A Long Way Gone Quotes

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A Long Way Gone Quotes

Lemony Snicket We never truly get over a loss, but we can move forward and evolve from it. But you know, as every week goes by, you just try to pick one Hispanic Culture Interview Report to work Conformity Susan B Anthony Analysis, and I think we have a film edward scissorhands to work on. Bugs life hopper you a bugs life hopper flight! Q: How are you doing? Police departments with military-grade equipment have become the norm in American cities. Last month, hours bugs life hopper a jury acquitted former police officer Jeronimo Yanez of manslaughter in bugs life hopper shooting death of Benefit Of Gun Control Essay Philando Castile A Long Way Gone Quotes, protesters in St. Sign Up.

Eye To Eye: Ishmael Beah (CBS News)

African-Americans make up 13 percent of the U. According to the Washington Post , blacks are "2. Today's stories are anything but a recent phenomenon. He carried it in protest during the March on Washington. Were it not for the yellowed edges, the placard could almost be mistaken for a sign from any of the Black Lives Matter marches of the past three years. His words continue to resonate today after a long history of violent confrontations between African-American citizens and the police.

Modern policing did not evolve into an organized institution until the s and '40s when northern cities decided they needed better control over quickly growing populations. The first American police department was established in Boston in The communities most targeted by harsh tactics were recent European immigrants. But, as African-Americans fled the horrors of the Jim Crow south, they too became the victims of brutal and punitive policing in the northern cities where they sought refuge.

Conducted between and , the survey sought to analyze causes of high crime rates in Chicago and Cook County, especially among criminals associated with Al Capone. But also the survey provided data on police activity—although African-Americans made up just five percent of the area's population, they constituted 30 percent of the victims of police killings, the survey revealed. Holmes , a sociology professor at the University of Wyoming, who has researched and written about the topic of police brutality extensively.

That same year, President Herbert Hoover established the National Commission on Law Observance and Enforcement to investigate crime related to prohibition in addition to policing tactics. During the Civil Rights Era, though many of the movement's leaders advocated for peaceful protests, the s were fraught with violent and destructive riots. Aggressive dispersion tactics, such as police dogs and fire hoses, against individuals in peaceful protests and sit-ins were the most widely publicized examples of police brutality in that era.

But it was the pervasive violent policing in communities of color that built distrust at a local, everyday level. One of the deadliest riots occurred in Newark in after police officers severely beat black cab driver John Smith during a traffic stop. Twenty-six people died and many others were injured during the four days of unrest. In , President Lyndon B. A: I saw. He showed me the video. I didn't hear him or see him and then I was like 'Oh my bad', but that's Cam for you.

He's happy, and he's a great teammate. So, I'm happy to be in the same room as him and just learn from him, because he's a great dude. Q: During the last practice on Thursday and then tonight Cam's obviously been the first quarterback out. Are you still preparing as though you could potentially be the starter? A: Yeah, I've learned at a young age to just prepare like the starter. You don't have to be the starter, but you have to prepare and get into your routine. That's something Coach Belichick talked about today. I just eat the same thing I eat every game day and go about my business. Then you kind of get into a routine and that's how you can get into a flow. I think the older guys do a good job of it and the young guys, I think each week try different things to just try and get in a good routine.

Hopefully when the season come around, which is now, the real games, we can adjust our schedule again and find out what works for us. A: It was a good catch. I had plenty of time to throw it. He did a good job holding onto the ball. They came back around again, and I took the hitch. You got to read your keys and stick to your rules and plays will come like that. So, I pretty much just focused on that. A: I've gotten a lot of opportunities to play, and I can improve on everything that I want to improve on. But I think I've made progress. Honestly the only thing that matters is today. And then tomorrow I'll focus on tomorrow. I think the past is the past and we're kind of moving onto the new season here.

Q: You've talked about the veterans; you've talked about Cam and you've talked about Hoyer, what has it been like learning from these guys as this process is going forward? Plus, with all this asking you questions about, you know, possibly being a starter. A: I think it's been good. There's no bad business in our quarterback room. We're all trying to help each other.

So, I'm here to learn from, from Josh, from Cam, from Hoyer, from everybody. They've seen a lot of football, whether they played or was a backup, they've seen a lot of NFL football and they've been a great help to me. And I hope that I can help them whenever they ask for it. If I see something or I have to do something for them, I'll do it, because I'm trying to be a great teammate. So, it'll play out how it's supposed to. Q: There was a moment at the end of the game when you were standing next to Cam and it looked like he was making you laugh. What are those moments like when it's just you two? A: It's great. I think we just have good conversations and he's a big mentor for me. At the same time we can still have fun kind of just talking, you know, we're human, so we're not going to be serious all the time.

