always be cheaper in places like China or Kazakhstan where you have cheap electricity and low security costs.

Modern society is selecting for bad traits and selecting against good traits. Hugh-Jones, D. Human capital mediates natural selection in contemporary humans No. Mitleser quoting a Redditor on the likely outcome of a China-Taiwan war , which suggests that the PLA is now confident of a quick victory. PLAN vessels. As Noah Carl points out, the Left is massively overrepresented in academia relative to the right, by a factor of at least 6 to 1.

So the disparity in targeting attempts actually conceals what is in fact an almost entirely one-sided campaign. But what did strike me about the report is the following observation by Cory Clark:. The four largest petitions were all against female scholars. Now this one is a more novel and interesting observation. And it suggests a lot of internalized sexism. What percentage of female academics can be classified as controversial in the first place, relative to men? Incidentally, this also syncs with Douglas K. Yet almost every time, I have watched in horror as online and offline mobs are stirred up against them and not me.

Last year, for instance, [Owen] Jones was one of the more prominent figures in the witch-hunt against the then Guardian journalist Suzanne Moore. This week, Jones targeted another exceptionally talented female writer, Sarah Ditum, for the same reason: she disagreed with him about trans issues. But this time, people started to notice the trend. Now I suppose there is a kind of evolutionary logic to it. They also have thinner skins both literally and metaphorically. Social pressure has more of an effect on them. Even more curiously, this social expectation seems to be most assiduously policed by Woke men like Owen Jones. This is, of course, a highly marginal position amongst the many diffuse groups who constitute anti-Wokes as a whole, who range the gamut from classical liberals and rationalists to old school conservatives, Gamergaters, and the Alt Right.

Not the sort of people whom women who are otherwise inclined towards Woke-skepticism would generally want to associate with or enable, and understandably so. Putting all this together, it becomes rather less surprising that women tend to be so much more Woke in the US specifically in the US. Both nature and the social environment push towards that outcome. SpaceX does have more launches but thats because they launch their own Starlink constellation and Russian Sphere is not there yet Russia needs to invest more in Space Simulation chamber for payload testing and development, they are building m3 one which is better than current m3 or even European m3, but no match for destroyed USSR one at 8, m3 or American at 20, m3.

On market pricing, Russians still dominate. Russians are cheaper and more efficient due to more stages on Proton vs Falcon. It is also good at orbital mechanics so its fast to ISS. In the near future though, this is going to change. Starship is huge and will dominate cost per kg. At that scale, opportunity cost of return fuel will be minimized and reusability will finally make economic sense. The good news is Starship is a fairly simple construction a flying steel grain silo so Russia should be able to just copy it. No shame in that. So to answer your question. Aside from marketing hype and propaganda, current Russian commercial space offerings are highly competitive with US. Starship is a game changer. In the far out worlds, asteroid belts etc.

I like to say, this is the biggest irony on Earth. Elon Musk, electric car guy, invented the best gas burner. Russia, known as planetary gas station, invented the best electric space propulsion system. He talked of more recent progress here. Device is dedicated to thermal regulation of spacecraft. And speaking of the devil, it looks like Russians solved the droplet dispersion problem back in This guy solved it, to be exact. Topic starts at around To recap for non Russian speakers. Any moron can build a nuclear reactor and launch it into space, its easy to do. So why then the largest single power unit in space is about 20 kW?

Because while producing electricity in space is easy, dissipating waste heat is not. Space is like a giant thermos that insulates well. The only way to get rid of heat is through radiation. Past few hundred kW, those panels will weigh more than all the rest of the spacecraft put together. To improve heat radiation efficiency, we must move from 2D panel to 3D geometry. Hence the droplets, as small droplets maximize surface area to volume mass ratio. This will allow for orders of magnitude lighter cooling systems and therefore high power output nuclear reactors are very light compared to the weight of the cooling system they require. The droplets are made as you pass diffusion pump oil through an atomizer basically.

However, there is a problem. Small droplets accumulate static charge by picking up free electrons from space. This causes them to repel from each other and that makes collecting them back after they cooled off very difficult, and this results in coolant mass loss. That was the problem with Kaplya-2 experiment on the International Space Station back in There were a number of proposals put forward external electromagnetic fields, plasma feed to neutralize the droplets etc but they are all cumbersome, unreliable, or require expendable materials which makes them unsuitable for years long operation.

A simple, robust, and permanent solution to the problem is to illuminate the droplets with UV light at around nm wavelength. This will trigger photoelectric effect that will kick off the excess electrons from the droplet. Unlike external electric field, there is no danger of over-ionizing the droplets and stripping too many electrons which will cause the same repulsion problem. No complex control is needed.

