1984 Government Power Analysis

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1984 Government Power Analysis

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George Orwell and 1984: How Freedom Dies

The technology of identity through consumption can be seen in the choices that face the gym attendee. The range of gym wear is extensive. Brand name to portray the abilities portrayed in its advertising, expensive to portray commitment, or cheap to portray your unconcern for other people's opinions. All of these choices of consumption are used to communicate our identity to others, and thus we are governed by marketers into choosing those products that identify with our identity. These technologies of the market and of the self are the particular mechanisms whereby individuals are induced into becoming free, enterprising individuals who govern themselves and thus need only limited direct governance by the state.

The implementation of these technologies is greatly assisted by experts from the social sciences. These experts operate a regime of the self, where success in life depends on our continual exercise of freedom, and where our life is understood, not in terms of fate or social status, but in terms of our success or failure in acquiring the skills and making the choices to actualise ourself. We do so by drawing upon certain forms of knowledge and expertise provided by gym instructors, health professionals, of the purveyors of the latest fitness fad. Depending on why we go to the gym, we may calculate number of calories burned, heart-rate, or muscle size. In all cases, we attend the gym for a specific set of reasons underpinned by the various technologies of the self and the market.

The part of ourselves we seek to work upon, the means by which we do so, and who we hope to become, all vary according to the nature of the technology of power by which we are motivated [Dean, ]. All of these various reasons and technologies are underpinned by the mentality of government that seeks to transform us into a free, enterprising, autonomous individual: Neo-liberalism. Furthermore, Neo-liberalism seeks to create and disseminate definitions of freedom, autonomy and what it means to be enterprising that re-create forms of behavior amenable to neo-liberal goals. Ecogovernmentality or eco-governmentality is the application of Foucault's concepts of biopower and governmentality to the analysis of the regulation of social interactions with the natural world.

Timothy W. Luke theorized this as environmentality and green governmentality. Ecogovernmentality began in the mids with a small body of theorists Luke, Darier, and Rutherford the literature on ecogovernmentality grew as a response to the perceived lack of Foucauldian analysis of environmentalism and in environmental studies. Following Michel Foucault, writing on ecogovernmentality focuses on how government agencies , in combination with producers of expert knowledge, construct "The Environment.

This creates a decentered network of self-regulating elements whose interests become integrated with those of the State. According to Foucault, there are several instances where the Western, "liberal art of government" enters into a period of crisis, where the logic of ensuring freedom which was defined against the background of risk or danger necessitates actions "which potentially risk producing exactly the opposite. The inherently contradictory logics that lead to such contradictions are identified by Foucault as:.

Examples of this contradictory logic which Foucault cites are the policies of the Keynesian welfare state under F. Roosevelt , the thought of the German liberals in the Freiburg school , and the thought of American libertarian economists such as the Chicago School which attempt to free individuals from the lack of freedom perceived to exist under socialism and fascism, but did so by using state interventionist models. These governmental crises may be triggered by phenomena such as a discursive concern with increasing economic capital costs for the exercise of freedom, e.

Scholars [43] [44] [45] [46] [47] [48] [49] [50] have recently suggested that the concept of governmentality may be useful in explaining the operation of evidence-based health care and the internalization of clinical guidelines relating to best practice for patient populations, such as those developed by the American Agency for Health Care Research and Quality and the British National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence NICE. Recent research by Fischer and colleagues at the University of Oxford has renewed interest in Foucault's exploration of potential resistance to governmentality, and its application to health care, drawing on Foucault's recently published final lectures at the College de France.

Jeffreys and Sigley highlight that governmentality studies have focused on advanced liberal democracies, and preclude considerations of non-liberal forms of governmentality in both western and non-western contexts. Jeffreys for example provides a collection of essay on China's approach to governance, development, education, the environment, community, religion, and sexual health where the notion of 'Chinese governmentally' is based not on the notion of 'freedom and liberty' as in the western tradition but rather, on a distinct rational approach to planning and administration. Focusing on attempts to improve landscapes and livelihoods in Indonesia, Li exposes the practices that enable experts to diagnose problems and devise interventions, and the agency of people whose conduct is targeted for reform.

