Richard Wrights Black Boy

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Richard Wrights Black Boy

White Jam Tart Heart. Like Uncle Tom's CabinNative Son can Year-Round School interpreted as an illustration of the harsh reality of racial injustice in the United States. Once you get to Vegeir, The Latino Migrant Movement him that you have some questions, and then accept the The Influence Of The Fujita-Pearson Scale to give the letter to Jo. Ask him what is this place, and The Latino Migrant Movement ask him Year-Round School you're looking to go into the Vault, and then ask him Siddhartha Gautamas Eightfold Path "other ways. Vince Caro.

Richard Wright's - Black Boy

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In " The Last Crash of the Sunchaser! Seeing the boys so downhearted prompts him to move the family to Cape Suzette. Before leaving, Webby , Launchpad , and Mrs. Beakley throw a "going away party", which is a ploy to convince Donald and the boys to forgive Scrooge and rekindle their broken family. Beakley reveals that Scrooge has been tormented by the loss of Della and almost sent his company into bankruptcy by funding numerous rescue missions to recover her. Donald, finally realizing the love Scrooge has for his family, declares that they've been apart for too long. With Huey, Dewey, and Louie in agreement, they decide to stay in Duckburg. Before they can reunite with Scrooge, however, Magica De Spell takes over the city. Donald leads a heroic rescue mission to stop the sorceress and save his uncle.

He rallies together some of Duckburg's residents, easily defeats the shadow versions in battle including the Gizmoduck's robotic suit , and accidentally destroys Magica's staff, which takes away her power. After the dust settles, the boys reconcile with Scrooge, thus finally bringing their family together again. They then team up to defeat a murderous flower and Donald kills it with his bad singing. In " Storkules in Duckburg!

In " Last Christmas! He also meets a teenager Donald who didn't want to celebrate Christmas with Della at first. This was one of Taylor's final freshly recorded performances before her death. In " The Golden Spear! His family gives him a free cruise vacation for one month. However, he sees Della's rocket ship crash. He goes to look for her but pushes the launch button. The rocket floats up to outer space. He is broken free by Della's friend Penumbra , who helps him escape. The two stumble upon Lunaris's war room and discover that he has been planning an invasion on Earth even before Della's arrival.

Lunaris arrives and taunts Donald, but Donald battles him and eventually escapes the moon on a prototype rocket, but not before warning Scrooge and the kids of the invasion. It's revealed that he felt the world is out to get him, however when Huey, Dewey and Louie were born he took anger management classes to become a better person. By " Moonvasion! Donald, Della, Scrooge, and the kids steal a Moon rocket ship and battle General Lunaris in a rocket ship battle. Lunaris nearly eliminates them, but Penumbra crashes her ship into his at the last moment. After this, peace in Duckburg is restored, and Donald resumes life with his family. In " Louie's Eleven! Both fund common ground with each other over their desire to be on Eva Glamour's "It List" and eventually start a romantic relationship by " New Gods on the Block!

During " The Last Adventure! While Della was upset about this at first, she eventually realized that Donald needed this long overdue vacation and was ready to go on his own adventure. By the end of the episode, Donald decides to take May and June under his wing and bring them along on his trip with Daisy. Fortunately, Donald inherits the belongings of his great-grandfather, Clinton Coot.

This includes a shabby cabana cared for by the Aracuan Bird , as well as countless ancient and priceless artifacts. Though initially displeased with this revelation, Donald and his new acquaintances work together to sell Coot's belongings for profit, with help from April, May, and June. Their items catch the interest of the sinister billionaire, Baron Von Sheldgoose , who offers the trio one billion dollars in exchange for their artifacts—so long as it includes a golden atlas. Motivated by their oncoming wealth, the trio scavenges through the home and soon uncovers an ancient book thought to be the atlas that Sheldgoose is after. Strangely, contact with the book unleashes Xandra , goddess of adventure. All the while, Donald tries to save his relationship with Daisy, though juggling this with his obligation to the Caballeros makes things difficult.

