Bell Hooks Representing The Poor

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Bell Hooks Representing The Poor

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This is how St. Victorinus d. Back to Being Catholic Index. Symbols of the Saints in Art You walk into a church and see light streaming through the jewel-colored stained glass depicting people in medieval garb, some men, some women, some holding objects. You see two statues near the sanctuary, one of a man holding the infant Jesus, another of a woman holding two eyes on a plate.

In the front of the Church you find two holy cards, one of a young girl kneeling in front of a grotto, the other showing a nun holding a monstrance. Who are these people? How can you recognize the Saints in art? Over time, Saints came to be depicted in various standardized ways based on events in their lives and deaths. The table below will show you how to recognize some of the most commonly depicted Saints of the Latin Church -- "the Saints every Catholic needs to know.

Other symbols: shears, tongs. LS Can. Other symbols: bees, beehive, dove, ox, pen. Doc LS. Other symbols: fishing net, fish. She is sometimes shown at her betrothal to or kissing Joachim, or meeting him at the Golden Gate. Other symbols: ship. Other symbols: donkey, book. Sometimes depicted with St. Often shown holding his Rule St. Benedict was the brother of St. Scholastica, so might be shown with her. Bernadette is sometimes pictured after she received the habit. Cistercian with 1 to 3 mitres on the ground beside him, symbolizing the bishoprics he refused. Often shown with a chained demon, with a lactating Mary, or being embraced by Christ from the Cross. He is shown sometimes with a swarm of bees nearby, or writing.

Other symbols: bees, beehive, book, instruments of the Passion, pen, white dog symbolizing the White Monks Cistercians. Other symbols: comb. Often depicted with or even symbolized by a "St. Brigid's Cross" -- a Cross with equilateral arms woven from of rushes. Caspar also "Gaspar," "Kaspar," or "Jaspar". Sometimes depicted arguing with pagan philosophers. Other symbols: tree, staff, torrent. Sometimes depicted, especially in Eastern iconography, as having the head of a dog due to the fact that the area whence he came he was a member of the north African tribe of the Marmaritae in Egypt was at the borders of the civilized world and hence was populated by people who were seen to be wild "dog-headed". Francis of Assisi because they were great friends.

Sometimes depicted with a cat because the cat who lived in her convent would bring things to her at her command when she was too sick to get out of bed. Sometimes depicted on a ship. He is always to Christ's right in crucifixion scenes, or he is shown carrying his cross or performing a penitential gesture the bad thief, by the way, was named Gestas according to the apocryphal Gospel of Nicodemus. Often shown with a dog bearing a torch the symbol of the Dominican Order , with fire; or with star shining above his head or on his forehead. May be depicted with St. John Bosco "Don Bosco" -- his teacher, mentor, and biographer.

Often shown with Saint Gerebernus, kneeling at Mass while her father murders the priest Gerebernus, praying in a cloud surrounded by a group of lunatics bound with golden chains, or being beheaded by the king. Other symbols: pitcher, alms, bread. Perpetua, with whom she was martyred being killed by a sword or an ox Can. Sometimes shown surrounded by pilgrims or healing the sick. Often depicted carrying a basket of food. Other symbols: a book, a branch of oranges, a monstrance, an arrow. Italian nun in the black habit of the order she founded Missionary Sisters of the Sacred Heart. Sometimes shown with St.

Clare of Assisi because they were great friends. Ignatius of Loyala -- his friend and the founder of the Jesuit Order. Often depicted making his Annunciation to Mary. Because she is the patron of Paris, she is often depicted in association with that city. He is shown most often holding the Cross. Shown, also, praying for the Holy Souls in Purgatory. Often shown working on sheet music or writing, accompanied by a dove. Constantine's mother a royally-dressed woman -- often crowned -- with the True Cross.

German nun shown writing or expriencing visions. Often shown holding a book or with the Blessed Sacrament. Often shown as an aged monk in desert, or translating the Bible. Shown also, like St. John Henry Cardinal Newman. English Cardinal with gray hair, likely holding text, possibly a cane. French priest. Other symbols: alms, crown of thorns, heart. Often represented by an eagle alone.