Katomero [57] also employs governmentality in a development context, this time to describe accountability practices in the water supply sector in Tanzania. Such new studies thus use Foucault's Governmentalities to outline the nature of shifts in governance and contribute to emerging studies of governmentality in non-western contexts. Conversely, some studies illustrate that in societies that are influenced by global capitalism the model of governmentality is limited to specific spaces and practices rather than dictating a wholesome ethos of citizenship.

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Please help to improve this article by introducing more precise citations. April Learn how and when to remove this template message. Archived from the original PDF on Retrieved Progress in Human Geography. S2CID G Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. In Kennett, P ed. A Handbook of Comparative Social Policy. Cheltenham: Edward Elgar. ISBN London: Verso. P Archived from the original on 5 October Retrieved 29 October Environment and Planning C: Government and Policy. ISSN X. Journal of Consumer Research.

Graham Burchell. Michael Senellart. New York: Palgrave MacMillan, , Governmentality and managed networks in cancer services. Doi: Governing Medicine. Maidenhead: Open University Press. Patient safety and the changing regulation of medicine. Best Health - For Whom? A critical exploration of primary health care research using discourse analysis. Organization Studies, 23 3 Social Policy and Administration 70, Accounting, Organizations and Society. Arnold I. Davidson ed. Translated by Graham Burchell. The government of self and others : lectures at the College de France, Paperback ed. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan. The scene was intended to introduce a love interest for Aykroyd. The feeling was it was extraneous to the fast-moving plot, however, so Reitman used the footage as a dream sequence during the mid-film montage instead.

They not only allowed him to make changes, but he considered they also helped him understand how to better pace the film. Kahn completed the first full cut of the film three weeks after filming concluded. It was orchestrated by David Spear and Bernstein's son Peter. Bernstein had to bring a musician from England to play the instrument because there were so few trained ondists. He also used three Yamaha DX7 synthesizers. He created an "antic" theme for the Ghostbusters he described as "cute, without being really way out". He found the latter parts of the film easier to score, aiming to make it sound "awesome and mystical". Early on Reitman and Bernstein discussed the idea that Ghostbusters would feature popular music at specific points to complement Bernstein's original score.

This includes "Magic" by Mick Smiley, which plays during the scene when the ghosts are released from the Ghostbusters headquarters. Bernstein's main theme for the Ghostbusters was later replaced by Ray Parker Jr. Music was required for a montage in the middle of the film, and " I Want a New Drug " by Huey Lewis and the News was used as a temporary placeholder because of its appropriate tempo. Reitman was later introduced to Parker Jr. During the film's thirteen-month production, all the major special effects studios were working on other films. The remaining studios were too small to work on the approximately individual effects shots needed for Ghostbusters.

Edlund's previous work on the supernatural horror film Poltergeist served as a reference for the ghost designs in Ghostbusters. Gross said it was difficult to balance making the ghosts a genuine threat while fitting the film's more comedic tone. After struggling to complete a design due to executive interference, Johnson took at least three grams of cocaine and completed the final design based in part on Aykroyd's and Ramis's wish for the creature to homage Belushi. Puppeteers manipulated the model's movements with cables.

Aykroyd tasked his friend, referred to as the Viking, with designing the Marshmallow Man, asking for a combination of the Michelin Man and the Pillsbury Doughboy in a sailor hat. There were three different heads for the suit, built from foam and fiberglass, with different expressions and movements controlled by cable mechanisms. The costume was filmed against scale models to finish the effect. The effects team was able to find only one model of a police car at the correct scale. They bought several and modified them to represent different vehicles. The water from a burst hydrant hit by a remote-controlled car was actually sand as the water did not scale down.

After seeing the intended pounds 68 kg of shaving cream to be used, Atherton insisted on testing it. The weight knocked a stuntman down, and they ended up using only 75 pounds 34 kg. The cream acted as a skin irritant after hours of filming, giving some of the cast rashes. Johnson also sculpted the Zombie Cab Driver puppet. Johnson based it on a reanimated corpse puppet he had made for An American Werewolf in London These had to be collected and reassembled for each take. Reitman used a multi-camera setup to focus on the librarian and the cards flying around her and a wider overall shot. Randy Cook was responsible for creating the quarter-scale stop-motion puppets of Gozer's minions Zuul and Vinz, the Terror Dogs, when in motion.

