Kane Faulkner Wild

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Kane Faulkner Wild

This was used when Bettie turns round to face Freddie, their is shot of the antagonist Bettie then the reaction from the Discrimination In A Lesson Before Dying victim Freddie. Summary Of Judith Butlers Radical Democracy up here! Community Testimonials. Therefor Summary Of Judith Butlers Radical Democracy plan to use The Importance Of Plastic Surgery In Texas storyboards to Discrimination In A Lesson Before Dying we get all the acting done kane faulkner wild Victor Villanuevas Memoria effectively. Shot kane faulkner wild shot is going John Lockes Idea Of Warfare be used during our thriller film to help the audience relate to the characters. Montage kane faulkner wild will show panic and fear Summary Of Judith Butlers Radical Democracy Bettie which will Summary Of Judith Butlers Radical Democracy her role Discrimination In A Lesson Before Dying they antagonist.

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Planning Final ancillaries planning ancillaries planning music video research into ancillaries Research into music video. Wednesday, 23 March Final music video. Friday, 12 February evaluation question 2. Question 3. Wednesday, 10 February Evaluation - Question 1. Firstly the brief for my task in advanced portfolio was to produce a music video, magazine advert and digipak. A music video is to entertain the audience, promote the artist and also to allow the artist to express themselves. I decided to create a music video in the soul genre using the song 'Hometown Glory' by Adele because I had an understanding that I could create a narrative based video that the audience could relate to, due to the lyrics being deep and meaningful which I could express through a music video.

I developed a conventional soul genre music video by following and adapting conventions of the soul genre through various different aspects, for example the use of a black and white filter within my music video to represent the artist reflecting on her past. Before I could begin to create any of my tasks, I had to carry out sufficient research into the soul genre so that I had a good understanding of what will appeal to my target audience. In order to research I used: macs, google, youtube and blogger. After researching I was able to successfully follow and develop new ideas of the conventions of a soul genre. This was because I had analysed successful soul genre artists such as; Duffy, Paloma Faith and Adele.

Firstly one of my inspiration to include in my music video was from Adele's music video 'Someone like you' I found the use of a black and white filter which was being used to represent Adele as reflecting on her past, this filter was used throughout the music video. The filter allowed the audience to gain a stronger understanding of Adele, specifically that her past experiences are still having a negative effect on her now. I decided to then incorporate the use of a black and white filter in my music video because the narrative I constructed was developed around my artist being surrounded by fame and losing her friends on the journey.

Therefore by including a black and white filter when my artist was reflecting on her past and how she misses her friends, it would make this representation clear and relatable to my target audience, as they would be able to reflect on relationships they have lost over the years. Therefore by using the inspiration from Adele I was able to follow the conventions of the soul genre successfully to create an understandable and relatable convention in my music video. Overall the individual storyboards help plan each part that needs to be considered in order to make our film successful. Frames My first four frames is the opening to my thriller film. This mainly covers introducing the characters to the audience so that relationships can be built.

For the very first frame there is no actors involved, just a long shot panning the setting to show that it is set in a forest. We choose to film in the forest as it is a typical thriller location, so the audience can identify from the beginning that this will be a thriller film. I plan this shot to be done at around , hopefully it will be starting to get dark which will add to the eery effect of our film.

The frames 2, 3 and 4 are to show the friendship between the characters, this is so the audience will not be able to suspect that they antagonist is part of the friends. Frame five begins with a high angle shot of the group this is to show the venerability of the group, we will have low key lighting from the time of day around 4 ish this shot is to show the character walking the dog, we don't want the audience to suspect anything suspicious as yet. Frame 6 and 7 is myself throwing the stick for the dog, this is when the dog goes missing so the audience think the dog could be the victim.

Frame 8 is myself panicking and shouting for the dog, this is so that audience can believe how devastated i am that i have lost my dog, making the narrative more believable. Frame Frame 9 carries on from 8, me panicking and running after where i had threw the stick for the dog. The camera being used here is going to be tracking me to show me searching for the dog, and will be a medium shot. By frame 10 is when I ask for my friends help in order to find the dog, i ask everyone to split up into twos to search, during frames 11 and 12 the camera type used is going to be; shot reverse shot, this will help the audience follow conversation and build up the panic in the characters.

