Lewis American Author

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Lewis American Author

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Inside The Mind That Created Narnia - The Real Life Of C.S Lewis - Absolute History

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Retrieved December 14, Los Angeles Times. Retrieved March 5, Norton and Company. ISBN Fast Company. October 28, Retrieved February 1, In the early s, Lewis lived in Duluth, Minnesota. Lewis' creation of the novel was proceeded by his introduction to the black community via Edward Francis Murphy , a Josephite priest with whom he had attended school as a child. In , Lewis went to Hollywood to work on a script with Dore Schary , who had just resigned as executive head of Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer 's low-budget film department to concentrate on writing and producing his own films.

The screenplay was deemed too political by MGM studio executives and was shelved, and the film was never made. Storm In the West was finally published in , with a foreword by Schary detailing the work's origins, the authors' creative process, and the screenplay's ultimate fate. Sinclair Lewis had been a frequent visitor to Williamstown, Massachusetts. In , he rented Thorvale Farm on Oblong Road. While working on his novel Kingsblood Royal , he purchased this summer estate and upgraded the Georgian mansion along with a farmhouse and many outbuildings.

By , Lewis had created a gentleman's farm consisting of acres ha of agricultural and forest land. His intended residence in Williamstown was short-lived because of his medical problems. They had one son, Wells Lewis — , named after British author H. Serving as a U. Lewis divorced Grace on April 16, Later in , he and Dorothy purchased a second home in rural Vermont. Their marriage had virtually ended by , and they divorced in Lewis died in Rome from advanced alcoholism on January 10, , aged His final novel World So Wide was published posthumously. William Shirer , a friend and admirer of Lewis, disputes accounts that Lewis died of alcoholism. He reported that Lewis had a heart attack and that his doctors advised him to stop drinking if he wanted to live.

Lewis did not stop, and perhaps could not; he died when his heart stopped. In summarizing Lewis's career, Shirer concludes: [37]. It has become rather commonplace for so-called literary critics to write off Sinclair Lewis as a novelist. Compared to Fitzgerald , Hemingway , Dos Passos , and Faulkner Lewis lacked style. Yet his impact on modern American life Compared to his contemporaries, Lewis's reputation suffered a precipitous decline among literary scholars throughout the 20th century.

Scott Fitzgerald and Ernest Hemingway. Since the s there has been renewed interest in Lewis's work, in particular his dystopian satire It Can't Happen Here. In the aftermath of the United States presidential election , It Can't Happen Here surged to the top of Amazon 's list of best-selling books. He has been honored by the U. Postal Service with a postage stamp in the Great Americans series. Samuel J. The first attempt to collect all of Lewis's short stories. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Not to be confused with his contemporary, Upton Sinclair , novelist and political activist. Novelist playwright short story writer.

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