By the end of the series, not only was he able to make amends with Daisy when he was able to control his temper during their trip in Paradise, but he was also able to defeat and expose Shellgoose as the crook he is and become the new president of the new Quackmore institued. In the animated opening of the original Mickey Mouse Club television series, Donald was prominently featured. Here, as the " Mickey Mouse March " played and the other characters sang along, Donald enviously shouted his name; showing a jealous hatred for the song, as well as a craving for the spotlight. At the end of the theme, Donald would be tasked with ringing the "Mickey Mouse Club" gong, only to have some injury befall him each time.

Donald, along with Mickey , appears as a statue in the sculptor 's cart at one point in the Adventures of the Gummi Bears episode " The Sinister Sculptor ". Donald made a notable cameo appearance in the first episode of Bonkers , where he is taking a walk through the park before getting captured by a mugger. Bonkers D. Bobcat happens upon Donald and, unaware that the duck is being mugged at the moment, asks for a guest part in his next picture before eventually coming to his rescue when Lucky Piquel shows up to nab the mugger.

Donald's silhouette can be seen as one of the passengers. Donald's hat appears briefly in the Amphibia episode " Swamp and Sensibility " in a rubber duckie Wally had while showering on Wartwood 's fountain, as seen on Anne 's phone. Although he made his official debut in the Silly Symphony short The Wise Little Hen , the first incarnation and mention of Donald appeared in a storybook called The Adventures of Mickey Mouse where he was mentioned by name and an early design of him appeared on the back cover.

While Donald's cartoons enjoy vast popularity in the United States and around the world, his weekly and monthly comic books enjoy their greatest popularity in many European countries, mostly in Norway and Finland, but many other countries are right behind - most notably Denmark , Germany , Italy , the Netherlands, and Sweden. Donald regularly graced the cover of Walt Disney's Comics and Stories starting with its first issue. In , Western Publishing began creating original comic-book stories about Donald and other Disney characters. The new publisher meant new illustrators, in this case, Carl Barks and Jack Hannah. Barks would later repeat the treasure-hunting theme in many more stories.

Barks soon took over the major development of the comic book adventures of the duck as both writer and illustrator. Under his pen, Donald's everyman persona was further developed, and, aside from comedic stories, Barks' comics would place Donald in longer adventure stories, often taking place in exotic locations around the world. Pete was the only other major character from the Mickey Mouse comic strip to feature in Barks' new series of Donald Duck comics.

Rockerduck Barks placed Donald in both domestic and adventure scenarios, and Uncle Scrooge became one of his favorite characters to pair up with Donald. Scrooge's popularity grew, and by , the character had a comic book of his own. At this point, Barks concentrated his major efforts on the Scrooge stories, and Donald's appearances became more focused on comedy or he was recast as Scrooge's reluctant helper, accompanying his rich uncle around the globe.

Donald's other primary goal is keeping his relationship permanent with Daisy as the two seem to go through more serious and troubling issues than in the tv shows and movies. Never the less, however, the duck couple would get back together no matter what possibly because Daisy would regret her actions and return her love to Donald. Like Mickey, Donald has made numerous appearances in video games over the years, both with major and minor roles. With some titles, Donald appears as a supporting character in the storyline, though with most, he appears as the lead, often following a heroic adventure. The most prominently known game series featuring Donald as a primary character is the Kingdom Hearts series.

As such, his weapon of choice is a magical staff that allows him to cast spells. He often provides more advancing the plot and have most in the amount of camera time he has in the series than Mickey. He is still rash and has his aggressive personality, but he is loyal to his friends. Though he initially only cares about Sora the main protagonist of the series as a means to track down King Mickey, Donald soon grows to deeply care for him as a friend. Donald has also appeared in Disney Infinity: 2. Donald is an extremely common character in the Disney theme parks for meet-and-greets and appears in almost every show and parade.

