Mother Any Distance Poem

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Mother Any Distance Poem

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How To Analyse A Poem - Analysing Simon Armitage's 'Mother Any Distance...'

Mother any Distance is a poem written by Simon Armitage in which he talks about the relationship between him and his mother and the great effect she had on his life. Skip to main content. Search form. Sign up Log in. Mother Any Distance. The purpose of this poem was to allow the audience to relate the poem to their own lives and with their own mothers and to realise their support and never ending love for us. Which means he needs to experience life in order to succeed. Most parents are scared to let their kids travel, go to parties or universities.

Armitage shows the idea of symbolism by utilizing the anchor as well as the kite to effectively get his idea across about the mother being the anchor and child being the kite. He also brings the idea across that the bond is delicate, which means that if parents hold on too tight, their child's future could cease to exist. Why is his mother "at the zero end"? Because she means nothing to him. It represents his birth and his beginning. Because she needs to hold it still. It represents the way she feels about him. Which word is used to show that his mother is a stabilising influence on him?

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