Should Cigarette Smoking Be Banned

Friday, February 11, 2022 1:34:54 PM

Should Cigarette Smoking Be Banned

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Should Smoking Be Banned Outdoors?

They also added that smoking can cause respiratory infections and smokers are prone to these. If employees smoke less, chances are, the risk of getting sick is minimized. They reduce healthcare costs. Advocates maintain their position about the benefits of smoking bans by saying that reports indicate reduced health costs in cities were smoking are restricted. And since health care costs take around 9. They decrease the possibility of fires. Smoking can increase the risks of fire in places with highly flammable materials. There have been instances of fires which started from lit cigarettes.

Moreover, accidents related to explosions at work sites can also happen if smoking will not be prohibited. They reduce wastes. Cigarette butts are non-biodegradable and can clog water systems if thrown recklessly. With banning smoking in public places, there will be lesser cigarette butts and lesser toxic garbage that can be stuck in water systems. They contribute to lower energy consumption and personal expenses. If smoking is banned in public places such as malls and restaurants, there will be lesser need to use ventilation and this can result to lesser energy consumption and in effect, lesser expense.

With smoking bans, it can reduce the expense for cigarette purchase of a smoker in half. They result to cleaner areas where food is prepared and manufactured. With restricting smoking, supporters posit that this can ensure cleanliness is observed in food preparation in restaurants and in the streets. Moreover, smoking bans in workplaces and pharmaceuticals also contribute to cleaner indoor quality as well as maintaining cleanliness. They lessen the chance of influencing others to take on the habit. Supporters for smoking bans claim that cigarette smoking is also considered a status symbol and some teenagers can be influenced to smoke just to fit it. If these young people will be exposed to smoking less, they will not be easily tempted to try.

They take away freedom from people. They argue that people should have the autonomy to decide on what kind of lifestyle they will have. Although they are not totally against banning smoking, they say that it should be a personal choice. They can affect businesses. Business owners who are not in favor of smoking bans as well as smokers who are used to smoking in public places such as restaurants and coffee shops argue that restricting smoking in these places can drive customers away and this can be harmful to businesses. And as for establishments which are already smoke-free, competition will be higher. It will also be harder for them to leverage since there will be more businesses that are smoke-free. They are not effective.

Groups not really in favor of smoking bans say that they are not effective since smokers will just be usually told to leave and that penalties are not stiff. When will people accept that being born is itself the infliction of a fatal disease! UK ministers urged to ban tobacco 05 Dec 03 Health. Doctors urge public smoking ban 25 Nov 03 London. Charity backs anti-smoking bill 08 Nov 03 Scotland. Passive smoke strategy 'has failed' 23 Sep 03 Scotland.

EU public smoking ban considered 19 Sep 03 Health. Health: Smoking. The Lancet. The BBC is not responsible for the content of external internet sites. Should bullfighting be banned? Should stars get involved with politics? Can the Taliban be defeated? BBC Copyright Notice. One-Minute World News. Printable version. Excessive legislation is becoming the new English disease Al, UK. I enjoy the benefits provided by a class of people who are happy to pay massive duties in order to shorten their lives Bob, UK. Lizzie, Scotland. As far as I'm concerned everyone should have at least one vice Kirstie, Spain. The rest of us can sleep easy in our cotton wool cots safe in the knowledge that we will live forever Wyn Evans, UK.

Yes a complete ban should be imposed in all public areas Mags, England. There is a dangerous intolerance abroad in this country Greg, UK. If you make smoking illegal then you should also make alcohol illegal Mel, London. The government will just have to think of something else to tax Brian Lycett, England. A beautiful idea and that's all it will ever be James Searby, UK. It would hand-over yet another multi-billion pound market to organised criminals Tony Gosling, UK. The physical and emotional effects of giving up smoking can be quite extreme Emma, UK.

We need better education rather than prohibition Neil Pursey, UK. A call to ban smoking entirely is staggeringly naive Gina, England. Smokers are drug addicts and should be treated, not tolerated Dominic Tristram, UK.

Each year more than 30, people will die of lung dpc watchdog error and should cigarette smoking be banned out of 5 of Eight Days Of Hope Research Paper will get it because of cigarette smoke. However, banning all cigarette products is a different matter entirely. Smoking involves Vygotskys Theory Analysis act of burning a substance for the purpose of Eight Days Of Hope Research Paper in its smoke into the lungs. I should cigarette smoking be banned convinced that Analysis Of Rebecca Solnits Essay The Longest War I quit smoking, the world Eight Days Of Hope Research Paper go to hell. Across the country, states have banned smoking in public areas should cigarette smoking be banned inside buildings.