Penny Lane Singer

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Penny Lane Singer

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The Beatles - Penny Lane

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Lennon has songs with either inner or outer activeness. The inner activeness is for example when the melody consists of the same notes. But Lennon never listened to Wagner, but they had the same temperament, fighting with the darkness. The drums is not needed at all, it destroys the song! I think. When the song was released in , one critic said it was a mix of Wagner and a farmer wedding. I still think you are trolling here….. By the way I was 12 years old back then so I was too young to make something like that up. Can you post an article or some thing which mentions this? It would put an end to the rumors that Paul is dead and reconcile with what John said.

As for your reference to an interview, site the source. In short, it was originally done to hide a minor screw-up but then became a thing unto itself. How could this happen? That contributed to the split of The Beatles. The whole contreversial I buried Paul vs cranberry sauce argument can easilly be explained. If you dig out the original lp and change the speed of the turntable to 45 as opposed to 33,to my ears you now clearly hear I buried Paul. If you keep playing it back at the 33 speed the sentence sounds murky and garbled but not on 45 speed. Lennon was developing the whole time. He soon left songs with only evident melodies in the singing.

Sometimes he later on instead let the background play an evident melody, while the singer sang on repeated notes. Here we have an interesting parallel to the Opera composer Puccini. One of many examples there is, in the beginning when the Sacristan intones the prayer Angelus Domini. The orchestra background in combination with his speeech is wunderful. McCartney was also developing the whole time. A backhanded compliment if anything.

Take a listen to Julian Lennons song Saltwater. His uncanny resemblance to his father as time shortens the distance in years between them is beautiful and haunting. Dad is proud!! I bet most people have dealt with the feeling of being different than the crowd — I know I have. The point is, this song has an incredible power to it, a power that I believe will surpass time, which, evidently, it already has.

What a beautiful ending to this thread, Andreas. Thank you all. Thank you Beatles! The height of my favourite sub-genre; psychedelia. Lennon did other great songs of varying styles, but the psychedelic period, for me, was the peak of music in general. Two of my other favourite groups, the Byrds and the Kinks, did amazing stuff during this time as well. Inventive ideas were being passed back and forward between all these great bands. Ringo: drums George: slide guitar and maracas Paul: mellotron, bass and piano? John: doubled-tracked lead vocals, rythm guitar and piano? Ringo: drums and backward cymbals loop George: swaramandal and timpani Paul: bass, bongos, mellotron? John: double-tracked lead voclas, maracas, mellotron?

The information in ths edition is a little bit confusing regarding all the songs. The line-up says one thing and the recording details tells a different story. Am I crazy, or am I a genius? I seem to see things in a different way from most people. Blake was probably both crazy and a genius and recorded having visions of angels and said that he saw and conversed with the angel Gabriel, Mary, and various historical figures. Was the I Buried Paul ghost vocal really necessary? Dick Lester offered me the part in this movie, which gave me time to think without going home. I was writing it all the time I was making the film. It was the closest thing to recording with them, other than my visits to Abbey Road during their recording sessions.

I remember when The Beatles first brought in the Mellotron. It was made mostly for producing sound effects but it also had flutes, brass and string sounds on it. The Beatles used it in a way nobody had ever thought of. Latest Comments. Roger Saturday 8 August Julio Saturday 19 February Zmash Sunday 27 March EltonJohnLennon Wednesday 19 September Wenko Millaard Friday 13 March Mike Ingalls Sunday 22 December Ray Saturday 4 January Toldyou96 Wednesday 16 August MikeP Saturday 28 September I saw that documentary and noticed that scene when it was just a VHS tape….. John Sunday 27 September Friday 4 December Teddy Salad Monday 27 August MikeP Wednesday 9 January Judy Birch Sunday 13 December I lived in strawberry fields orphanage, and I wish someone could post more pictures of inside… these are my memories, eating together, playing together the Queen the Beatles and Cilla Black Loading Xan Saturday 15 April Ginette Goulston-Lincoln Tuesday 8 January Scott Thursday 7 January Tweeze Wednesday 28 September Piggies Monday 20 August Tom Seiler Thursday 3 September J Neo Marvin Tuesday 13 December Elsewhere Man Monday 25 January Julio Monday 28 March Sun king coming together Tuesday 29 March Vonbontee Tuesday 29 March Joe Wednesday 30 March Vonbontee Wednesday 30 March Wonder if any hip-hoppers have ever gotten around to sampling those beats?

Danny Maris Sunday 25 October I agree. Great drumming — but not a one take job! Byron Wednesday 10 February Joseph Brush Monday 1 March Yes indeed, Ringo is the man! Kathryn Friday 5 March Mike Razza Monday 9 March StarrTime Monday 19 April DoBotherMe Monday 13 September Joe Monday 13 September Listen to take 1 of the song on Anthology 2 — he was definitely playing slide in Deadman Tuesday 14 September Deadman Friday 16 December Hennyon Friday 28 April Phil Ryan Wednesday 20 September Jeff Wednesday 10 November Got A Story.

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