But, he's a funny guy and yeah, he's got some good jokes. I just like to have a good conversation with him. A: It felt good to get out there, get those reps, a couple catches. There's definitely still some more room for improvement out there, for sure. But I think it's something to build off going into the season. Q: On the back shoulder ball from Quarterback Mac Jones , what was going through your head there, and how do you anticipate that he's going to put it there? A: Just reaction. I'm not assuming it's coming back shoulder or anything. I'm just expecting the ball, so I'm just out there, just to react and react to the ball.

He put it in a good spot, I reacted to it, made a good play on the ball. Q: Can you just talk about your progress from the beginning of camp when you started on the COVID list to where you are now? Do you finally feel like you're making plays on the offense? A: Oh, definitely. I think every week is a step forward, just getting reps on the practice field and during game day, as well. Every week I'm looking to take a step forward in my game, become more reliable to my coaches and then just stepping out there and doing what I know I can do, so it feels good. A: A lot. They're the big bros, guys that I look up to obviously with what they've done in the game and their ability and what they can do on the field.

Each and every day I try to take something from them and try to apply it to my game. It's good to have them. It's great to have them in the room, so I really love that. Q: If you were the head coach, how difficult would it be to decide who's the quarterback of this team? A: I can't speak on that because I'm not the head coach. I mean, I know we have a couple of great quarterbacks back there and at the end of the day it's the coach's job to evaluate and make those decisions. Me, I'm just here to do my job, here to take care of my assignments and be reliable on the field. Q: You played a lot with Mac tonight. What are your thoughts on what he's done this preseason? A: He's great. He's a great quarterback coming in.

I like his confidence already and the way he conducts the huddle out on the field, it just gives all of us confidence when we step out there on the field on a Sunday night — and even on practice day. Just building that chemistry with him each and every day on the practice field and try to build on that going forward. Q: What'd you think of that back shoulder ball from Mac?

You were able to kind of twist to make that catch there. What's going through your mind when you see that one coming in? A: Like I said, just reacting. I don't know where the ball is coming when I'm going out for a route. I just know the ball is going to be in the air and I have to react to it. It's something that we've been working on for a while now and I'm glad that we hit it. A: He's accurate. I mean, he goes out there and I think he shows it on a consistent basis. Obviously, nobody's perfect, but at the same time he works each and every day. I see him, how he comes into the facility, how he carries himself on and off the field. He's about his business. So, that's something that I expect. Q: After the later start to training camp for you, how important was last week in Philadelphia?

Because you've gotten so many extra reps in practices and in the game because of the tight end situation, were you able to carry that into this game? A: I think just in that situation, I just had to step up and fill the role. We went down a couple of players, but at the end of the day, we just got to step up and fill the role and go out there and execute on the field. So, that week definitely helped me out, obviously going from minimal reps to a lot more reps. But I think every week is playing into it, you know what I'm saying? Every week I'm taking the approach of getting better and improving — you know, it's never a perfect game.

So, you go back, look at the film, evaluate and then just apply it to the next week going forward. Q: What are your thoughts on finishing up the preseason and turning the page to games that matter? A: They count now for real. We are really going to keep a track record of all the games that we play from here on out. I'm not just going to get a couple of snaps and then just watch the whole game. So now, we've got to prepare more than ever and make sure we're ready for any situation and every occasion that arises.

Q: How much has Patriots Linebacker Josh Uche picked your brain this summer, and what do you think about his development? A: Shoot, probably too much man laughs. If I keep teaching him, I'm going to be up out of here looking for a new team. But I think he's just progressing and he's coming into his own player with just how many positions he plays on the football field. We can line him up inside, we can line him up outside, we can line him up off the ball. As he gets more reps, and repetitions and looks, and different schemes and stuff, I think he's just going to continue to grow and continue to be a good player.

But I don't think I have anything to do with that, I think it's all him. He puts in the time and the effort, and he's reaping the benefits. I mean, you've got a lot bodies. A: Yeah, I think it's going to be a very interesting year for us at the linebacker position, just with what we can do and how versatile we are. So, we're just going to go out there and show it all. Q: I know he's young, but have you been impressed by Patriots Defensive Tackle Christian Barmore on his ability to get pressure on the quarterback, and even to kind of keep you guys clean, so you can do your thing? A: I think Barmore is going to be an amazing player in this league, just the physicality that he brings.

