Personal Narrative: The Strengths Of Military Children

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Personal Narrative: The Strengths Of Military Children

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Positive Parenting: Wear purple for military children

Do you know an illness or something really terrible that happened in your family? Do you know the story of your birth? Duke and Dr. Fivush asked those questions of four dozen families in the summer of , and taped several of their dinner table conversations. And then something unexpected happened. Two months later was Sept. As citizens, Dr. Fivush were horrified like everyone else, but as psychologists, they knew they had been given a rare opportunity: though the families they studied had not been directly affected by the events, all the children had experienced the same national trauma at the same time. The researchers went back and reassessed the children. Why does knowing where your grandmother went to school help a child overcome something as minor as a skinned knee or as major as a terrorist attack?

Duke said. Psychologists have found that every family has a unifying narrative, he explained, and those narratives take one of three shapes. Our family worked. We opened a store. Your grandfather went to high school. Your father went to college. And now you. Then we lost everything. We built a family business. Your grandfather was a pillar of the community. Your mother was on the board of the hospital. But we also had setbacks. You had an uncle who was once arrested. We had a house burn down. Your father lost a job. But no matter what happened, we always stuck together as a family. Duke said that children who have the most self-confidence have what he and Dr.

Leaders in other fields have found similar results. Many groups use what sociologists call sense-making, the building of a narrative that explains what the group is about. In Mr. Collins recommended that families create a mission statement similar to the ones companies and other organizations use to identify their core values. The military has also found that teaching recruits about the history of their service increases their camaraderie and ability to bond more closely with their unit.

David G. But these days the military spends more time building up identity through communal activities. Not only do they feel like their is not hope but they also feel like there is no going back. Parents struggle with not being able to be there for their child through there hardest time. There is less nurture in the house which can lead to depression among the child. Children in poverty isolate themselves from students at school in have nobody to lean on but themselves. Each surgeon has to also help with whatever the parents ask for after the surgeon tells the parents.

The emotional part in the job of being a pediatric surgeon is the hardest part. No person can say that it is not hard to keep their emotions in after they lose a patient and then go and tell the parents. Every pediatric case that a surgeon loses a patient gets harder and harder. People usually think that it would get more comfortable and more natural, but it does not because in each case the surgeon becomes close to the children and when they have a connection it is much harder to let go. But even so, they endure it because they know that the day will come when they.

When children are forced out over and over again it makes them feel unwanted or that they did something wrong. Not only do children have to deal with the constant moving around, they also have to deal with complications such as sibling separation. Sometimes a family isn't always looking to foster or adopt more than one child at at time so social workers tear brothers and sisters apart. In some cases, siblings will never see each other for years or even ever. Although I work hard for everything I do and am always dedicated, I learned that hard work and dedication are much stronger when goals are made. I also realized you can learn just as much from watching as doing.

As I prepare for college, I will carry this into being a better student to my professors. Finally, I am grateful for the huge support system that helped me accomplish my goal. My CORHA family, my mother and father, sisters, and friends were always there for advice and support; this is a blessing that is beyond any price tag. As time passes, military active duty parents are most of the time not around to celebrate and share those special moments with their own children. This could be difficult to understand especially at such a young age for children.

For example, spouses have to raise their children by playing two roles as both parents. Besides having to act as a single parent, spouses have to deal with unforeseen situations that may occur when their significant other is not around. Although growing up in a broken home without one or both parents makes it difficult for a child to learn how to act and approach life it is still likely that they can take what they have learned from their childhood and turn it into something extraordinary.

It is possible to break past the stereotype that they are a product of their environment by using past experiences to revolutionize their future. When a child is first born the first person they usually see is the doctor or midwife that has delivered. On the other hand, homeschooling has some negative aspects as well. Some homeschooled kids lack social skills since they do not have the opportunity to interact and form bonds with kids their own age.

Besides, it is hard for a home to be as well-equipped as a regular school in terms of space and having the right equipment necessary for classes, labs and sports. Evidently, not all parents come to help the teacher. Parent involvement prevents students from acquiring the ability to deal with their mistakes. Military children are faced with many difficult challenges throughout their childhood. Most end up with many quality traits, such as loyalty, and resiliency.

It is a life filled with constant change. Many things, including parenting attitude can help them transition along the way. It is this life that makes them into what they are, strong kids, full of pride for their country. They spend their entire youth in service to this country and no one will ever know who they are Hall They have to sacrifice more than most at a young age. Most military kids know right from wrong, they take their responsibilities …show more content… Many military children do not have that luxury, the have to go through every day that their parent is gone worrying that something may happen to them.

Most children do not express their feelings through words and we as parents must watch their body language and behavior to help understand their true feelings Hall

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