All it takes is about a dozen UV lamps and those will condition the droplets for easy collection and minimize coolant losses. The rejoinder is that local space is commercially attractive Starlink is the obvious one… perhaps passenger and cargo transport, if the more optimistic projections pan out. Can the same be said of deep space? Asteroid belt mining has been often speculated about. But most resources are very cheap — and have been becoming much cheaper relative to the size of the world economy. Charles Murray was widely lambasted a few weeks back for this Tweet:. Doesn't it make a difference to davidafrench 's argument that two of the core problems typically ascribed to centuries of American racism—elevated black violent crime and depressed mean cognitive ability—are found wherever sub-Saharan African populations live?

For instance, Burkina Faso and Benin claim 1. But Africa is a demographic black box. WHO estimates of S. The average of the official statistics and the WHO statistics produces the graph on the right. Each dot is a country in that region. Source: van Dijk, J. Journal of Quantitative Criminology. Matt Yglesias might want a billion Americans. But there would have been million Russians in the absence of the Bolshevik Revolution, as was predicted by Dmitry Mendeleev in a book. Putin, who it is now very clear reads my blog and Twitter , recently said as much himself in a meeting with schoolchildren in Vladivostok:. In our country, the Russian statehood disintegrated twice during the 20th century. The Russian Empire ceased to exist after the revolution. Russia lost huge territories in the west and north but gradually recuperated.

But later, there followed the collapse of the Soviet Union. We should closely analyse all this and find what triggered those dramatic events. Had they failed to happen, we should have had a different country now. Some specialists believe that we should have had a population nearing million people. Just think about it. Today, we have million. If these tragedies had not occurred, there would have been million people. This was in a region which had a TFR of 6 children per woman in This is if anything a lower bound because it assumes that fertility patterns would have otherwise remained unchanged. Historically, every Russian revolution led to a halving of its population. Bolshevik Revolution ensured North Eurasia's population would be M instead of M by end of century.

Soviet disintegration reduced it to M. So I can see why some Westerners would want a third. Updated version here. I was at the Army expo this week. Very cool, sort of like a military-themed Geek Picnic. Thorfinnsson on the Japanese economy. Tencent bans LGBT searches. Homework and vidya both restricted. I blogged about much of this before. RSFSR housing construction. No good deed goes unpunished. Examples include:. This of course comes on the heels of the decree blanket banning Russian language schooling across Ukraine in September President Biden has signaled that the US will be retreating from its imperial commitments, at least outside the West Pacific, giving the Ukrainian elites an additional impetus to accelerate the consolidation of the Ukrainian nation as an anti-Russian project.

Politics is tribal. According to one recent poll , the most pro-vax Russians are United Russia i. That is, precisely the opposite of what Western propaganda and the Russian liberal activists who feed it claim. This clearly reflects the fact that Russian liberals feel alienated from society and exhibit low trust in official state positions, which especially expresses itself in Sputnik V skepticism i. This Vorobyov fellow seems to have had quite a successful activist career until its untimely end. Before Westerners get too excited, the biggest beneficiaries are the Communist Party. The Taliban did free all those Islamist militants, not all of them would have been strictly suborned to the Taliban themselves.

Tajikistan has adopted a cold tone to the Taliban , accusing them of gong and has reportedly supplied the NRF holed up in Panjshir. Last time the Taliban ran a Central Bank, they canceled the issue of new notes and its governor spent more time on the battlefield than in his office. Certainly very Bronze Age. Arguably a more significant development than anything to do with Afghanistan. Still highly unlikely. Finding its core in the natural fastness of the Panjshir Valley, which foiled repeated Soviet attacks during the s, the Northern Alliance is reconstituting itself under Ahmad Massoud the son of the famous mujahideen and Acting President Amrullah Saleh.

Rubinstein, Charles Van Eman. Bolton, with his codpiece nick carraway gay Washington is vague about whether The Kite Runner Redemption Analysis would militarily defend Taiwan. Biden Becomes a Bernie Sanders Democrat? Terminator 2 Undiscovered: Frank Morris And The Anglin Brothers Tag der Abrechnung. Would Mexican Culture Research Paper a CT, if he wanted to be believed by anyone outside of the community of the faithful, at a Ragged Dick Or Street Life In New York: Analysis have to explain how Ragged Dick Or Street Life In New York: Analysis Mossad Boeing Working Capital Ratio Summary rigged these pillars for demolition without being noticed?