The Lockerbie Bombing

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The Lockerbie Bombing

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Growing up just outside of Lockerbie, Scotland, Lauren Carruthers and Alicia Pagan repeatedly heard stories from their families regarding the bombing of Pan Am Flight They lived and understood the tragedy through the lens of others. Each year, two students from Lockerbie Academy receive a scholarship to study for one year at Syracuse University. The Lockerbie Scholars represent the 11 people killed in Lockerbie on the ground when Pan Am Flight crashed in the town.

The crash killed all people on board, including 35 SU students returning home from their semester abroad. The scholars also represent former Lockerbie Scholar Andrew McClune who died while on campus in After two canceled flights and a hour travel day, Carruthers and Pagan arrived in Syracuse on Aug. Carruthers knew she wanted to pursue this scholarship once she began studying at Lockerbie Academy. For her, the scholarship meant more than just the opportunity to study abroad. While she is honored to be in Syracuse representing the Lockerbie 11 and McClune, Carruthers also sees this year as an opportunity for personal growth. Maya Goosmann Digital Design Director.

I just needed a bit of time to further learn, but not in a uni perspective. Having always grown up with the knowledge of the Pan Am Flight bombing, Pagan felt the magnitude of coming to Syracuse and representing her town. When Pagan arrived in Syracuse, she was surprised to discover that not many freshmen knew about the Pan Am Flight bombing. For her, being a scholar is an opportunity to educate SU students about the tragedy. Carruthers will represent the Lockerbie 11, and Pagan will represent McClune. During Remembrance Week , which is Oct. The scholarship provides a bridge between Lockerbie and Syracuse, Carruthers said.

The scholars feel like they are rewriting the tragedy of Pan Am Flight by creating their own connections. Contact Shantel: [email protected] shantelguzman2. Read more ». The total victims were citizens of 20 different nations. The event remains the deadliest terrorist attack and aviation disaster in Britain. Lockerbie Academy , the town's high school, became the headquarters for the response and recovery effort after the Pan Am Flight disaster. Subsequently, the academy, in cooperation with Syracuse University of Syracuse, New York , US, which lost 35 students in the bombing, established a scholarship at the university. Each year, two students spend one academic year at Syracuse University as Lockerbie Scholars before they begin their university study.

The particular aircraft was acquired new from Pan Am and served with the airline until its destruction in Much of Lockerbie is built from red sandstone. There are several imposing buildings near the centre, including the Town Hall, completed in , with its clock tower. A little to the north of the centre is the Dryfesdale Parish Church, with its brightly decorated interior. The name Dryfesdale comes from the local river, the Dryfe Water, which joins the River Annan a little to the west of the town.

In local architect F. Caruthers was commissioned to work on the Town Hall steeple. His design was a mixture of Jacobean and Baronial , and included a cupola which was not favourably received. There are two exhibition rooms in the Lodge and also the Dryfesdale Room that is used as a quiet room for visitors to reflect. A permanent exhibition room displays ten history panels depicting Lockerbie's past, stretching from its prehistoric origins to 's terrorist attack and beyond. In the cemetery grounds nearby is the Lockerbie Memorial Garden of Remembrance.

John Sholto Douglas was a patron of sport and a noted boxing enthusiast. The following year the club published a set of twelve rules for conducting boxing matches. The rules had been drawn up by John Graham Chambers, but appeared under Queensberry's sponsorship and are universally known as the " Marquess of Queensberry rules ". Lockerbie House is an important establishment within Lockerbie, in the past having been owned mainly by the Johnstone Baronets and Douglas family together with most of the land and housing within the town.

Like much of Lockerbie, this Georgian house is built of old red sandstone. It has about 40 bedrooms, and is situated within 78 acres 32 hectares of secluded woodland and gardens, with several outbuildings including a gatehouse, a 2-acre 0. Until recently there was also a large stable block, but that has been partly converted into a house; the remaining stables are used by a local riding school. This large property has frequently been used as a country house hotel. The house is now owned by outdoor pursuits company Manor Adventure, and serves as a centre for school activity courses and family adventure holidays. Steven's Croft power station opened in just to the north of the town. It is the largest biomass -powered electric generator in the UK.

Located across the road from Lockerbie Academy, Lockerbie Ice Rink was built in and is one of the oldest indoor ice rinks in the United Kingdom. In curling it has given rise to World and European Champions and Olympians in the adult, senior and junior disciplines. The club play at the recently refurbished King Edward Park. Falling: a wake - A play by Gary Kirkham. Based on a true story. Harold and Elsie live quietly on an isolated farm. When a commercial jetliner explodes high above their land scattering wreckage and debris across the region, their lives are forever changed. The Lockerbie women - A play by Deborah Brevoort. This play is based on the Women of Lockerbie. One woman, whose son died in the bombing of the plane, discovers a group of women who are trying to collect the victims' clothing, which had been scattered across Lockerbie.

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