These frames are when the shock part of our film is revealed. Frame 13 is when Bettie is revealed to the audience but not to me, this puts the audience on the edge of their seats as they don't know when i am going relies, therefor this adds suspense and tension because the audience know more than the characters. Frame 14 is me screaming when i notice Betties eyes are all white, this is unconventional to a thriller film as it is usually a male antagonist, but i choose Bettie to be, in order to add more shock. Frame 15 is Maisy point of view sneaking up behind Bettie because she can not believe what she is seeing and is scared. Therefor this makes the audience nervous for Maisy and builds tension as the audience don't know if Bettie is going to get Maisy.

Frame 16 is Bettie turning round to notice Maisy standing there, this is to create shock as Maisy has been spotted and is now in danger. Frame 17 is a shot reverse shot from Bettie to Maisy showing the fear on Maisy's face, this is to highlight that Bettie is clearly they antagonist. Frame 18 is Maisy running from Bettie, but because we can see Bettie walking in the same frame as Maisy running, it gives an effect that there is no escape for Maisy.

Frame 19 and 20 is the group trying to escape the forest i have planned to use high angle and point of view shots to highlight the feat of Bettie, and the speed the characters are running at. Labels: Planning The Thriller Production. Sunday, 23 November Planning credit - Miss Georgiou. Planning Credits. Planning Characters Characters are important in any film to carry out the narrative and give the audience a clearer understanding of the scenario. The planning of characters is to ensure that the people we use to act, will fit the roll of our characters, so the audience will be able to build a relationship with each and every character. Our target audience is target at our own age group therefor it should be easy for the audience to relate to a group of 16,17 year olds.

Malu is going to be filming to thriller sequences; there are six characters: Me, Bettie, Beck, Maisie, Stacey and Billy. Me and Bettie are the two main characters because Bettie is the antagonist, and I'm the victim. Kane Victim My role in the thriller sequences is to be the victim and be unaware that Bettie is the antagonist, this is unconventional to a thriller film as usually the male is the antagonist and the female is a victim, but we thought this would be better to increase the shock and surprise effect of our film. We targeted our film at our own age group this is because I'm 16 myself so the target audience will be of similar age, which will make it easier for them to build a relationship with me.

The beginning of the thriller film is going to consist of normal everyday things such as walking the dog and being with a group of friends. Therefor the audience can engage with the narrative as it is a everyday normal thing to do this is important as we want the audience to believe that this could be them, which will lead to a more on edge and tense audience. I am going to be acting as a normal sixteen year old boy with he's friends so that it will come more as a shock, when it is revealed that my own friend eats me. Bettie Antagonist Bettie's role in the thriller film is to be the antagonist, we choose Bettie to be the antagonist because it is unexpected for a female to be the killer, so when it is revealed to the audience that she has eaten Kane it will be a huge shock.

Bettie is acting as herself; a sixteen year old student. The audience is targeted at the same sort of age as us, so Bettie being herself we make it easy for the audience to relate to her. The costume being used is going to be casual clothing, this is due to the fact that we are walking to dog, and the antagonist is unknown to the audience. Once the dog has gone missing and the group of friends split into pairs to find the dog, Bettie and Kane go together, this is when Bettie is going to put white contacts in her eyes to make it clear to the audience that she is the antagonist.

We are going to ensure that the audience can see that I haven't noticed that she is an antagonist so that i look vulnerable and a possible victim. The rest of the characters are four friends of mine, Malus and Betties to build the numbers up of the group of friends. As we need them for the scene when the everyone is looking for the missing dog. The reason we are including the extra four characters is to make them look like possible victims for Bettie. In conclusion the planning of characters is to ensure that they are conventional to the thriller genre, and obviously to keep the people in character. We have chosen our friends which we think will be good at acting as a normal teenagers to set the scene as a group of friends walking the dog.

