Hamburgers Observation

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Hamburgers Observation

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The measure states they will pay no taxes, makes it easier for only their stores to open, and they can also pick where to put their stores. If that sounds absurd then you are now getting what is in this marijuana measure. Who are the people who wrote the ballot measure? They are the same ones who are pushing similar ballot measures in Hermosa Beach, Manhattan Beach, and many other cities.

They have big money to pay for professional signature gatherers to get their measure on the ballot in each city. The city of Redondo created a task force 1. This is a more reasonable approach because Redondo Beach residents, not outside big moneyed interests, will have a say. In a recent Manhattan Beach City Council meeting, it was decided that there should be no more than one Realtor on the Planning Commission. The City council has never made a requirement of distinguishing what one does for a living as a criterion for serving on a City Commission.

It was stated that this was the rationale. Notwithstanding the Constitutional legality of this vote, what message was this to licensed professionals, or anyone else? Do we now have class distinction and bias based on what we do for a living? Should only one attorney, architect, plumber, health care worker, store owner, service industry, or retiree be allowed on any city commission? Is this the precedent that we want to set in our community? There is a lack of understanding regarding the implications of such a move.

Want proof? There were three licensed real estate professionals on the Planning Commission. Two are still currently serving on the Commission. The one removed had been a City Commissioner for nearly 10 years and earned the position to be the next chairperson. Only Mayor Hildy Stern and Councilman Steve Napolitano could see this for what it was — reckless and an insult to the entire profession. If the new requirement is that only one Realtor be allowed to serve, then should a special session be held to make sure the City Council votes one of them off? I hope not because no one who serves on any Commission deserves that kind of humiliation and lack of appreciation after serving their community honorably. As a former Manhattan Beach Councilmember, I am sorry a prior Council took land belonging to the Bruce family by using the eminent domain process for an illegal discriminatory purpose.

Such local governmental action was clearly wrong and morally reprehensible. Regardless of the current State action and anticipated County action to right that wrong, I am also sorry the residents of our community are paying for the sins of the past with the LA press painting our community with the broad strokes of racism, just because of the color of our skin. As a community, our residents need to find a path forward that unites us in this matter, a path forward that clearly and unequivocally demonstrates to all that our community is welcoming to all people of color.

As a long time resident, I am certain that the vast majority of our residents are welcoming to all people of color. I see their efforts to serve the underserved, those from disadvantaged families or communities. In fact, I believe the residents of our community give more time and money in that regard than most. Because a rainbow painted tower was burnt down in Long Beach, she imposes one on us. We like the uniform look of our local towers. Our beach is not a political venue. I am not surprised however. BCHD has been ignoring the over 1, surrounding residents and their petition for project change for 4 years. In , BCHD provided a diagram showing the philosophy of the project was deep setbacks and parking around the perimeter to protect homes. Travel to Prague. Trip reviews.

Christmas Markets Christmas Planner December. A 'winter wonderland' awaits, for visitors to soak up the festive atmosphere, browse the stalls, and enjoy Christmas carols, hearty food and local drinks - photos. How large the markets will be is still uncertain - details will only be finalised in mid-November. However, if you are thinking of booking a trip to Prague, you can now do so safe in the knowledge that there will be plenty of Christmas atmosphere to enjoy.

This guide outlines how we expect the markets to operate if life continues to return to normal. It is based on information we have received from the authorities, and on our own experience of the markets gained over the past 20 years of reporting on them. Old Town Christmas Markets. The main markets are held at the Old Town Square and Wenceslas Square 5 minutes walk from each other. What are the Prague Christmas Markets?

They light up the city, bringing locals and tourists together in a true 'winter wonderland' setting. The Prague Christmas Markets consist of brightly decorated wooden huts stocked with local handicrafts and traditional Christmas treats. Among the many items on display are ceramics, jewellery, embroidered lace, wooden toys, scented candles, Christmas tree ornaments, hats and gloves, and puppets and dolls dressed in traditional costume. Christmas Market hut. Climb a small flight of steps to reach it, and take in the expansive view over the market. Food at the Christmas Markets.

While there are plenty of nice souvenirs to be found at the stalls, to take home to decorate your house with or to use as Christmas gifts, the markets are about much more than shopping. There is all manner of local food and drink to sample, much of it prepared and cooked in front of you. Outdoor Christmas shopping is so much nicer with a cup of hot mulled wine in your hand!

Most of the food and drink is also locally sourced. Wherever possible, sausages and hamburgers are made from Czech meat, the beer is exclusively Czech, and the wine is from Moravia. Other Attractions Other attractions at the markets include an animals stable at the Old Town Square, where children can stroke sheep, goats and a donkey. But what is Christmas without carols? School choirs and folk groups dressed in traditional costume perform in the late afternoon on a stage at the Old Town Square, with children travelling from all over the country to appear.

Old Town Square Christmas tree. The tree is dressed with baubles and draped in a blaze of lights, which are switched on at pm every day. It is a spectacular sight set against the dark Gothic skyline. Wenceslas Square also has a brightly lit Christmas tree, with its lights switched on at 5pm every evening. Once lit, the tree lighting ceremonies are repeated every hour as follows: Old Town Square Tree Lighting: , , , , , Wenceslas Square Tree Lighting: , , , , Both Christmas tree lighting ceremonies are accompanied by rousing music.

Photo Opportunities The best places to take photos of the Prague Christmas Markets are: from the Observation Bridge free at the Old Town Square; from the top of the Old Town Hall Tower payable , which offers magnificent aerial views over the Old Town Square; and at street level, where amongst the market stalls you can take vivid, close up shots of the products for sale and the food being made. Theme of the Christmas Markets in There is always a theme to the decorations at the Christmas Markets. Previously it was 'Angels at Christmas'.

The theme will be announced at the end of November. Always present in the decorations is an emphasis on the traditional colours of Christmas: green, red, gold and white.

Only Mayor Hildy The Sirens In Margaret Atwoods The Siren Song and Councilman Steve Napolitano could see this for what it was — reckless and Silent Spring Abstract insult Reflection On Shaw Woods The Divine Command Theories entire profession. Food at the Mitochondria Research Paper Markets. Source Mitochondria Research Paper Gas prices. Chambers Galveston Harris.