Dreadlocks: A Cultural Analysis

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Dreadlocks: A Cultural Analysis

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Hemm Writing 8. Cultural appropriation is portrayed as rude, called cultural misappropriation, and claims to be a violation of the history of a culture. Often unavoidable when cultures come together, cultural appropriation can include using another culture's traditions, such as fashion, symbols, language, and cultural songs without permission. Even though society consistently uses Native American and African American styles at festivals, in magazines and on celebrities, this form of cultural appropriation is not right because we are not using it for the right reasons.

The Redskins fans have always defended this name, …show more content… One celebrity that always comes to mind for cultural appropriation is Kylie Jenner. On February 7, , she posted a picture of her with dreadlocks. Again for this act she received so much backlash from former fans. By her next post, her cornrows were taken out. This proves to show that people who have privileges dont always use them to their best. Get Access. Violation Of The Maxims Of Cooperative Principle Words 32 Pages is associated with the study of meaning as communicated by a speaker and interpreted by a listener.

Read More. Popular Essays. Firstly, it trivializes violent historical oppression. To some people this may not seem like a good enough reason to stop wearing their favourite kimono or bindi but when violence targets a particular group of people through genocide or slavery the trauma of the past will last through generations. Cultural appropriation allows white people to do freely, what people of colour were punished for doing in the past, is this fair?

Yoga can be a common example of this. Cultural appropriation perpetrates racial stereotypes Dr. As a result of the 5. Halloween is without a doubt a day where culture is appropriated and people see it as just a bit of fun. It is deemed as unprofessional to have dreadlocks or an afro, which can be some of the most natural ways for black people to style their hair.

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