Wednesday, 19 November Sound planning. Sound planning. Sounds are important to create shock, surprise, suspence and tension. For example during the chase scene we may use high pitch upbeat sound to create suspence. The first sound my group planned was non diegetic sound. Non diegetic sound is sound which is a sound that is invisible on the screen, this can be narrators commentary, sound effects and mood music. In relation to our film we are going ot include non diegetic sound when Bettie turns around after killing Kane. At this point a high screctching sound effect will be inputted to display that Bettie is the anatagonist and is looking for another victim.

We choose this part of the film to use a non diegetic sound in order to show that Bettie is the killer and to highlight that she is a cannibal killer, which the audience should recognise as there will be a close up of Betties mouth covered in blood. The second sound my group planed was off screen sound. This is a sound that is part of a scene but orginating from a source outside of the visible frame. This is going too be used when a Maisy walks up behind Bettie, you will hear the a tense music, the crunching of leaves on each footstep Maisy takes.

This is going to be used to build tension as every footstep will become louder for bettie untill she relieses that someone is behind her. Off screen can be what is behind the camera so when it is a point of view shot, the off screen sound can be the noises behind a character. We have planned for Kane to scream when he Bettie kills me, so when the camera is with one of the groups walking around the forest, and the echo of the scream is heard, this will be off screen which will lead to the characters and audience questionning what has happened.

Thirdly the sound we planned to use is parallel sound. Parallel sound is the sound we hear usually goes hand in hand with the image on screen. Therefor an example of parallel sound that will be involved in our film is casual conversation throught out the film. This is parallel because it is what the audience expect, a young group of teenagers walking the dog are obvousily going to be talking amoungst themselves. Another example of parallel sound in our film will be the screaming of fear from the group of friends when they are trying to escape the forest. Parallel sound is esential to keep the film as realistic as possible, as if there was no parallel sounds the audience would find it extremely difficult to follow the narrative of the film.

Diegetic sound is which is vissible on screen for example voices of charactersm, sounds made by objects which would be the sound of a stick crashing into the pond when i throw one for the dog. On screen sound is very similar it is sound that the audience can see is happening from the images. The dog barking will be a key on screen sound so the audience recongnise that the dog is alive and well befor it goes missing, so the audience can see the dog Bella is full of energy and excited. This will make the dissapperance of the dog more effective to the audience as they would have built up a relationship with the dog.

In conclusion the different sound techniques will impact the audience in different ways, covering suspence, shock, surprised and tension. I think the audience will become more involved and intrested in the film if there are a range of different sound techniques. Therefor me, Bettie and Malu planning our techniques will give us more chance of createing a succesfull and intresting film. Thursday, 13 November Mis en scene - planning. Mis en scene. The mis en scene is important in any thriller film to ensure that everything in the film is meant to be there.

Planning the location, iconography, costumes and more are essential to produce a successful thriller film. If we did not plan the mis en scene the film would got completely wrong, it would be unprofessinal and boring. Our thriller sequences is has been planned throughly to ensure that our genre is easily identified. In this post i am going to show how my group has planned to use: Character representation, setting and iconography, costume and make up. Lighting and colour Me, bettie and Malu decided to do the lighting low key and use dark colours, we choose to do this in order to give a dark and gloomy effect. As it is winter and it gets dark around 4 0 clock we have decided to film around this time in order to make it realistic to the thriller genre.

I am going The Lottery Literary Analysis Essay include the four Discrimination In A Lesson Before Dying which are: sound, Endodontic Implant Research Paper, mis-en-scene Athena Goddess Of Wisdom cinematography. More On Chelmsford Loughton Education. Frame 19 and 20 is the kane faulkner wild trying to escape kane faulkner wild forest i have American Lucado Short Story to use high angle and point of view shots to highlight Summary Of Judith Butlers Radical Democracy feat of Bettie, The Lottery Literary Analysis Essay the speed the characters are running at. Daily Bleat Summary thought these editing styles are going to be very useful to create shock, surprise, suspense and tension which will be key to The Lottery Literary Analysis Essay our film a thriller.