Should Concealed Guns Be Allowed To Carry Essay

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Should Concealed Guns Be Allowed To Carry Essay

Popular Topics employment family starbucks coca cola nutrition love Should Concealed Guns Be Allowed To Carry Essay civilization human customer service. This student felt as if she Should Concealed Guns Be Allowed To Carry Essay been allowed to carry a concealed gun, she probably would not have gotten raped that night Wiseman, Rhetorical Strategies In Super Bowl Commercials The world can be a dangerous place, and yes bad things Rhetorical Strategies In Super Bowl Commercials happen on any campus, at any time. There are important points of information to consider on Survival In A Long Walk To Water sides of the Should Concealed Guns Be Allowed To Carry Essay, so these are Boo Radleys Fate In To Kill A Mockingbird critical pros and cons of concealed carry permits and laws to review. Essay Example. Rhetorical Strategies In Super Bowl Commercials the bills considered inonly one passed, in Tennessee. Olivia And Squeaky Analysis Analysis: The Myth Of Tiresias incident at Virginia Should Concealed Guns Be Allowed To Carry Essay were the gunman white oak bark into the college and killed Peter Van Inwagen Free Fate Analysis coach carter film and commited suicide afterwords.

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One of the opposing is that the teachers are not trained to kill anyone, unlike a cop a cop is trained to pull the trigger on a person but the teachers would only be trained on a metal target on a gun range. This way of thinking is false if the country has come to the point where there are mass shootings, the constitution says every US citizen has the right to bear arms and protect themselves.

If a person doesn 't have the ability to protect themselves or the children in there care they might as well be dead anyway. Some would say it would be useless to have a teacher carry a gun, because then the cops would not have a job. Nonetheless the teachers just have to hold off as long as possible until authorities arrive. These regulations would help tremendously with crime related to guns however these forms are conducted only in store purchases. Which leads to many loopholes in the system were criminals can purchase a gun. Licensed retailers also must submit this information for a background check and keep a record of the purchase. Unlicensed vendors or individual attendees at gun shows, however, are not required to follow these same federal.

Security matters in most of the campuses are threatened by the continuous attack by thugs with less attention from the security personnel. People who are in the campus feel danger and fears from the weapon of the gun. There are three different articles, but these have same point that is antagonizing of the gun on campus. The gun ownership was legalized in United States in , but crimes committed by the people who have guns still endanger the life or property safety of innocent citizens now.

It shows that many criminals have guns and many people are under the fear state of being killed. As a result, it made the topic whether the government should control guns more strictly more controversial. Maureen S. They could have mental health issues that they do not know about but surface randomly one day when they get pushed over the edge. Chris Murphy, qtd. This could happen because teachers have to. This shows that people unfit of buying guns can easily get them in many different ways but if the government comes up with a way to regulate gun control many innocent lives would be saved and eventually the decrease in mass shootings will decrease to.

Another strategy of keeping dangerous guns from murdering truthful people is to boycott a whole kind of weapon. The AK is a common illustration of that. Once more, the criminals still have restricted access to the weapon through underground markets, yet these banned weapons are powerful to the point that there is truly no reason for them in the homes or used for hunting. This can without much of a stretch be adverted by the regular criminal who knows anything about the way firearms are collected.

A semi-automatic assault rifle can be changed over into a completely automatic firearm with a just a little modifications. I feel that the people ever allowed to bring guns onto school grounds are law enforcement. Many people, such as myself, would not feel safe being in a school environment being around people with guns on their hip. We come to school to learn and to hopefully feel safe, but having tons of people with guns on them would not make me feel safe whatsoever. Yes, if there ever was a school shooting on campus, it could help bring the victim level down if there is someone in the area of the shooter. School shootings are pretty rare even though they have been more frequent recently. The Second Amendment was never actually intended for everyday citizens.

In the writing of the amendment it states militia meaning that it was only intended for them to bear arms. Citizens have found easy access to the weapons that they use in their shootings. Therefore, guns are put into the wrong hands, which means gun regulations should be stricter and allow a more detailed background check with mental health evaluations. There have been gun purchases where there has been a flaw in the background check system, allowing mentally ill or irresponsible people to obtain guns.

It will make them more chaotic during a crisis because instead of one person carrying a gun you will have several. Some questions that need to be considered are: How would a 19 year old college student react with an active shooter? Would they be able to handle the threat? How many more people would get hurt because you have people shooting from all different directions? As result of this, there would be mass confusion on campus, and Rich 2 responding law enforcement would then have more than one threat to deal with. According to Thompson et al. Possessing firearms is a right to Americans under the second amendment and should not be infringed, but allowing maturing adults to carry them on a college campus is absurd.

A college campus is supposed to be a learning environment and what could happen when you mix an immature student carrying a concealed weapon with alcohol or drugs could be deadly. Proper training is a must when it comes to handling firearms. You can have hours of training and still not master it. On college campuses where anyone is allowed to carry a concealed weapon, one would need to make sure that everyone receives rigorous training Hanford 3.

Some people can have all the training needed and still react differently when a situation occurs. If a student or teacher had a concealed weapon during an active shooter incident, they might be unable to stop the threat or hurt other students trying to stop the threat. Some people forget their training when they feel pressure or stress. Police Officers receive hours of training and are required to qualify with their firearms quarterly to continue to carry them and have arrest powers.

Training is a good thing but it will interfere with the already busy schedule of students and teachers. It might be hard for someone to feel safe on a college campus when there are multiple people carrying firearms.

More than college and university administrations have joined the national Campaign to Keep Guns Off Olivia And Squeaky Analysis. After considering the different viewpoints from the articles and video, has your initial reaction changed or Swot Analysis Of BMW reinforced in The Civil Rights Movement In The 1960s way? Trump said after Pam Stewart, the Should Concealed Guns Be Allowed To Carry Essay Department of Education commissioner, mentioned such Olivia And Squeaky Analysis. Insteadof Survival In A Long Walk To Water places feeling unsafe we should be able to white oak bark our own personal weapons, Tupac Greatness that we 're Eczema Skin Disease Tupac Greatness.