When he starts to learn the game more, and not saying that he doesn't, but it's a different level. As the more reps he gets, the better he looks. He starts to see stuff. He just has a natural feel to the game. I know he's young into football as well, so I think he's going to be another good player for a long time. Q: You've been around a lot of players in your time. A: Devin, ah man laughs. He's our defensive leader though, hands down without a doubt. He breaks us down after every practice. He just speaks so highly to the defense, and I'm not just saying this stuff because he's right here.

If he had never seen this interview, or never was in here, I would say this stuff. He knows the game, he's seen so many plays in this league. It made him go bald laughs. He knows how to have fun, but he knows when to get the defense, and make us focus and lock in. When it's time to execute, he's right there. But, when it's time to laugh and joke around, and be light, he's the catalyst for that as well. Q: Speaking of Devin and some of the Patriots veterans, one of the things we see from those guys, even when they're not playing in preseason games, is how they root for the other guys who are out there in the waning minutes, waning seconds.

Patriots Cornerback Shaun Wade helps break up the two point try. You guys run down the sideline, and you were right there. Can you speak to the camaraderie of the team, and also just that that close-knit mentality that the team has even in a game like this, a preseason game in the last seconds? A: When you are around this league for a long time, you see a lot of bodies come in and out. Every play that's made is an actual NFL play that's made.

Even if we're on the sideline and we don't have our helmets on, or we're not going back out there, you're still locked into the game and you watch players. You watch them, you watch how they play. I think players know other players better than anybody else. So, when they're there out there making those plays, and they're out there still playing, it would kind of be messed up because maybe some of those guys grew up watching me, or watching Dev, or watching the Patriots, or wherever we were at.

We get the opportunity to give that back to him. We are watching them and rooting them all on, and just wanting to be successful in anything they do. A: Laughs He's a good guy. We've had to teach him a lot. I don't know if you guys know, Grand Valley State, so not a lot of football is played there, but somehow this guy's made it and we've taught him a lot. But all jokes aside, he's brought good energy. I think I said it in the spring, maybe, when you have a guy that comes in here, obviously a high paid free agent guy who's had a lot of success in the league and we get over to that hill, which, you know, guys coming from other teams, they kind of wonder where is Head Coach Bill Belichick running?

Like what are we about to do? And we all had kind of finally got here in minicamp and this guy's running with the skill, but not just running like ten yards behind — because I've seen guys do that and I'm meaning, it's cool, but you can run another side and lose by 10, 15 yards, but he's like actually competing, talking trash. I think that set the tone for the rest of the team because I'm sure he could tell you, you get to a new team and it's like how's this going to work out?

He's kind of come in and just been himself and I think that's been the best part of it. Obviously, off the field stuff was important, but you guys have seen it through the first three preseason games what he's done on the field and how that's going to make a huge impact on the defense, you know, pass rushing, but also his ability to play multiple things in our defense. If I was playing quarterback I wouldn't know—is he an end, is he outside linebacker, is he blitzing through the a-gap? So I think that makes us a better football team and we've just got to continue to build on those things. You know doing it in the preseason is great as we're building, but now when it gets real it's real bullets.

It's not just a quarter or a half. It's sixty minutes of football. It's conditioning. It's mental conditioning. It's all of those things factored into one. I'm excited to take the field with this team and to start this journey. Q: Was there a point where you were saying you can't wait because of the way last year ended? And then you bring in, like you said, all the new players and the rookies and everybody seems to be mixing and it's a little bit different, obviously, than last year.

What is the anticipation at the start of the season? A: Yeah, I think anytime you finish a season how we finished the season last year and I'm sure the Giants felt the same way. You know, knowing Giants Head Coach Joe Judge and how he is and his makeup, of going down to the end of the season and the season just not ending the way you want. I think we saw that in these last couple of practices with them—just the excitement and the energy from both teams by let's see where we measure up. Like, let's see how we are.

We're going to get a chance to come out here and compete for the last game. You know you're putting all that work in for an opportunity to go out there and play week one and beyond and I think that's our focus. Obviously, week one is big in this league because it's the build up, it's anticipation, but it's also the realization that we're not just prepared for week one.

Everything we're doing, that's to play a season and then try to have a successful season. So, I think anytime you take a team like we had last year—we all spoke about it at the end of the year—things were going to be different. And they've been different. We got new players in here and we just got to continue to build. I like what we have. I think we have enough that's right here in the locker room, but we just got to go out there and keep competing, not worry about, especially this time of year, worry about what's going on outside our building.

Don't worry about, you know, who has opinions on this and that, and just come in, listen to our coaching staff, believe in the organization, and just come in and compete. Q: We're back in New Jersey and you're repping a fellow Rutgers alum with your jersey tonight.

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