His words fueled the Black Power movement in the s and 70s. However, two years before his death, he broke from the Nation of Islam and in , converted to Sunni Islam. He softened his more extreme views and formed the Organization of Afro-American Unity in hopes of globalizing the Black American fight. Morehouse graduate Julian Bond was a prominent and outspoken figure of the civil rights movement. Bond was a member of the Georgia General Assembly for 20 years and elected to the Georgia House of Representatives in However, he was blocked from the seat by white members of the House who saw him as disloyal for opposing the war in Vietnam. A year later, the Supreme Court ordered him to be seated on the grounds of freedom of speech. He held the position for six terms.

John Lewis—the man who coined the term "good trouble"—was a pillar for social justice and a staunch advocate for nonviolent civil rights demonstrations. According to Encyclopedia Britannica , Lewis was arrested and multiple times in the Jim Crow South for organizing sit-ins at segregated lunch counters and participating in the Freedom Rides. He also led the march from Selma to Montgomery, Alabama and the crossing of Edmund Pettus Bridge which is known as "Bloody Sunday," as state troopers brutally attacked marchers. Lewis suffered a fractured skull, and the events influenced the passing of the Voting Rights Act, which Lewis remained a staunch supporter of until his last days.

In , he was elected to the House of Representatives in Georgia's 5th district. It was a position he held until his death in The politician was also a recipient of the Presidential Medal of Freedom, awarded to him by Barack Obama in Eckstein also participated in the earliest picket line protests for gay rights in the country. There are photos of her demonstrating in in front of the White House as the only person of color in attendance. Johnson was a successful drag queen and used her influence to lift up others, creating the Street Transvestite Action Revolutionaries STAR in , an organization that worked to find housing for homeless transgender youth.

After being diagnosed with HIV in and seeing his partner die of AIDS just two years later, Wilson made it his mission to spread awareness and education of the disease during a time where very little was known. With the publication of her bestselling book, The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness , Michelle Alexander helped to change the way race and criminal justice were discussed in America. Her argument? Mass incarceration and the disproportionate arrest of Black people were the country's new, legal ways to keep segregation and inequality alive. She is currently a visiting professor at Union Theological Seminary. As a community organizer and activist, Tarana Burke is known to many as the founder of the MeToo movement, putting a hashtag behind the often untold stories of victims of sexual assault.

Though Burke had developed metoo years before through her nonprofit, JustBe, Inc. That same year she was named Time magazine's Person of the Year. A post shared by Lateefah Simon lateefahforbart. In this position, she influences policy through the lens of racial justice. During the resurgence of the BlackLivesMatter movement in the summer of , many turned to Ibram X. Kendi's How to Be Antiracist in order to fully understand the impact of racism and implicit bias in America, and how to combat this institutionalized issue by practicing antiracism. In , Time named him one of their most influential people in the world. They act as an inclusive, nonviolent space to enforce these ideals on both a national and local scale through protest, policy, and social media campaigns.

Cullors, Garza, and Tometi were each named on Time 's most influential people in the world list. In the years since, Color of Change has evolved into a prominent online civil rights organization that serves as a resource for the Black community to use in order to mobilize government and corporations to fight against injustice. Throughout her career she's advocated for fair housing, voting rights, gender equality, and more on behalf of Black Americans. The Minneapolis-based Nekima Levy Armstrong is a civil rights attorney, former president of the city's NAACP chapter, and founder of the Racial Justice Network , a multi-racial organization which is "committed to fighting for racial justice and building bridges across racial, social, and economic lines," according to its website.

Armstrong was one the activists instrumental in organizing the country's first protests in George Floyd's name following his murder by the hands of former police officer, Derek Chauvin. On April 20, Chauvin was found guilty on three counts of murder. As a social justice leader, educator, and organizer, Cunningham was one of the key member of the Ferguson Uprising in response to the police killing of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri in Your Best Life. Type keyword s to search. Temi Oyelola. Chicago History Museum Getty Images. Ida B. Wells Stock Montage Getty Images. Mary Church Terrell

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