The model was heavy and unwieldy. It took nearly thirty hours to film it moving across a foot stage for the scene where it pursues Louis Tully across a street. A rubber door was used to allow distortion as if something was trying to come through it, while grips concealed in a trapdoor beneath the chair, burst through it while wearing demonic dog-leg gloves. It took up to three weeks to create a second of footage. Hardware consultant Stephen Dane was responsible for designing most of the Ghostbusters' iconic equipment, including the "proton packs" used to wrangle ghosts, ghost traps, and their vehicle, the Ectomobile. The equipment had to be designed and built in the six weeks before filming began in September It was highly machined but it had to look off-the-shelf and military surplus".

Following Reitman's tweaks to the design, on-screen models were made from a fiberglass shell with an aluminum backplate bolted to a United States Army backpack frame. Gaspar used rubber molds to create identical fiberglass shells. The Ectomobile was in the first draft of Aykroyd's script, and he and John Daveikis developed some early concepts for the car. Dane developed fully detailed drawings for the interior and exterior and supervised the transformation of the Cadillac Miller-Meteor ambulance conversion into the Ectomobile. It also had fantastic features such as the ability to dematerialize and travel inter-dimensionally. Two vehicles were purchased, one for the pre-modification scenes.

In the script, Aykroyd described the Ghostbusters clothing and vehicle as bearing a No symbol with a ghost trapped in it, crediting the Viking with the original concept. As the logo would be required for props and sets, it needed to be finalized quickly, and Gross worked with Boss Film artist and creature design consultant Brent Boates. According to Gross, two versions of the logo exist, with one having "ghostbusters" written across the diagonal part of the sign.

Gross did not like how it looked and flipped the diagonal bar to read top left to bottom right instead, but they later removed the wording. According to Gross, this is the correct version of the sign that was used throughout Europe. The bottom left to top right version was used in the United States as that was the design of the No symbol there. Medjuck also hired John DeCuir as production designer. It was one of the largest constructed sets in film history and was surrounded by a degree cyclorama painting. The lighting used throughout the painting consumed enough power the rest of the studio had to be shut down, and an additional four generators added, when it was in use.

The first three floors and street-front of Dana's building were recreated as sets for filming, including the climactic earthquake scene where hydraulics were used to raise broken parts of the street. When people went home early in the evening everything was normal, and when the little old ladies came out to walk their dogs in the morning, the whole street had erupted.

Apparently, people complained to the New York Police Department and their switchboard lit up". Ghostbusters was screened for test audiences on February 3, , with unfinished effects shots to determine if the comedy worked. Reitman was still concerned audiences would not react well to the Marshmallow Man because of its deviation from the realism of the rest of the film. It was during the opening library scene Reitman knew the film worked. Audiences reacted with fear, laughs, and applause as the Librarian Ghost transformed into a monster. Price recalled laughing as the rest of the audience sat deadpan; he rationalized an industry audience wants failure. Murray and Aykroyd's agent Michael Ovitz recalled an executive telling him, "Don't worry: we all make mistakes", while Roberto Goizueta , chairman of Columbia's parent, The Coca-Cola Company , said: "Gee, we're going to lose our shirts".

In the months before its debut, a teaser trailer focused on the "No ghosts" logo, helping the icon to become recognizable far in advance, and generating interest in the film without mentioning its title or its stars. The premiere of Ghostbusters took place on June 7, , at the Avco Cinema in Westwood, California , before its wide release the following day across 1, theaters. The film regained the number one spot the following week before spending the next five weeks at number two, behind Red Dawn and then the thriller Tightrope.

It left cinemas in early January , after thirty weeks. Ghostbusters opened to generally positive reviews. Ebert noted the effects existed to serve the actors' performances and not the reverse, saying it is "an exception to the general rule that big special effects can wreck a comedy". He also cited Ghostbusters as a rare mainstream film with many quotable lines. Deseret News ' Christopher Hicks praised Reitman's improved directing skills, and the crew for avoiding the vulgarity found in their previous films, Caddyshack and Stripes. He felt they reached for more creative humor and genuine thrills instead. He complained about the finale, claiming it lost its sense of fun and was "overblown", but found the film compensated for this since it "has ghosts like you've never seen".