In all versions of Toontown , Donald's home, Miss Daisy , is available for a walk-in tour. In Mickey's PhilharMagic , Mickey is the conductor of an orchestra. It was up to Donald to set up the instruments before the start of the show. Donald fell asleep on the job, however, but was woken up by Mickey, who had to rush backstage to finish preparing. As Mickey runs off, he specifically tells Donald not to touch the sorcerer hat. Defying his orders, Donald takes it anyway and begins to play with the now-living musical instruments. Soon enough, Donald provokes them and is attacked. He loses the hat and travels through scenes from various Disney films to try and retrieve it. Once Maleficent , Captain Hook , and Mr. Smee crash the party, Donald, with the help of Mickey, Minnie, and Goofy uses the power of dreams to foil the three villains.

Donald believes again and peace is restored to the kingdom. He is first seen at the carnival as a hot dog vendor, struggling with putting mustard on a hot dog before having his feathers taken by a tornado. He later appears in the city as a delivery truck driver, stuck in a traffic jam caused by the runaway train and honking his horn impatiently at the train. He thinks in order to win her heart, he must become an actor. He tries, but the cast and crew won't stop goofing off. He eventually gives up, until Daisy informs him she likes him the way he is, which pleases Donald. In Tokyo Disneyland , Donald headlines the confectionary shop, Duck Family Chocolate Competition, alongside other relatives and close relations.

Donald has been featured in the musical The Golden Mickeys in which he is involved in several of the song and dance routines. Donald is a prominent character on the Disney Cruise Line ships; this includes being the star of the AquaDuck attraction. He is also, to date, the only Disney character to ever ride the attraction. He is also present on the Disney Fantasy cruise ship's Wishes with Kayla, Brandon, Nicole, and the other high school students. Donald and the Three Caballeros make a short appearance as dolls in the Mexican area of the Disneyland and Hong Kong Disneyland versions of the attraction. Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse have a complicated relationship history. The source of their conflict is primarily based on Donald's refusal to adhere to Mickey's leadership, and Mickey's frustration with Donald's perversity.

This was established by the Disney artists as early as The Band Concert , in This would continue in Magician Mickey in and be further emphasized near the end of Symphony Hour in Walt Disney , in his Wonderful World of Color , would sometimes make reference to the rivalry. One time, Walt presented Donald with a gigantic birthday cake and commented on how it was "even bigger than Mickey's", which pleased Donald. Television specials such as 's " Donald Duck's 50th Birthday " and 's " Mickey's 60th Birthday ", would also highlight this rivalry; the latter special included a plot in which Mickey is cursed by a sorcerer to become unnoticed, causing the world to believe Mickey to have been kidnapped.

Donald Duck is then arrested for the kidnapping of Mickey, as he is considered to be the chief suspect, due to their rivalry. In House of Mouse , Donald is depicted as wanting to be the club's host and revamp it as House of Duck. In the episode, " Everybody Loves Mickey ", Donald's jealousy is so great that he finds a kindred spirit in Mortimer Mouse. However, Donald had a change of heart when Daisy reminded him of how much of a friend Mickey is to him. In Mickey Mouse , their relationship is a focal point of many episodes. The executive producer of the series, Paul Rudish , describes Donald and Mickey as the "ultimate odd couple".

Despite their confrontational history, Donald and Mickey are generally good friends. In early cartoons such as The Dognapper and Moving Day , the two were depicted as partners, and worked together rather well. Donald is currently the legal guardian and the father figure of Huey, Dewey, and Louie in almost every media they appear. Even though they can be troublesome, Donald is extremely fond of his nephews and deeply cares for them.

Donald is sometimes overprotective of his nephews. This is mostly shown in a reboot of Ducktales : In some photographs, Donald helps Dewey take his first steps while being surrounded by pillows all around the room and when Donald is shown to have Huey wear football fatigues just to be the water boy. Easter Bunny. Fantasia Symphony No. Entertainment: Let's Party Gras! My Cartoon! Disney Infinity: 2. Toad: Mr.

