Who Wrote Candle In The Wind

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Who Wrote Candle In The Wind

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A month earlier, he had also lost another good friend, fashion designer Gianni Versace. Pictures depicting Diana appearing to console a distraught John at Versace's funeral were featured prominently in news coverage throughout the world. I thought it was very important to project it from a nation's standpoint. I wanted to make it sound like a country singing it. From the first couple of lines I wrote [which began "Goodbye England's Rose "], the rest sort of fell into place. Bernie Taupin on writing the lyrics for "Candle in the Wind " [11].

To cope with the grief, John wanted to pay a tribute to Diana. Branson asked John if he would rewrite the lyrics and sing them at the funeral. John believed that Branson had been contacted by the Spencer family. John contacted his songwriting partner Bernie Taupin , asking him to revise the lyrics of their song " Candle in the Wind " to honour her. The soundtrack was released on 30 September The chart success in the US was similar. It was on the chart for 35 more weeks, making it the number 8 song of , making "Candle in the Wind " one of only three songs in the history of the chart to be ranked on the top ten of two separate Hot year-end charts, along with Chubby Checker 's " The Twist " number 10 in and 9 in and LeAnn Rimes ' " How Do I Live " number 9 in and 5 in ; the latter had charted on the same period with the song.

The best-selling single in Billboard history, and the only single ever certified Diamond in the United States at the time, the single shipped over 11 million copies in the US. From then until "Candle in the Wind ", John did not record a number-one single by himself and only had two chart toppers altogether. On Canada's RPM Top Singles chart, neither song made it to the top spot, with "Candle" reaching number 14 and "Something" peaking at number 13 and spending a much longer amount of time in the top It is estimated that at the peak of sales, almost six copies of the single were sold per second.

The song has sold over 33 million copies worldwide, [3] [8] which makes it either the best-selling or the second best-selling single worldwide of all time. However, after careful research, Guinness World Records in concluded that, worldwide, Crosby's recording of "White Christmas" has, in their estimation, sold at least 50 million copies, and that John's recording of "Candle in the Wind" has sold 33 million, making Crosby's recording the best-selling single of all time.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For other uses, see Candle in the Wind disambiguation. From the first couple of lines I wrote [which began "Goodbye England's Rose "], the rest sort of fell into place Bernie Taupin on writing the lyrics for "Candle in the Wind " [11]. Guinness Book of Records states that "Candle in the Wind " is the "best-selling single since charts began"; however, not of all time. Bing Crosby's "White Christmas" is still recognized as the best selling single of all time, but since it was released prior to the start of many charts, its sales prior to the s are estimated. John's song has sold the most copies when looking at copies sold since charts began, as verified in Guinness World Records.

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A file backup occurs when you store copies of your critical system and personal files on a hard drive or auxiliary storage device, such as an external backup or flash drive. Creating backups is a critical step in computer maintenance to protect your data in the event of system failure or file corruption. Begin typing your search term above and press enter to search. Press ESC to cancel. Ben Davis June 2, Did Bernie Taupin write Candle in the Wind? Who sang Candle in the Wind? Who is Norma Jean that Elton John sings about? What does it mean to live your life like a candle in the wind?

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