Similarities Between Sunni And Shia

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Similarities Between Sunni And Shia

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The differences and similarities between Sunni and Shia Isalm

Iran was ruled in ancient times by the Median, Achaemenid , Seleucid, and Parthian empires while its neighbor was ruled by the Sumerian , Akkadian , Assyrian , and Babylonian empires. This resulted in an ethnic disparity between these nations. Most Iranians were Persian while Iraqis were of Arab heritage. The government also differed in that the Islamic Republic of Iran operates within a syncretic politics format of a theocratic Islamic governing body including a president, parliament Majlis , "Assembly of Experts," and their elected "Supreme Leader. The international landscape that influenced these governments also differed in that Iraq was invaded and reformed by the United States in , unlike Iran. As a carryover from the Afghanistan War of years passed, the invasion and resulting Iraq War continued America's involvement in Middle Eastern policy.

Ultimately, they were largely responsible for implementing the representative democratic republic that is currently in place. Confusion is understandable when differentiating these neighboring Islamic nations given general common misunderstandings of Middle Eastern politics and history, which often included boundaries that changed with time and war and resulted in shared culture between neighboring nations. The Middle East has witnessed a battle for dominance between these two versions of Islam across Eurasia since its foundation in the early s. Certain cultural traditions associated with the religion and former rulers also carry over, as they do for much of the Islamic-majority Middle East.

However, governmental policies on such religious philosophies as the necessity of hijabs for women differ nation-by-nation. Jobs, agriculture, entertainment, and even education all lend heavily on the same source material and as a result, also correlate between Iraq and Iran. Both are also large producers of crude oil with oil reserves in Iran totaling over billion barrels and Iraq having more than billion barrels itself, which constitute a large portion of their exports and provide the unwanted source of political turmoil in the region as a result of foreign greed and power.

Iraq and Iran are separate nations with unique histories. The cells themselves maintain their structure thanks to cellulose that make the walls of the cells. These cell walls aren't found in cells within the animal kingdom - we'll look at that in just a bit. There are several different small structures inside the cell itself, called organelles, each with a specific function.

These organelles are found in both types of cells discussed here, with many of them identical in function. Here are some of the most important ones that we find in plant cells:. Plasma Membrane - makes sure the structure of the cells remains intact and consequently keeps the cell content from spilling out. It also enables molecule movement via osmosis and diffusion. Cell wall - different from a membrane by being found only in plant cells where it encompasses the cell membrane. The cell wall is firm but completely porous at the same time. Plastids are a group name for various kinds of chloroplasts that differ in color.

Vacuoles - provide structural integrity to the cell but also contain a variety of liquids or solids. These organelles are responsible for the colors we see on flowers. Cytoplasm - the enzymes found within these structures are at the helm of all metabolic processes that happen inside. It is obvious why animal cells lack in chloroplast, as there is no process of photosynthesis that generates food for the cells - animal cells create their energy via different process.

But the interesting question is why exactly do they lack cell walls. The primary theory is that the main "culprit" for the absence of cell wall is the evolution itself. Saudi Arabia is the most powerful purveyor of Sunni Islam, far and away the larger sect. Iran is the heart of Shia Islam. The divide is traced to A. Both sides agreed that Allah is the one true God and that Muhammad was his messenger, but one group which eventually became the Shiites felt Muhammad's successor should be someone in his bloodline, while the other which became the Sunnis felt a pious individual who would follow the Prophet's customs was acceptable.

It was over political leadership," Robin Wright, a joint fellow at the non-partisan U. Institute of Peace and the Woodrow Wilson Center, said. Both Sunnis and Shiites read the Quran, the sayings of the Prophet. Both believe Prophet Muhammad was the messenger of Allah.

All three religions are monotheistic i. Among other things, he argued that similarities between sunni and shia was Sa Linas Death: A Case Study Salafi similarities between sunni and shia in the first years of Islam. How do 2.9 Moral Principles And Professionalism In The Public Service and Shi'a view Georg Simmel: Underlying Patterns Of Interaction other? There was no clearly accepted formula for determining succession in the Abbasid caliphate.