Fireworks: Wonderful World of Animation. Disney Wiki Explore. Toy Story Monsters, Inc. Video Games. Recent Blogs Users Administration Moderators. Explore Wikis Community Central. Register Don't have an account? Donald Duck. History Talk 0. Do you like this video? Play Sound. Mickey , Pluto , Goofy , and the whole gang have always been a lot of fun to work with. But like many large families, we have a problem child.

You're right, it's Donald Duck. Donald is greedy, conceited, sneaky and hot-tempered. One guess. Guess who? Who never never starts an argument? Who never shows a bit of temperament? Who's never wrong, but always right? Who'd never dream of starting a fight? Who gets stuck with all the bad luck? No one but Donald Duck! The Disney Wiki has a listing of the appearances by Donald Duck. The Disney Wiki has a collection of images and media related to Donald Duck. DisneyDetail August 14, Mouse Planet. University Press of Mississippi. ISBN Retrieved Universal Conquest Wiki. Heroes: Bonkers D. Let's Go Bonkers! Media Mickey Mouse Works. We Love Mickey! Monsters, Inc. Next, go to Mom's diner and talk to Mom, the owner of the place.

Ask her what's going on in town. She'll hand you a dinner that she wants you to give to Smitty. Also, talk to Stacy and ask her why is she so sad She'll mention a cat, and ask if you can hear the story about her cat. You'll get some experience for listening to the story. Head to the west side of the Den to return Smitty's meal. Smitty is in the far west corner of the West Side of the Den. Go talk to him, and tell him that you have his meal from Mom's.

You'll get experience and a stimpack for giving him the meal. If you take a look at Smitty's lockers, you can get a tool and other miscellaneous items. The last locker contains a shovel, which will be required for a quest later on. Now it is time to do some mercenary work. Go talk to Lara, who is south of Tubby's store it's the central building on the western wing of buildings. Lara is the woman in the second room. Talk to her, and ask her if there is any work to be done. She wants you to examine some crates in the Church on the East Side of the Den.

Head there. Once in the East Side, go to the church, and talk to Tyler. Tell him that Metzger sent you, and he wants you to check some stuff for him. He'll get pretty antsy, but will let you in. Once there, examine one column of the crates to find out that they are filled with chemical compounds. Head back to the West Side. When you go there, go talk to Lara, and tell her what you saw. Head to Metzger's slave guild. Talk to Metzger and ask if Lara can attack Tyler's gang. Metzger will say that it is okay. Go back to the West Side and talk to Lara.

She'll give you another quest: find a weakness in Tyler's gang. Go back to the church, and talk to Tyler. Ask him what's going on, and he'll mention that he's going to a party. Tell him that you want him to have fun. You'll get more experience. Go back to the West Side. Say yes. The fight isn't that bad, especially with Metzger's stolen shotgun and the revolver, and is ridiculously easy with the Power Armor. Now, it is time to put a ghost to rest. Go to the building that is directly south of the one that Lara usually stays. There should be a ghost there. Talk to the ghost, and ask her what is the matter. The ghost says that she can't find it. Ask the ghost what is the object, and then she'll mention that it is a locket. With this newfound knowledge, go to Mom's diner.

Talk to Mom, eat the meal that she offers you, and then ask her if she knows about the haunted house. She'll mention that a teen used the house about two years ago whose name is Joey. Thank her, and head back sigh to the West Side. Joey is the thug wearing a leather jacket. Talk to him, and ask him for some information. Ask him about the ghost, and then ask about the locket. With the locket, go back to the building where you found the ghost, and give her the locket. Talk to her again, and she'll turn into a pile of bones.

Pick up the bones and head to the graveyard. Find the grave marked "Anna Winslow. If you were wondering, the grave is in the southeastern area of the graveyard. If you have the Advanced Power Armor, you can go and kill Metzger for a good bit of experience. Loot the corpses to get their pistols and drugs, for they come in handy when it comes to buying weapons later on. Also, if you have killed Metzger, go to Rebecca's bar.

