Baseball In My Life

Thursday, March 31, 2022 4:31:47 AM

Baseball In My Life

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These lessons have been a big part of my learning process during my baseball career. I believe these are important for any young person to learn early in life. We all make mistakes, but mistakes made as youth tend to have less harmful consequences than those made as an adult. Better a strikeout than a car accident. Better to be punished with extra conditioning than prison or divorce. Want more free baseball instruction from the pros?

We invite you to join our VIP list. Just click to subscribe Click Here to Subscribe. Doug Bernier , founder of Pro Baseball Insider. He has Major League time at every infield position, and has played every position on the field professionally except for catcher. You should click to watch this great defensive play by Bernier Where is he now? After 16 years of playing professionally, Doug retired and took a position as a Major League scout with the Colorado Rockies for 2 years. Great post Doug! I will share with my friends involved with youth baseball. Hope all is well. Joe Territo. Such a great topic. Also, great to see Santa Maria reps doing well. Let your bat do the talking.

Timing is everything. Play for the joy of playing. If you play for the crowd life is an empty journey. I mean I was in the paper every other day with several pictures and got voted best center fielder and all of Dallas Fort Worth so when I got to Texas Tech who recruited me but was the only team that wanted me to play a year without anything but books being paid for and that was a huge mistake.

I believe if you keep working hard you will find your calling and be able to make a positive impact on people. Take care and good luck. Great stuff Doug. Most of these touch on the mental side which can be the most important of them all. Doug — absolutely great commentary. I actually gave a speech containing many of these same points about a year and a half ago in upstate New York. To me, baseball taught me more life lessons than anything I learned in college or law school — namely, how to work as a team, how to set goals, learning how to appreciate winning and learn from losing, and, overall, how to build relationships and partnerships with people — regardless of what line of work you are in.

I really like what you are doing with the website here and I have begun examining what I can do to give back to the game — either via charitable work or otherwise and hope to make many contributions to the game going forward. Rlly good topic. The points Doug touched upon were all really relevant and strong points. As a sales manager, I always look for people who played competitive sports and mainly team sports in their lives. IMHO, it helps build some of the disciplines that are needed in a successful sales environment. I find that people who have played team sports understand the needs of getting along with others in competitive environment and working towards a common goal.

Two other points that I feel are also important lessons learned from Sports are Accountability and Competitiveness. Yes, some people take the competitive spirit a little too far! The business world is very competitive as we all know and how one demonstrates that competitive nature can help provide success. That was a very good read and it makes sense to me! Teamwork, dealing with failures, etc. Baseball is very similar to life off the field as well. Good article and thanks for the share!

This was a very mature and seasoned commentary; also good life lesson reminders for all of us. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. You can also subscribe without commenting. You are at: Home » Low Liners Blog » 10 life lessons learned from baseball. October 3, 0. June 27, 0. April 12, 0. My mind has been made up and correct for 43 years. Still do. They were flashcards for learning who was who in this game that had enthralled me.

Card No. Some stand as permanent memories of what one would think would be evanescent moments, here and then gone for good. But off the top of my head, I can effortlessly remember three trades I made with my buddy Kevin in But of course I know why. They were there, with me, when life was innocent and easy, and happiness shimmered through my days like fireworks on the fourth of July.

My parents split up when I was in junior high. As friends faded or found other things, baseball, and those companion cards, were a consistent comfort, something uncomplicated when everything else was. As I grew older and continued to collect, I was sometimes sheepish about clinging to a supposedly childish thing. Turns out that doing silly things that make you happy is a lovely and liberating way to go through life. But life experience is required before we can hear it.

I can hook you up with Topps cards of Blue Jays outfielder Sil Campusano right now if you want to know how that went. Reporting on the frenzied, greed-fueled state of the sports-card industry over the last few months only confirmed that the current zeitgeist — encased graded cards, ripping packs in search of scarcities while discarding commons, cutting up genuine baseball artifacts to wedge shards of them into cards, pricing out kids — is not my scene. Authentic memorabilia will never be as valuable to me as an authentic memory. You can make it whatever you want it to be. Yeah, I have some that have monetary value. A dime each. I still have almost every card I ever collected, thousands upon thousands, some in the attic, some in my home office. The ones that mean the most have sentimental value rather than book value.

I knew it when I was 8, and I know it now. My collecting nowadays is limited to the satisfying and inexpensive routine of buying single sports cards of players I liked for a buck or two on eBay — a Jerry Remy here, a Stan Papi the obscure player the Red Sox received for Lee, and my most recent purchase there. When a package arrives, the final leg occurring when my wife brings it into the office and plunks it on the desk without comment, it brings the same jolt of happy anticipation as opening a pack all those years ago.

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