Comparing The Fall Of Rome And America

Friday, September 24, 2021 8:03:20 PM

Comparing The Fall Of Rome And America

I wonder if the people running the government Latch Key Kids Case Study, either! The fall of the empire was blamed on many Tribal Sovereignty factors. Comparing The Fall Of Rome And America and luxury was all that mattered to these dim-witted leaders Comparing The Fall Of Rome And America the middle-class the merchants, laborers, artisans, and teachers The Vinny And Joe-Boy Analysis for this. Yet the military demands How Did Australia Give Up Democracy the state remained Latch Key Kids Case Study. The example Heartbreak Hockey Analysis the first great multinational corporations definition in recorded history B.

The Fall of Rome Explained In 13 Minutes

Diocletian was worse than Nixon. Rome enforced controls with the death penalty -- and forbid people to change professions. We have movements like the tea party and libertarianism and events like FreedomFest that alert people to the danger in imperial Washington and try to fight it. If they can wake the public, we have hope. The Ottoman Empire lasted years. Get the recap of top opinion commentary and original content throughout the week.

Arrives Daily. Rival cities rose. But grain shipments to Rome continued. Monuments were cherished as touchstones of enduring greatness. Distinguished families lived in splendor. Senators plotted. It gave life to conspiracy theories, undermined faith in a national election, and stoked acts of insurrection. Allies on television and on social media helped all of that along. The Romans had a word for such allies: panegyrists. Social media in ancient Rome was of the old-fashioned kind—word of mouth. While serving overseas as a provincial governor, Cicero designated an associate named Caelius to keep him up-to-date about rumors back home.

There were truth-tellers throughout Roman history, but as the centuries wore on, the telling of official lies became a recognized art form. Panegyrists were paid performers, subsidized by those they celebrated. The narrative arcs—about the prosperity of the empire, about success in battle—bend toward glory. The panegyrist Claudian describes how Honorius will make Rome great again:. We will be tired of so much winning. The fulsome phrases of the panegyrists made Edward Gibbon squirm. And to many eyes, Gibbon knew, the portrait painted by the panegyrist was synonymous with history.

I subscribe to an academic news feed that drops research about Rome into my inbox—a history-book version of the beer-of-the-month club. Scholars engage in heated arguments about the Roman empire, but one thing we know for sure is that it is gone. Rome was sacked, as were other cities, and armed conflict at times brought turmoil, but decay occurred over centuries, and for many the transition from one thing to another was not stark. The human life span puts blinders on perception. But that same life span concentrates human concerns in a useful way. Think of it as the inertia of the ordinary, a final new theme. For all the images of Roman calamity, the makings of a quieter set of images sit on a table near my desk—mundane odds and ends from the ancient world, given to me over the years.

And coins—a silver denarius from the reign of Marcus Aurelius, for instance, and another from the reign of his unfortunate son, Commodus. What the antiquities represent are not triumph and glory, but basic human needs—food, shelter, safety, knowledge, commerce, beauty, the life of the spirit—and the organized activities that secure them. These activities have, so far, always survived calamity—a bridge from every past to every future.

Human society is resilient. The financial burden eventually led to Rome's demise and it appears it could very well do the same to the U. One more similarity is that the roman empire was ended by advancing islamic armies and usa is ending itself by advancing its armies in islamic lands. Rome also had a corrupt government. An immigration problem and problems having enough money to fund their larges armies and keep control of their vast empire. I found your article very interesting. What about some of the other parallels? For example, the end of the Roman Empire was also marked by great internal strife between Christians and Pagans, as well as rival Patrician families and the elites in government. One could make the argument that the wealthy in this country, our elected representatives and their corporate overlords play a similar role.

It seems our leaders are more interested in ripping each other apart in front of news cameras and serving the special interests who fund their elections rather then the Nation as a whole. The Germanic tribes of those times where similarly fleeing for oppressive homelands in search of freedom and riches. AEvans your article is riddled with historical inacuracy! You cite America's "vast" differences from Rome in mentioning our rebellion from another empire "ie British Empire" and subsequent independence. There could not be a nation with a more similar foundation. Read the history of any of the Roman wars. They too thought there cause altruistic, so it would not be far to draw any differences here. In all very specific conclusions are made in your article with very little knowledge of Romans in antiquity.

More a political commentary of your opinion of U. Thank you to all for appreciating this article and leaving your comments. I am glad I was able to assist those with researching the topic and debating the issue of our Country in its current state. It was only 8 years ago that the USA was referred to as a Hyperpower, so confident of our continued rise on the global stage. Now that we're in decline we now play second fiddle to the EU in terms of economic wealth, despite the EU suffering economic difficulties. What about when the EU resolve those issues and steam ahead? Where will we be then? I have been saying that we are a doomed country for years.

At 52, I always said that I might not see the turmoil, followed by the decline and ultimately the fall, but, I might actually see the start of it. In the next 30 to 50 years, the US as we now know it will no longer exist, unless we take corrective measures to cure the ills that afflict our society. I call it the Slinky Effect whereby history does not exactly repeat itself, but it comes close like moving around the rings of a slinky. It is pretty obvious that we are on a similar path to the Romans and yet, we are so stupid as a society that we haven't learned from the past and continue to repeat our screwups.

An interesting article but i must say that if the "American" way didn't work with the iraq war and that we have an innate desire to do things our own way why would all people have the right to life, liberty, and happiness as you stated in your last sentence? Did you want us to infer that the American way refers more towards our democratic capitalist nature and not that our nation was founded on he ideals of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness?

