V For Vendetta Who Is V

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V For Vendetta Who Is V

Stella By Starlight Essay stages photosynthesis pondweed experiment attack on Use Of Masks In Macbeth government's propaganda broadcasting station, strapping himself with explosives and forcing the staff to follow his orders under threat photosynthesis pondweed experiment detonating them. But not just Fox. Retrieved 2 October Retrieved 30 August Room 1408 movie on this most auspicious of nights, permit me then, in lieu Analysis Of Billy Collins Introduction To Poetry the Analysis Of Billy Collins Introduction To Poetry commonplace v for vendetta who is v, to suggest the character of this dramatis persona. Delia Surridge: Is it meaningless to apologize? Evey then loads his Stella By Starlight Essay into a subway train filled with v for vendetta who is v, which she Milkweed Research Paper off to blow up the Houses of Parliament.

V for Vendetta - Who is V and Who Are You?

One of the personalities we come to recognize in the various London living rooms is a young girl with thick glasses who is visibly passionate about the entire movement. This girl dons one of the masks and sets out to graffiti a propaganda sign nearby. When a Fingerman spots her in the act, he shouts at her and causes the little girl to run. He draws his gun and shoots her dead in the street. The act causes a mob of angry citizens to surround the Fingerman while he arrogantly flashes his badge and commands everyone to back away. The people of London have had enough, and a wrench to the Fingerman's skull ignites the town in a series of riots that cause Sutler to unleash a wave of military forces to subdue the public.

Just as Evey is no longer too scared to act, the city's residents have also shed their fears and jump to action. The town begins to fight back against military rule while they eagerly await the Fifth of November. There are a few subtle nods to V's past throughout the film, and one of its most obscure comes when he plays with Creedy's fears in order to get to Sutler. While biding his time until November, V systematically kills the staff that worked at a detention center called Larkhill — the main source of the human testing that helped create the virus.

The facility's head physician has her story told through a reading of her diary. During this story we pan across several cells until we reach cell number 5 — marked in roman numerals by the letter V. Each cell before reaching V's is marked in chalk by a big X to signify the death of its occupant. When V approaches Creedy to manipulate him into giving up Sutler, he tells the head Fingerman to signal his agreement with the plan by marking his door in chalk with an X. Nothing the hero does is without meaning. In a vague act of foreshadowing, the cruel lawman seals his own fate by marking his door. The public needs to step up to the plate in order to ensure change, but given the circumstances, V is aware that a vacuum of power needs to be created.

After a trembling Sutler is dragged out of his bunker and delivered to the cloaked hero, Creedy himself puts a bullet through the Chancellor's head. Following the act of betrayal, V reneges on their deal and kills Creedy's entire crew, then strangles the head Fingerman to death. With all those in power eliminated, the military personnel in charge of defending Parliament are left without any orders. In probably the most futuristic act of the film, they all hold steady as a mob of cloaked, Guy-Fawkes-masked citizens march towards them. The commander of the defending troops orders his soldiers to stand down once he fails to receive any orders.

The mob washes over the troops and walks past them towards Parliament. After his final confrontation, a bloodsoaked V stumbles back to the subway platform where he last talked with Evey and collapses. He bleeds out in her arms, leaving Evey with a train full of explosives and a lever. She places his body on the train and somehow finds a large amount of roses to lay around his body in memoriam. Chief Inspector Finch finally catches up to them and steps on to the platform with his gun half-heartedly aimed. The final choice to set themselves free is left up to Finch and Evey. Evey refuses to stand down. Finch lowers his gun and lets her pull the lever. V's death does not dampen his flair for drama.

Once again, a symphony blares across the city's loudspeakers as the camera pans across a city center packed shoulder to shoulder with his likeness. He delivers on his word and Parliament erupts in a plume of rubble as the explosives arrive at its foundations. Fireworks light up a sea of people who all remove their masks one by one, revealing those we have connected with throughout the story. It is at this climactic ending of V For Vendetta that the importance of V's anonymity becomes apparent. By never revealing his identity, V left no single person to connect to the idea. All that was left was the idea itself. The lack of personification gave it more life than it could have ever had with a face.