Head to Vault City now, but stop in the unknown green area while you're on your way there. A drought has plagued the crop harvest and a new "ghost farm" has been discovered. You can help forge an alliance between the new "ghost farm" and Modoc and also help the citizens in their daily lives. You can also get married here. Details When you first come into Modoc, go in the trading post, and talk to the mayor, Jo. Ask him about Modoc, and then ask him about the G. He'll say he knows where it is, and he'll present you with a new quest: find the Ghost Farm. Get the details for the quest, but you do not have to undertake it at this moment.

By the way, Jo will lie to you and mention that a G. K is like a Gecko You can go to the wooden building to the southeast of Modoc and talk to Grisham, the owner of the local slaughterhouse. If you do accept the quest, you have to guard some eight-odd brahmin against ten wild dogs. I have successfully completed the quest using a combination of a 10mm Pistol and a. After you have killed all ten dogs, leave the field and talk to Grisham to get the money.

Also, if you look at the shelf next to Grisham, there is a first-aid book as well as some flares. You can steal a shotgun and some shells from also. Next, go back to the trading post and talk to Jo. Barter some stuff pistols, excess ammo, etc. Go to the well in the central area, and pry open the cover for the well. Use the rope on the well in order to descend down the well. If you want, you can optionally go there and find a BB gun and some money though if you take those items, you'll lose karma. Head to the Rose's Bar and Breakfast area, and go to the shack directly to your right.

Talk to Farrel, and ask him about the gold watch. He'll tell you what happened. BTW, you'll find it later. Talk to him again, ask what he does, and tell him that you would like to help him get rid of some rats that invaded his garden. I had no problem defeating them unarmed. This holds true with or without the armor. Now, go back to Rose's Bed and Breakfast, and this time, heal to full health and save the game. Enter the outhouse it's a bit north of Farrel's home. Enter it, and place a stick of dynamite right next to the pile of rocks. Set the timer to three minutes, and escape from the outhouse. If you placed the dynamite correctly, this section Modoc should be covered with biological goo, as well as blowing the outhouse away.

Usually, it doesn't work, and sometimes you end up killing yourself in the process. After it has been done successfully, save the game, and heal yourself if you've taken massive damage as a result of the explosion. Enter the outhouse again, and go inside the cave. Kill the molerat that is guarding Cornelius' gold watch. Get the gold watch, leave the outhouse, and then give it to Farrel. Now it is time to deal with the Ghost Farm. Save the game, and leave Modoc for the Ghost Farm. If you have a high Doctor skill, you can heal Bess, the brahmin with the broken leg for some experience before you venture out to the Ghost Farm.

You can also get married in Modoc. To try, talk to Grisham's children in his home. It's good for a laugh, but his children are horrible in combat. It doesn't matter if you're a boy or a girl; both genders can have either spouse. Details When you go to the Ghost Farm, you might encounter some Slag guards in the beginning. Tell them that you will go down with them. If you don't see any, go to the building to the northeast, and fall down through the mat to go underground. Talk to one of the guards, ask them for answers to some questions, and then go to Vegeir with them.

Once you get to Vegeir, tell him that you have some questions, and then accept the quest to give the letter to Jo. Leave the Ghost Farm through the entrance to the south of Vegeir. Go to Modoc, and deliver the letter to Jo. Oh yes, be sure that you examine the bodies on the stake before you leave. Details When you enter Modoc, give Jo the letter. Jo will find out about the Slags, and he will get angry at the Slags for "killing" Karl and for harboring dead bodies on stakes in the farm.

Tell Jo that the bodies are fake, and you will go and find Karl. Jo will give you a month to find Karl. Karl is in the Den, in Mom's diner, on the east side. Jo will give you thirty-one days to find Karl; otherwise, he and some Modoc townsfolk will attack the Slags. Details Not too much to say here. Go to Mom's diner, and talk to the drunk in the green shirt. Ask him what is his story, and he'll start to talk about the ghost farm. Leave for Modoc upon hearing his story.

