Social Media Perspective Analysis

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Social Media Perspective Analysis

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Social Media is Making Us Unsocial - Kristin Gallucci - TEDxBocaRaton

Social media plays a huge role in modern society. One of the most difficult questions to answer is whether that role is positive or negative. For instance, social media sites such as Facebook enhance advertisement opportunities by allowing companies to reach out to the public. On the other hand, they can lead to negative ramifications such as cyber bullying, leaking of private information, and the destruction of relationships. When it comes to the discussion of rhetoric, it is once again difficult to determine the nature of the connotations of social media. Rhetoric is the art of using language to successfully persuade and impact others, and when it comes to social media this art is often overlooked.

However, the rhetoric involved in appealing to others through sites such as Facebook cannot be analyzed in the same terms as rhetoric used in daily life and nonviolent argumentation. Therefore, rhetoric on Facebook is not as elegant, detailed, or developed as the rhetoric utilized in a face-to-face setting. Pro-tip: conduct a competitive analysis to help your content stand out Before you start creating content, you should have a good idea of what your competitors are up to. The simplest way to find competitors is through a Google search.

Look up your most valuable keywords, phrases and industry terms to see who shows up. Then, see how their social channels compare to your own promotion strategy. After identifying some of your industry rivals, you can use competitive analysis tools such as those found in Sprout to quickly compare competitor performance to your own. Contrast your Twitter engagement with theirs. Optimize your own strategy. Rinse and repeat. Using social listening, you can spotlight unfiltered consumer feedback regarding competitors, as well as their products and services. You get the added bonus of discovering honest conversations about your brand you may have otherwise missed.

You might see some recommended times to post late in the evening, for example. Instead, try to ensure your social media or community managers are available and ready to answer any product questions or concerns when you Tweet or post. Take time to review the best times to post on social media. Your customers want speedy responses. On social media, you gain respect as a brand by being present and talking to your audience. Hi Stephanie!

Thanks for reaching out! But did you know that most users believe brands should respond to social media messages within four hours? As social algorithms evolve, organic content has an increasingly tough time reaching the majority of your audience. The last thing you want to do is ignore those who do engage and lose out on sending more down your marketing funnel. This means looking at your top-performing content and adjusting your campaigns when your content stalls. Monitoring the metrics behind your campaigns in real-time allows you to make small tweaks to your social media marketing strategy rather than sweeping, time-consuming changes. So much of social media marketing right starts by being diligent about your data.

You can be reactive in the short term to get the most out of your running campaigns, and then proactively use these takeaways to inform your next strategy overhaul. Reporting on data is also important for the sake of sharing valuable insights from social with your coworkers and colleagues. Including this information in regular reports not only holds you accountable for your efforts, but also highlights the impact and bottom-line results your social strategy produces. Based on your data, you can better assess whether your KPIs truly ladder up to your overarching company goals or whether they need to change. Social media teams have a unique advantage when it comes to understanding customer sentiment. Those insights can do more than just inform marketing strategy.

They can transform your business. In , stand-out social media teams will approach cross-department collaboration with enthusiasm and intention. The short answer? All of them. Instead, start where you think you can make the most impact. Here are a few ideas to jumpstart your strategy. We are in the midst of an incredibly competitive job market. Collaborating with human resources on social-first employer brand initiatives can do more than just fill open roles quickly.

It can attract stronger, more qualified candidates as well. Sharing social insights with your sales organization can empower reps to work smarter in the context of increasingly digital customer journeys. With a social media management tool, you can distill those messages into actionable insights for your product or merchandising teams. These insights can complement existing roadmap research, creating a customer-focused plan that delights. And if you need more inspiration for actionable ways to build out your strategies, make sure to check out our social media marketing toolkit with templates and resources.

Best of luck in ! Sprout Social helps you understand and reach your audience, engage your community and measure performance with the only all-in-one social media management platform built for connection. Right-click on each icon and copy the URL link. Next, add it to your analysis sheet. Gathering data can be a little challenging. Fanpage Karma also offers a free day trial. Collecting data can appear to be slightly overwhelming in Fanpage Karma.

This is due to the sheer volume of metrics you can track. As social platforms have different features, Fanpage Karma provides different metrics for each platform. We like their approach to providing data. Instead, think about which areas you are aware of as potential growth areas for your brand and build your reports in Fanpage Karma accordingly. Note : our free social media competitive analysis template is designed to include the default performance metrics that appear on each social media dashboard Fanpage Karma provides. Analysis can be perceived as a broad term with many ways to perform the at. For specificity, we like to think about analysis as a set of questions that deliver insights.

Growth is typically a good measure of a brands success on social media. But growth alone may not be an accurate representation. For example, if a competitor produces Steve Jobs quote as an organic post that is not related to their products or service, and it gets tons of shares, using it as a measure of their success on social would be inaccurate. Instead, focus on the post directly associated with problems, challenges your ideal customer experiences, and solutions that your competition provides.

These posts will show a direct correlation between engagement values and how well competitor social content performs. Consistency on social media is a must. As you look at your competition, gauge how consistent they have been when publishing content. For example, was a brand producing loads of video and getting strong engagement then suddenly stopped? Adidas Running has consistently increased the number of posts they publish on Instagram over a three week period. Can you spot any areas where your competitors seem to not be generating results? For example, a quick way to determine if a competitor is underperforming is to look at their engagement values vs the number of posts they publish.

These and other questions will help you develop a degree of insight into which brands you can easily outperform. Analyse them. Tip : See which competitor content performed best using the Analysis tab in Fanpage Karma. Consistency is key, but so is understanding the frequency at which your competition publishes content. Frequency matters because all brands need to market themselves to stay relevant and they also have budget constraints.

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