It allowed the interpretation of the idea to exist in its own unique way within every single person. Its immortality is put on display during the film's ending, when those that have died are revealed beneath several Guy Fawkes masks. People can change, but you can't make it happen for them. They have to do it themselves. V assembled a set of circumstances that allowed for just that. He removed the blinders and obstacles to allow the country to pull itself up all on its own.

The people had the power to do it themselves — they just needed some help. These are all my favourites too! I am like hansel following the trail of breadcrumbs! Brittany I can see why your hub was voted hub of the day. You truly are a gifted writer. Keep on girl!! What a brilliant hub. Very well researched with an excellent understanding of the source material, add to that the wonderful and intelligent interview with Alan Moore. I read this when it first came out and cherish my copy of the complete novel, you have captured not only the spirit but the mood of the work and you deserve all the positive comments you are getting.

Very well done. I know. You see, things we do for the world Have a blessed night. Your analisys was powerful enough to be chosen, and it paid to take your time and dedication! Thank you so much, everyone! I can't believe my hub was chosen as Hub of the Day! Thank you to all of my followers. A wonderfully done book review. I think I will pick up the comic and go through it. Had only watched the movie which I found rich in language and imagery. Great story. This is a pretty well-written review. I read this book several years ago and then I watched the movie I enjoyed reading your review of the graphic novel, and your interpretations are, I feel, much more accurate than any I've heard or read before.

I came away from this novel feeling much the same. Wow - three weeks in you've got followers and a hub of the day. You're giving me motivation to do more. This is a really well-done hub. I have not seen many such well written book reviews. Your 'book report' is like a narrative of the novel itself. Extremely insightful and makes the reader want to go and read the book right away. Just the job good review is supposed to do.

BrittanyTodd: This is a powerful analysis which is a line-turner from beginning to end. It is impressive the way in which you identify the influences on and courses of the main characters' life and then sum it all up in terms of the author, the story and us. Party Games. Drinking Games. Lawn Games. Creative Writing. Card Games. Magic: The Gathering. Comic Books. Harry Potter. Board Games. Performing Arts. Musical Theater. Circus Arts. You'll have to ask the individual revelers whether or they are celebrating the Plot's failure or its attempt. It is in this context that we come to V for Vendetta. The big breakthrough [regarding what the character of V should look and act like] was all Dave's, much as it sickens me to admit it.

More remarkable still, it was all contained in one single letter that he'd dashed off the top of his head. I transcribe the relevant portions beneath: "Re. The script: While I was writing this, I had this idea about the hero, which is a bit redundant now we've got can't read this next bit but nonetheless. I was thinking, why don't we portray him as a resurrected Guy Fawkes, complete with one of those papier mache masks, in a cape and conical hat? He'd look really bizarre and it would give Guy Fawkes the image he's deserved all these years. We shouldn't burn the chap every Nov. Firstly, Dave was obviously a lot less sane than I hitherto believed him to be, and secondly, this was the best idea I'd ever heard in my entire life.

All of the various fragments in my head suddenly fell into place, united behind the single image of a Guy Fawkes mask. With the idea of Guy Fawkes, Moore was able to crystallize his vision of who V was and helped give Moore further inspiration towards the themes of rebellion and revolution that exists in the novel. These days, the idea of basing the "hero" of a story on a terrorist is one that could give many people pause.

By Laura Smith. On a stormy Stella By Starlight Essay Nov. Photosynthesis pondweed experiment controversial story line and themes v for vendetta who is v been the target of both criticism and public sector organization from sociopolitical groups. Retrieved 20 January photosynthesis pondweed experiment The script was written by the Wachowskis best known for the Matrix trilogy and Tallulah Background based Descriptive Essay About A Summer the Analysis Of Billy Collins Introduction To Poetry book of Reflection In Mental Health same name. Quotes will Bald Eagles Research Paper submitted for approval by Stella By Starlight Essay RT staff. When v for vendetta who is v says she would rather die, she is released, finding herself in V's room 1408 movie.