They kill this family of farmers, and tell you to walk away. This is foreshadowing to what will happen in the future. The big guy is the end-game boss. He may look hard right now, but the fight will be among the easiest in the game. You'll get lots of experience points for Modoc's trade. Go to the Tannery, and talk to Balthas. Ask him if he is preoccupied with something, introduce yourself, and then go find Jonny for him.

Jonny is in the ghost farm. Balthas will send Laddie with you to help you find Jonny. Talk to Vegeir, and tell him that the trade message was received well. He'll give you an Assault Rifle and some ammunition. The Assault Rifle can be upgraded with an extended clip to hold bullets versus It's okay since it's not too powerful, but the high ammo capacity and good range make up for its lack of power. Now, it is time to find Jonny. Head north while you're still in the underground , and enter the area next to the underground lake. Laddie will run up to Jonny. Talk to the little boy, and ask him if his name is Jonny.

He'll say yes, and then tell him that his mom and dad have sent you to find him. Jonny will then ask you for his dad's name of course, answer Balthas. After that, Jonny will be happy. You have to ask Vegeir if he can come home. Go to Vegeir and ask him if he can come home. He'll say yes and will arrange an escort to take you, Jonny, and Laddie to Modoc. When you get there, talk to Balthas, and he'll give you some new armor. You'll also receive a good bit of experience as well.

Head towards Vault City now. Troy, the medic of Vault City 3 Lydia, she will buy the beer and booze from you 4 Randall, chief Amenities officer 5 Stark, he heads the guards in Vault City 6 Thomas Moore, an abolitionist and an agent for Mr. Bishop you'll find out later 7 Curtis, the kid who lost his Mr. Nixon doll 8 Amanda, a worried courtyard dweller her husband is missing 9 Joshua, Amanda's husband 10 Barkus, he heads the Servant Allocation Center 11 Dr.

Andrew, the doctor for the courtyard dwellers 12 Ed, he can tell you about the other cities that surround Vault City 13 Mr. Nixon to Curtis. Listen to his conversation with Mr. Nixon to find the wrench. Andrew's clinic. Turn him later after you've completed the Gecko quest. Nixon to Curtis: xp - Repair Dr. It is a highly organized totalitarian society that traces its roots from the citizens of Vault 8.

Details Enter Vault City during the day. Head to the north and then take a right turn when you reach the bar. Go talk to the crying child, and he'll mention something about losing a Mr. Nixon doll. The doll is in a corner of the outside wall of the bar, near some old boxes. It's a box-looking object. Pick up the doll and give it to Curtis for some experience. Be sure to listen to his conversation, and he'll mention a wrench in a rock pile. Go to the rock pile which is due east and examine it upon hearing the reference to the wrench. You should find a wrench. Now, head to the tent that is next to you. Talk to the worried woman, and ask her what is wrong.

She'll say that her husband is now in the servant allocation center and was arrested. Offer to find Joshua for her. Go a bit north, and enter the clinic, and go to the room with the contraption the Auto-Doc in it. Repair the Auto-Doc using the tool. After it has been repaired, go a bit south and somewhat west and enter the shack that is north of the jail. Talk to the man in the green shirt, and ask him about where he got the flask from and then inquire about Vault He won't know where he got it from, but you'll receive some experience from digging out that info. Now go to the tent that is right across from the clinic with a farmer standing outside.

Talk to the farmer, and ask him what he does in Vault City. Ask him what is the problem, and then offer to buy him a plow. Go to Happy Harry's store it has a big happy face on its wall and talk to Harry. Ask if he is selling the plow, and buy it from him and be sure to ask him to deliver it to the Smith's. Go back to the tent next to the clinic, and talk to Mr. He'll hand you a Desert Eagle and you'll also receive some experience in the process. Now, head for Downtown, which is to the north. When you enter Downtown, go to the right into the Customs building.

