Dunwich Horror Monster

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Dunwich Horror Monster

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With nobody left to attend to its needs, the Horror soon emerged from hiding; over the next few nights it embarked upon a bloody rampage, feasting on both the livestock and farmers of nearby homesteads, and alerting a group of scholars from Miskatonic University to its existence. The Horror was finally brought to book atop nearby Sentinel Hill in the middle of a fierce thunderstorm.

The librarian and two university professors who had guessed the nature of the beast were able to bring it down through the use of an arcane ritual from the pages of the Necronomicon, though not before one of the group had been driven insane by the mere sight of it. Monster Wiki Explore. Top Content. Recent blog posts. Explore Wikis Community Central. Toggle navigation. Sign Up. Sign In. Get The Dunwich Horror from Amazon. View the Study Pack. Plot Summary. Free Quiz. Symbols and Symbolism. Themes and Motifs. This Study Guide consists of approximately 22 pages of chapter summaries, quotes, character analysis, themes, and more - everything you need to sharpen your knowledge of The Dunwich Horror.

Print Word PDF. This section contains words approx. Settings Themes and Motifs Styles. View a FREE sample. More summaries and resources for teaching or studying The Dunwich Horror. Dunwich is "a vague echo of the decadent Massachusetts countryside around Springfield — say Wilbraham, Monson and Hampden. It is noted that "much of the physical description of the Dunwich countryside is a faithful sketch of Wilbraham:". Researchers have pointed out the story's apparent connections to another Massachusetts region: the area around Athol and points south, in the north-central part of the state which is where Lovecraft indicates that Dunwich is located.

It has been suggested that the name "Dunwich" was inspired by the town of Greenwich, which was deliberately flooded to create the Quabbin Reservoir, [1] although Greenwich and the nearby towns of Dana, Enfield and Prescott actually weren't submerged until Donald R. Burleson points out that several names included in the story—including Bishop, Frye, Sawyer, Rice and Morgan—are either prominent Athol names or have a connection to the town's history.

The book, which Lovecraft seems to have read, also describes noises emanating from the earth near Moodus, Connecticut, which are similar to the Dunwich sounds decried by Rev. Abijah Hoadley. Both Machen stories concern individuals whose death throes reveal them to be only half-human in their parentage. According to Robert M. Price , "'The Dunwich Horror' is in every sense an homage to Machen and even a pastiche. There is little in Lovecraft's story that does not come directly out of Machen's fiction. Another source that has been suggested is " The Thing in the Woods ", by Margery Williams , which is also about two brothers living in the woods, neither of them quite human and one of them less human than the other.

The name Dunwich itself may come from Machen's The Terror , where the name refers to an English town where the titular entity is seen hovering as "a black cloud with sparks of fire in it". Lovecraft also seems to have found inspiration in Anthony M. Rud 's story " Ooze " published in Weird Tales , March , which also involved a monster being secretly kept and fed in a house that it subsequently bursts out of and destroys. The tracks of Wilbur's brother recall those seen in Algernon Blackwood 's "The Wendigo", one of Lovecraft's favorite horror stories. In the isolated, desolate, decrepit village of Dunwich, Wilbur Whateley is the hideous son of Lavinia Whateley , a deformed and unstable albino mother, and an unknown father alluded to in passing by mad Old Whateley , as " Yog-Sothoth ".

Strange events surround his birth and precocious development. Wilbur matures at an abnormal rate, reaching manhood within a decade. Locals shun him and his family, and animals fear and despise him due to his odor. All the while, his sorcerer grandfather indoctrinates him into certain dark rituals and the study of witchcraft. Various locals grow suspicious after Old Whateley buys more and more cattle, yet the number of his herd never increases, and the cattle in his field become mysteriously afflicted with severe open wounds. Wilbur and his grandfather have sequestered an unseen presence at their farmhouse; this being is connected somehow to Yog-Sothoth. Year by year, this unseen entity grows to monstrous proportions, requiring the two men to make frequent modifications to their residence.

People begin to notice a trend of cattle mysteriously disappearing. Wilbur's grandfather dies. His mother disappears soon afterwards. The colossal entity eventually occupies the whole interior of the farmhouse. Wilbur ventures to Miskatonic University in Arkham to procure their copy of the Necronomicon — Miskatonic's library is one of only a handful in the world to stock an original. The Necronomicon has spells that Wilbur can use to summon the Old Ones, but his family's copy is damaged and lacks the page he needs to open the "door". When the librarian, Dr. Henry Armitage , refuses to release the university's copy to him and has, by sending warnings to other libraries, thwarted Wilbur's efforts to consult their copies , Wilbur breaks into the library at night to steal it.

A guard dog, maddened by Wilbur's alien body odor, attacks Wilbur with unusual ferocity, killing him. When Dr. Armitage and two other professors arrive on the scene, they see Wilbur Whateley's semi-human corpse before it melts completely, leaving no evidence. With Wilbur Whateley dead, no one attends to the mysterious presence growing in the Whateley farmhouse. Early one morning, the Whateley farmhouse explodes and the thing, an invisible monster, rampages across Dunwich, cutting a path through fields, trees, and ravines, leaving huge "prints" the size of tree trunks. The monster eventually makes forays into inhabited areas.

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