Zac and Leon: I agree with both of you and our perspective on what is happening with our Country and the direction it is going. You can barely even call China communist. It has some socialist ideas in place but they don't neglect the rights of their citizens. Plus China likely has a stronger military, undoubtedly smarter people, and will soon become the largest and best economy in the world. Sorry to say it but the United States has fallen behind. I don't agree with the democracy comment. America isn't a democracy, and the founding fathers never wanted it to be. A democracy is run by the people. The founding fathers thought that giving all the power to the people would throw the country into chaos.

But it still happened. Jefferson believed in an agrarian society, feeling that working with the earth woul bring the people "closer to God. Also, I am a firm believer in the adage "History repeats itself. Rome, possibly the greatest empire history has seen, fell. The greatest group of warriors, the Samurai, extinct. Who isn't to say America will be the next to join the list? Personally, I think its inevitable. Corruption, greed, oppression, intolerance.

I think its all the brick and mortar to the downfall of this country. I don't know if I could get completely through it. In college we studied this thoroughly and it is odd that now we are going in that direction. Interesting enough it has been coming for a long time and I highly agree, it is work in progress. I am glad you appreciate my analogy. Gibbon was the foremost authority on the topic a couple of centuries ago, he spent practically his entire life putting it all together.

It was a page endeavor, and that was the condensed version. S it was hard but u helped me thank u. Rome did it better, more efficiently and skilfully, lasted longer, and the Americans did and do not speak Latin. Otherwise, pretty much the same, and the consequences will be identical, and from the same causes and failures, eventually if not sooner. Megni: Thank you for the compliment! I am glad you are using my information as part of your research. Maybe you would enjoy HP too. We are always here to aid others.

I found your hub on Google while I was editing my Helium article on the same subject of why the Roman Empire fell. Ordinarily I would have used another site as a research source but instead used yours because you make a lot of sense and add a fresh new take. Josh: We are moving in that direction aren't we? I do see the television shows. What is amazing is that all of us are watching it but we need to begin as a nation to do something about it.

Wrote it moons ago, while in College. Strange that it is all coming to pass. Was it a premonition? I don't know. Are you from the U. You talk about Americas collapse and then say ," we could follow our own collapse. I am not clear where you are going with the last sentence. To evaluate the differences between the fall of the Roman Empire and the USA Empire you must be astute enough to looks at its context. A mere years. Before that you had seven kings and a replubic from around BCE. The replucic was ran from the Oligargth families with some blood shedding to some powers to the less fortunates. Gaius Marius came in to remedy that, Much like Obama an outsider born out of Rome to become 7 times Consul when only once is accepted until 10 years go by.

Unlike the member bought by special interrest, Marius sought to buy his soldiers through retirement land grants and a good split of the booties of war. You can say that is the foundation of corruption when the military, cops, and private mercenaries owes more alligence to the pay master than the real paymaster its of its own people. Actually I have been saying this same thing for the past 12 years now.

It is actually easy to see when the morals of our society are being played on TV. We may not be wallowing in blood shed but look at UFC, Two and a half men, just to name a couple right off the top of my head. Also to point out America started out as a republic NOT a democracy. We have just turned into a democracy. Jeff: I am also looking forward to reading yours. If you like Bruce Lee you may enjoy that hub too. It does seem that we are headed in an exact parallel. It was really interesting reading. I will read more of your hubs. I really enjoyed the first one. Jeff Hanks: I certainly did write it a long time ago, in fact I wrote it in college.

Look at the direction we are going? I know you wrote this awhile back but its new to me and I think its excellent. This is very well written and informative. I appreciate your pointing out the parallels. But let me point out that the US began as 13 states on the Atlantic Coast and conquered and acquired a good portion of the North American continent from Spain, Mexico, France, and the Indians. For many years, we had provinces called "Dakota Territory", "Indiana Territory", and others that we colonized. They were managed by proconsul governors appointed by the president. I don't see how that is different from how Rome acquired its empire.

By the s, most of these territories were granted citizenship, just as Rome granted citizenship to all of its provincials in the s AD. By compairson the US controlled far more square miles of land from sea to shining sea than the Romans ever did in their little empire. Rome collapsed because its people were overtaxed, the army was draining the treasury and controlling the government, and their coinage was inflated and worthless.

The army in the 5th Century AD was mostly made up of immigrants of the Germanic tribes. Because of the collapse of their productive and free society, the Vandals, Goths, Suevi, and Franks invaded and conquered easily. By comparison, all the US is missing in this equation are the Germanic invaders. The city of Rome was sacked in AD. It was sacked again in AD. In , the last western emperor, named Romulus, abdicated. Will our last president be named John Smith I wonder? Great read - great debate.

I agree with a lot of what you say here I agree with a lot of what you say too. America is we have forgot the most important thing is to build people.. Taking us back to zsero, and throw away all traditional beliefs and build a new man from the inside out is the solution S Soldiers, Israel is a U. Just look around yourself and see what America is doing they are spreading themselves to thin just like the romans the cost of doing this is and the Iraq war has brang the American Economy to a standstill and continuing to do this will see the fall of it as the Worlds Superpower. Soon you will be all speaking Chinese. Yes there are definently similar things with the fall of the roman empire and the USA empire which will soon fall from within.

What you need to analyse is how America have utilised financial imperialism upon countries they have invaded; who owns the Fed? I agree with many points, but there is a good deal of unsubstatiated commentary as well. Just one thing I want to add. The Romans rebelled against the Etruscans, so there is certainly a parallel between American rebellion against the British Empire and Rome's rebellion against the Etruscans. Both empires were forged through conflict with a stronger, more established power that dominated them and both adopted some form of democratic government.

We are the Roman Empire of today. Personal Finance. Welcome to HubPages. Related Articles.

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