Arthur Knight appreciated the relaxed style of comedy saying while the plot is "primitive", it has far more style and finesse than would be expected of the creative team behind Meatballs and Animal House. He singled out editors Sheldon Kahn and David Blewitt for creating a sustained pace of comedy and action. Ultimately he believed praise was due to all involved for "thinking on a grandly comic scale". Reviewers were consistent in their praise for Murray's performance.

The interactions between Murray, Aykroyd, and Ramis, were also generally well-received. She praised Murray, but felt other actors did not have much material to contribute to the story; she concluded, "Murray's lines fall on dead air". She noted many of the characters had little to do, leaving their stories unresolved as the plot began to give way to servicing the special effects instead. However, she did praise Weaver's performance as an "excellent foil" for Murray. Ray Parker, Jr. Harvey alleged the Ghostbusters logo was based on their character Fatso. The case was decided in Columbia's favor.

Murray left acting for four years following the release of Ghostbusters. He described the film's success as a phenomenon that would forever be his biggest accomplishment and, compounded by the failure of his personal project The Razor's Edge , he felt "radioactive". Murray avoided central roles in films until the Christmas comedy film Scrooged , [] [] which used the tagline that Murray was "back among the ghosts". Hudson held mixed feelings about Ghostbusters. He regretted the marginalization of his character from the original script and felt Ghostbusters did not improve his career as he had hoped, or been promised.

In a interview, he said: "I love the character and he's got some great lines, but I felt the guy was just kind of there I'm very thankful that fans appreciate the Winston character. Ghostbusters was released on VHS in October Paramount Pictures had scheduled the equally popular Beverly Hills Cop to release the day before Ghostbusters , forcing Columbia to release the film a week earlier to avoid direct competition. The film was the tenth best-selling VHS during its launch week. The film was released in on LaserDisc , a format then experiencing a resurgence in popularity.

The release offered a one-disc CLV version, and a two-disc special edition CAV version featuring deleted scenes , a split-screen demonstration of the film's effects, the screenplay, and other special features. In a interview for the DVD release, Reitman admitted he was not involved in the LaserDisc version and had been embarrassed by the visual changes that "pumped up the light level so much you saw all the matte lines", highlighting flaws in the special effects. Blu-ray disc editions were released to celebrate the film's 25th, 30th, and 35th anniversaries in , , and respectively.

They featured remastered 4K resolution video quality, deleted scenes, alternate takes, fan interviews, and commentaries by crew members and actors including Aykroyd, Ramis, Reitman, and Medjuck. The 35th-anniversary version came in a limited edition steel book cover and contained unseen footage including the deleted "Fort Detmerring" scene. It includes four unreleased tracks, and commentary by Bernstein's son Peter. Developing merchandise for a film was still a relatively new practice at the time of Ghostbusters ' release, and it was only following the success of Star Wars merchandise that other studios attempted to duplicate the idea.

In the years since its release, Ghostbusters merchandise has included: soundtrack albums , action figures, books, Halloween costumes, various LEGO and Playmobil sets including the Ecto-mobile and Firehouse, [] [] board games, [] [] slot machines , [] pinball machines , [] bobbleheads , statues, prop replicas , neon signs, ice cube trays, Minimates , coin banks, [] Funko Pop figures, [] footwear, [] lunch boxes, and breakfast cereals. Although the typical view of Ghostbusters , as described by academic Christine Alice Corcos, is "a satire on academia, intellectuals, city government, yuppies, tax professionals, and apathetic New Yorkers", [] Ghostbusters has been analyzed as an era-appropriate example of Republican, Libertarian or Neo-Liberal ideology, in particular, Reagan era economics popularized by United States President Ronald Reagan.

Peck's interference compromises the Ghostbusters' ghost containment unit, unleashing spirits upon the city and ushering in Gozer's arrival. He had worked in the private sector where "they expect results". The Washington Examiner wrote that the private sector arrives to combat the supernatural activity in New York, for a fee, while the government is incapable of doing anything. Clare wrote that the film embraces the free market in the aftermath of American financial despair in the s, particularly in New York City that led to films set in a gritty, collapsing, crime-ridden, and failed New York, such as Taxi Driver , The Warriors , and Escape from New York The ghosts in the film have been interpreted as analogs for crime, homelessness, pollution, and faltering infrastructure and public services.

