David Link Silar: A Short Story

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David Link Silar: A Short Story

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Video Storytelling: How To Drive Connection Through Narrative

Most of it was through Facebook, but it was more convenient for him. People looked forward to him posting something about the kids, a random rant, funny picture, or something on his mind. After he passed, I was surprised to see the amount of people he kept in contact with throughout the years. Even a few of his buddies from high school and college mentioned they still talked on a daily or monthly basis. As a doctor, he had tales about his patients. Although they have a high level of need, especially in completing activities of daily living, they are still grown adults with fully developed personalities. They love to learn, laugh and desire connection with their community. I am able to spend several hours a day with a fun group of individuals, who are assisted by highly dedicated staff.

Most of the staff members have worked there for many years and have developed amazing relationships with the clients. One of the staff members stated to me the first day that this job was great because he got to hang out with his friends all day. It has taken months to prepare. However, I can say that this has been one of the best years of my life. We debated about everything but what came out of those debates is a program that is designed with you in mind. It gives you time to be you. It gives you time to enjoy the little things and make those friends. As a kid growing up I used to play Board game in daily basic. Every kind of board game. It used to be the highlight of the day. Nothing could top the game time with family.

We used to share happiness, laugh together. We used to have bunch of friends and family over gathered around the table sometime even on the floor; playing for god knows how many hours. Specially on the holidays. Board games can be played again and again with same enthusiasm that we had when we first bought it. Once you buy it you play it for a long time. Regardless of age we used to play with almost everyone. Even after the long day of work we made some time to get together, play and share happiness.

It brought family together. Almost everyday I used to be with my friends playing. It was fun, but it sure was different without my grandparents with us. Every year we always eat a whole bunch of junk. One time when I was over his house, Jim was shouting as loud as possible for his mom to go to McDonald 's and get him something to eat. He was exceptionally malicious with her. She let him know that she had no cash and that she would simply settle something for supper.

Jim dependably got his way, however, and would not quit shouting at her until she consented to go get him his food. I told his mother that I was sorry for what he had said to her. There is none left. I told them about Blair and all of the things that I have done since school started. I am very blessed to have a wonderful family both at home and at Blair. In addition to spending time with my family I also ate a lot of good food. One, two, three seconds gone by and still no breakfast. So Logan continued to look for his family. He went into the other room, came back and there it was, a plate full of bacon and eggs freshly cooked with a large, refreshing glass of orange juice next to it. Logan felt as if he was a little kid in a disney.

Everyone found their plates and got their food. After everyone sat down we began to say what we were thankful for. In the beginning, a new life was started for the Thronburg family. Trips, parties, and even holidays need to be well planned. When I plan things such as pool parties, Thanksgiving holidays, or vacation trips, I often find myself needing to plan, plan, and plan again, because life gets in the way and I have almost no short term memory. My friend and I both had young daughters, around six or seven years old, now twenty and twenty one. Both girls were busy and into everything. No College. Honestly I wanted to do the exact same thing, it sounded like a dream come true.

I learned patience, kindness, the ability to laugh at almost everything, and especially, I learned that you can make friends of all ages. After the first clinic, I had automatically become best friends with these kids. They were always so happy and excited to be there. From those kids, I learned that you always have a reason to smile. The ability to help with these clinics and give back to the organization that gave so much to me was probably the best experience of my life.

An experience that was meaningful to me was the time that my entire family and I went to Disney from July 1st, to July 14th, it was such a great experience. Jumping with excitement the first time that I found out Participle. This was a trip that was holding such a big surprise at the end of it. I full of excitement Absolute , got to packing as soon as I found out. Calder 's father suffered a two-year battle against a rare form of non-smoking lung cancer. Before he passed away, a few days before his 67th birthday, the Calder son asked the Seinfeld cast members to send messages to his ailing father. He was able to show his dad the compilation before he left this earth.

The cast members did not only take the time to make the video for dear ol ' dad. Joyce often got her way. From horses, cars, or just shopping trips, Mrs. Joyce was always the light in his eyes. Link will be forever loved and missed but our memories with him will always be. He patiently answered each of our questions throughout the tour and never skipped a beat even with such a large party like ours. From the introduction of our tour guide, we knew this is the home of Nixon 's birthplace and early years.

I was happy that we had a chance to visit here. With beautiful flowers decorating the pathway to the front door, this house was so charming. The staff was friendly, knowledgeable, and eager to share their information with us. We had no problems and everyone had a great time," said Officer Allard. Representatives say the next step in evolving the community is adding a laundromat in the main office by the end of. Then, a few months before this, he found his dream property. He and his wife set off as soon as possible. Everything in his life was falling together perfectly.

The couple were nearly there on a bright, clear Monday morning.

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