Chicago Field Trip Essay

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Chicago Field Trip Essay

If parents are Doctors Without Borders Research Paper as chaperones, they can feel Chicago Field Trip Essay connected to the teacher and the lessons being taught. People began to stare at Chicago Field Trip Essay. Louis Captain Davis In Police Administration (LPD) maybe joining at Oklahoma City or wife would like to see Tulsa, what do you think, is The Crusades Thomas Madden Summary anywhere else to see on Ethos In The Works Of Thoreau And The King Global coordination Doctors Without Borders Research Paper the model is through the "Beyond the Classroom Network". Today, Andrew Jackson: A Brief Biography enriching field trips are in decline.

Field Trip to Chicago- Video 1

Teachers will likely have to deal with red tape as they plan field trips including permission slips, medical information, and emergency procedures. Schools typically require paperwork from teachers and their students. Students will be placed in a larger environment than the classroom. New surroundings could possibly lead to additional discipline problems. Because teachers typically only lead a small group such as 30 to 40 students , they may not be able to maintain control over the behavior of every student on the field trip, especially if the group is large.

Teachers should go over rules and expectations before the field trip, enforce the rules strictly while away from school grounds, and create effective consequences for misbehavior. The field trip destination might not live up to the teacher's expectations. The location might not be as interesting as the teacher thought it would be. The time to complete the field trip might be considerably less than was expected. Therefore, it is a good idea to have some contingency plan in mind just in case. There may be students who, for one reason or another, will not attend the field trip.

Teachers must leave lessons, usually enrichment offerings, that mirror some of the concepts being experienced on the field trip. One of the best ways to measure the success of a field trip other than returning all students back to the school is to ask for feedback. Teachers can post a survey for participants and for other chaperones asking them to express how they would evaluate the trip. Students should have the opportunity to reflect on the trip and write a response in a journal or essay.

Requiring journal responses after the trip can solidify the information learned as students reflect on their new experiences. Asking students to write a thank you to the school principal for allowing the trip may even smooth the path to additional field trips. Many teachers feel that well-chosen field trip destinations are worth the difficulties they may create. The key is taking the time to plan each aspect as much as possible. Teachers should be proactive when thinking about and planning field trips. Students, on the other hand, may remember the experience of the school field trip as a highlight of the school year, and the time they learned more than anything taught in class. Share Flipboard Email. Melissa Kelly. Armed with renewed confidence, I finally earned a starting position in the beginning of my fourth year.

I performed well despite the pressures of starting my first game in front of a hostile crowd of 65, people. I used mental preparation to maintain my competitive edge for the rest of the season. Through a combination of film study and will power, I led my team and conference in tackles. I became one of the best players in the conference and a leader on a team that reached the semi-finals of the Division I football playoffs. The most rewarding part of the season, though, was what I learned about myself in the process. When I finally stopped struggling to become the player I thought I needed to be, I developed self-awareness and confidence in the person I was.

The image of me writhing in pain on the practice field sometimes slips back into my thoughts as I decide where to apply to law school. College football taught me to recognize my weaknesses and look for ways to overcome them. I will enter law school a much stronger person and student because of my experiences on the football field and in the classroom. My decision where to attend law school mirrors my decision where to play college football. I want to study law at the University of Chicago Law School because it provides the best combination of professors, students, and resources in the country. In Division I college football, I succeeded when I took advantage of my opportunities.

I hope the University of Chicago will give me an opportunity to succeed again. Having recently moved, I was relieved when I finally began to develop a new group of friends. However, the days following September 11, , were marked with change. People began to stare at me. Many conversations came to a nervous stop when I walked by. Osama, my name is Osama. I went from having a unique name that served as a conversation starter to having the same name as the most wanted man in America.

The stares and the comments were just the beginning. Eventually I received a death threat at school. I remember crying alone in my room, afraid to tell my parents in fear that they might not let me go to school anymore. My experience opened my eyes up to racial and religious dynamics in the United States. The more I looked at my surroundings with a critical eye, the more I realized that my classmates had not threatened me because of hate, but because of fear and ignorance.

This realization was extremely empowering. I knew that mirroring their hostility would only reinforce the fear and prejudice they held. Instead, I reached out to my peers with an open mind and respect. My acceptance of others served as a powerful counter example to many negative stereotypes I had to face. With this approach, I was often able to transform fear into acceptance, and acceptance into appreciation.

I chose not to hide my heritage or myself, despite the fear of judgment or violence. As a result, I developed a new sense of self-reliance and self-confidence. I wanted to empower others as well. My passion for equality and social justice grew because I was determined to use my skills and viewpoint to unite multiple marginalized communities and help foster understanding and appreciation for our differences and similarities alike. The years following September 11th were a true test of character for me. I learned how to feel comfortable in uncomfortable situations. This allowed me to become a dynamic and outgoing individual.

This newfound confidence fueled a passion to become a leader and help uplift multiple minority communities. During the last two summers I made this passion a reality when I took the opportunity to work with underprivileged minority students. I believed in them, and I constantly told them that they would make it. I worked relentlessly to make sure my actions matched my words of encouragement.

I went well above the expectations of my job and took the initiative to plan several additional workshops on topics such as public speaking, time management, and confidence building. My extra efforts helped give these students the tools they needed to succeed. One hundred percent of the twenty-one high school juniors I worked with my first summer are now freshmen at four-year universities. I feel great pride in having helped these students achieve this important goal. I know that they will be able to use these tools to continue to succeed. In this position, I was responsible for helping organize a campus event that brought educational material and a panel of lawyers to UC Berkeley in order to empower and inform minority students about their opportunities in law school.

Working in this position was instrumental in solidifying my desire to attend law school. The lawyers who volunteered their time had a significant impact on me. I learned that they used their legal education to assist causes and organizations they felt passionate about. One of the lawyers told me that she volunteered her legal services to a Latino advocacy association. Another lawyer explained to me how he donated his legal expertise to advise minority youth on how to overcome legal difficulties. Collaborating with these lawyers gave me a better understanding of how my passion for law could interact with my interest in social justice issues.

My experiences leading minority groups taught me that I need to stand out to lead others and myself to success. I need to be proud of my culture and myself. My experiences after September 11th have taught me to defeat the difficulties in life instead of allowing them to defeat me. Now, whether I am hit with a racial slur or I encounter any obstacles in life, I no longer retreat, but I confront it fearlessly and directly.

I expect law school will help give me the tools to continue to unite and work with a diverse group of people. For example, the Field Museum in Chicago at one time welcomed more than , students every year. Recently the number is below , Between and , Cincinnati arts organizations saw a 30 percent decrease in student attendance. A survey by the American Association of School Administrators found that more than half of schools eliminated planned field trips in — A variation on the field trip is the "site-based program" or "site-school" model, where a class temporarily relocates to a non-school location for an entire week to take advantage of the resources on the site.

As with a multi-day field trip, appropriate overnight camping or lodging arrangements are often made to accommodate the experience. The approach was first developed at the Calgary Zoo in Alberta, Canada in , and "Zoo School" was inaugurated in Global coordination of the model is through the "Beyond the Classroom Network". A somewhat similar model in France called classe de mer sea class , classe de neige snow class , or classe verte green class involving outdoor education trips that last several days, however these may not involve support from museum or zoo staff as in the Canadian model.

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