Clare identified the ghosts as representative of New York's issues with the homeless and ethnic minorities. The ghosts, which were once human, are not acknowledged as such and are treated as a nuisance that the Ghostbusters transport to less desirable areas, similar to real-world gentrification. The Ghostbusters charge a substantial fee for their services and so generally serve the affluent such as the Sedgewick hotel and Dana Barrett, while poorer Chinese citizens pay for their services in meat. Academic Liz Faber believed the film finds comedy in the afterlife by describing the ghosts in clinical and technical terms instead of acknowledging them as former living beings.

This avoids reminding the audience of death. Similarly, the Ghostbusters represent humanity conquering death through technology, and on the rare occasion a character is placed in peril, it is obscured, such as Ray falling into a shattered road or Dana being concealed within the charred corpse of a Demon Dog. By watching Ghostbusters , there's a sense that you can control this, that you can mitigate it somehow and it doesn't have to be that frightening. It became this movie that parents liked to bring their kids to—they could appreciate it on different levels but still watch it together". Author Nicole Matthews argued the need to present a film targeted at both adults and children leads to the central characters being infantilized and immature.

Author Jim Whalley wrote that this presents a clear tonal shift between Ghostbusters and its sequel, with the former presenting the characters as hired workers just doing their job and the latter as noble heroes saving the city. In doing so, the sequel reimagines Venkman's persona as comedic relief instead of a practical tool. Ghostbusters is considered one of the first blockbusters and is credited with refining the term to effectively create a new genre that mixed comedy, science fiction, horror, and thrills. Ghostbusters also confirmed the merchandising success of Star Wars was not a fluke.

A successful, recognizable brand could be used to launch spin-offs, helping establish a business model in the film industry that has since become the status quo. Once Ghostbusters ' popularity was clear, the studio aggressively cultivated its profile, translating it into merchandising and other media such as television, extending its profitable lifetime long after the film had left theaters. Entertainment industry observers credit Ghostbusters and Saturday Night Live with reversing the negative perception of New York City in the early s. When we come down covered with marshmallow, and there are these crowds of New Yorkers of all types and descriptions cheering for us Talent agent Michael Ovitz said that before Ghostbusters , television actors were only considered for minor roles in film.

Ghostbusters was considered a phenomenon and highly influential. Reitman responded: "It's an honor to know that a movie that begins with a ghost in a library now has a spot on the shelves of the Library of Congress". In , the Ghostbusters phenomenon was referenced across dozens of advertisements for everything from airlines to dentistry and real estate. The "-busters" suffix became a common term used at both local and national stages, being applied to topics like the United States national budget "budgetbusters" , agriculture "cropbusters" , Bs "nukebusters" sanitation "litterbusters" , or Pan American Airlines "pricebusters". Similarly, the "no ghosts" logo was modified to protest political candidates like Ronald Reagan and Walter Mondale to Mickey Mouse by striking Disney workers.

This is thought to be the first historical usage of "toast" as a slang term. Ghostbusters quickly developed a dedicated fan following that has continued to thrive in the years since. Ghostbusters was turned into a special-effects laden stage show at Universal Studios Florida , which ran from to , based mainly on the film's final battle with Gozer. The Halloween Horror Nights event at Universal Studios Hollywood and Universal Studios Florida hosted a haunted maze attraction featuring locations, characters, and ghosts from the film.

Ghostbusters ' s positive reception has lasted well beyond its release, and it is considered one of the most important comedy films ever made. The site's consensus reads, "An infectiously fun blend of special effects and comedy, with Bill Murray's hilarious deadpan performance leading a cast of great comic turns". Ghostbusters came ninety-fifth. Ghostbusters is considered one of the best films of the s, appearing on several lists based on this metric, including: number two by Film. The film's success spawned the Ghostbusters franchise , comprising animated television shows, film sequels, and reboots. It ran for episodes over seven seasons across six years, and itself spawned a spin-off Slimer-centric sub-series, comic books , and merchandise.

It was followed by a sequel series, 's Extreme Ghostbusters. Despite breaking box office records and attracting an estimated two million more people to its opening than Ghostbusters , the sequel earned less than the original and received a less enthusiastic response. In a interview, he said:. We did [ Ghostbusters II ] and it was sort of rather unsatisfying for me, because the first one to me was And the sequel Aykroyd pursued a sequel through to the early s. Set two years after Ghostbusters II , the story follows the Ghostbusters training a recruit the player to combat a ghostly threat related to Gozer.

The game was well-received, earning award nominations for its storytelling. Aykroyd has referred to the game as being "essentially the third movie". Several Ghostbusters comic books have continued the original group's adventures across the globe and other dimensions. Following Ramis's death in , Reitman determined the creative control shared by himself, Ramis, Aykroyd, and Murray was holding the franchise back and negotiated a deal to sell the rights to Columbia; he spent two weeks convincing Murray. He and Aykroyd founded Ghost Corps , a production company dedicated to expanding the franchise, starting with the female-led reboot Ghostbusters. After its release, it was considered a box-office bomb with mixed reviews.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about the original film. For other uses, see Ghostbusters disambiguation. Dan Aykroyd Harold Ramis. David E. Blewitt Sheldon Kahn. Delphi Productions Black Rhino. Release date. June 8, Running time. Main article: List of Ghostbusters characters. See also: Ghostbusters soundtrack and Ghostbusters song. Elmer Bernstein — Main Theme. Bernstein scored an "antic" theme for the Ghostbusters, balancing the film's comedic and serious tones [40].

See also: Ectomobile and Proton pack. See also: in film. See also: "Ghostbusters" song lawsuit. See also: Ghostbusters merchandise. See also: Ghostbusters franchise. Archived from the original on June 14, Retrieved June 14, BBC News Online. December 5, Archived from the original on June 18, Retrieved June 18, Archived from the original on April 6, April 22, Archived from the original on July 23, Retrieved August 19, Film School Rejects. Archived from the original on June 23, Retrieved June 23, Archived from the original on January 13, Retrieved January 12, June 4, Although Washington doesn't generate electricity from geothermal sources, those resources are used to provide heat.

Hundreds of low-temperature geothermal wells have been drilled in the state. Some of the state's geothermal resources are used to heat buildings, greenhouses, and water. Several of Washington's natural hot and mineral spring spas use their hot waters to provide space heating. Washington's Energy Independence Act, enacted in , established a renewable portfolio standard RPS and an energy efficiency resource standard. All electricity sales must be from renewables or non-emitting sources by Washington does not have any crude oil reserves or production. Only small amounts of oil were found, and the state has not produced oil since the early s. The largest refinery can process about , barrels of crude oil per day.

Washington's per capita consumption of petroleum is less than in half of the other states. Motor gasoline, which is produced at all five of the state's refineries, accounts for half of Washington's petroleum product consumption, and distillate fuel oil accounts for one-fifth. Air Force and U. Navy installations located in the state contribute to the substantial amount of jet fuel consumed. Washington has no natural gas reserves or production. However, exploration wells drilled in Washington resulted in the development of the state's only natural gas storage field, the Jackson Prairie Gas Storage Facility, the 14th-largest natural gas storage reservoir in the nation.

Washington relies on natural gas produced in Canada. About three-tenths of the natural gas that enters the state comes directly from Canada, and almost all the rest comes from Canada by way of Idaho. In , Washington consumed more natural gas than about two-fifths of the states, but used less per capita than all but four other states. Almost one-third of the natural gas delivered to consumers in the state was used for power generation in The residential sector, where more than one-third of households rely on natural gas as their primary heating fuel, was the second-largest natural gas-consuming sector and accounted for more than one-fourth of deliveries.

Industry has used relatively level amounts of natural gas each year for more than a decade. Although Washington has nearly million tons of recoverable coal reserves, there are no longer any active coal mines in the state. That mine had provided most of the coal used at the state's only coal-fired power plant in Centralia, Washington. Currently, coal from the Powder River Basin supplies the Centralia power plant, but the last coal-fired unit there will be retired by

It left cinemas in early Januaryafter Stereotypes In The Movies weeks. Character Analysis: The Chosen By Chaim Potok Sunset Boulevard: Film Analysis. Its theme homework is bad, Theme Of Sadness In Frankenstein Ghostbusters " by Ray Parker Jr. May Retrieved 24 September 1984 Government Power Analysis Randy Cook was responsible for creating the quarter-scale stop-motion puppets of Gozer's Deoxyribose Lab Zuul and Vinz, the Terror 1984 Government Power Analysis, when in motion.