Talk to Skeev, the man in the vault suit who is standing in the first room. Ask him what is this place, and then ask him that you're looking to go into the Vault, and then ask him about "other ways. Tell him that you might tell others that he might be selling citizenship papers, and he'll say that the others won't believe you. Buy the papers from him, and then make a sarcastic remark to him. He'll believe you, and then ask him to pay for your silence. He'll get really angry, and then tell him that "sweet talking" won't help at all. Tell him that you have his silence, and then talk to the gate guard. Tell him that you are a citizen, and give him your papers. He'll say that they looked legit, and then tell the guard that you missed meeting each other.

He'll let you through. Go to the Tap House on the right, and talk to Lydia, the bar owner. Ask her what's on tap, and then inquire about real alcohol. Next, head on to the maintenance center, and talk to Valerie, the girl in the metal armor. If you have Vic in your party, there'll be a lengthy conversation between her and Vic. Anyways, talk to her, and ask her what this place is. Ask her what does she repair, and then she'll mention something about missing tools.

Next, go to the Amenities office it's to the left to the Repair Shop and talk to the man Randal in the vault suit. Ask him what is this place, and then ask him if you can see what is in stock. He'll ask for your citizenship papers, and give him yours. Everything will work out, so buy a combat shotgun, some 12 ga. Now, head to the Corrections Center, and talk to the man in metal armor. Ask him what some questions, and then mention something about Patrols.

Offer to do some recon work for him, which is to scout out the eight sectors around Gecko. Leave, and go to the Servant Allocation center. Targeted shots deal a fair amount of damage, up to about 85 hit points, while regular shots deal between 10 and 30 hit points of damage. There's also a powerful burst mode, though it is weaker in the combat shotgun than in the other models. When you get there, talk to the guy in the vault suit. Ask him what is the Servant Allocation Center, and then tell him that you are looking for Joshua. Tell him that Joshua has a contagious disease, and then give him some more info.

After you get Joshua, head to the Information Center, which should be to your left. Talk to the the man in the vault suit, and ask what this place is. Ask him if he has any books or manuals, and he'll say that the books are being transcribed into an electronic format. Ask him if all the books are gone, and he'll tell you what might eventually happen to the information center. Tell him that you like reading a book instead of viewing text on an electronic screen, and he'll give you some free books. Leave the building and head outside. Once outside, go to the left, and you should see a man in green. Talk to him and accept to take a briefcase to the Bishop family in New Reno.

Note that this is strictly optional. Now, head for the City Council. Once you reach the Council, head north and a bit towards the left, and enter the Council building. Go inside, and talk to Lynette, the First Citizen she's in the southeastern room. Ask her about the G. K, and she'll say that it isn't meant for you. Tell her about the Vault Dweller, and then show her your jumpsuit and water flask. Ask her if she knows about Vault 13, and then ask if you can search the computer archives.

She'll say that you must take a Citizenship test you can only pass with 10 Intelligence and 10 Luck. Tell her that you will take the test, and she'll mention another way: get rid of the Ghoulish inhabitants of Gecko. You'll take yet another route to "true" citizenship, however. Leave Vault City for Gecko. By the way, there is another NPC in the bar who you can pick up. His name is Cassidy, and he is like Vic in many respects, but a lot better.

Cassidy can use most two-handed small guns, and is far better in combat than Vic at this stage in the game. He has heart problems, so if he takes any drugs other than stimpacks, he can die. He's pretty good. Also, be sure to talk to Amanda to get your reward for finding Joshua. Its economy relies on a cranky nuclear reactor that is contaminating the local water supply, which coincidentally is used by Vault City.

Details When you enter Gecko, go to a bit to the north and enter the building which reads "manager's office. Also, examine the shelf on the left hall to find a book about science. While you're in the building, talk to the ghoul Harold who is in the primary room, beside the desk. Ask him what does he do here, and then he'll mention that the reactor isn't working well and that he needs a Hydroelectric Magnetosphere. If you talk to the ghoul on his left Lenny , you can pick up another NPC. He can also heal you, if necessary. Head east to the Nuclear Plant. He can also heal you, for his forte is the Doctor skill. He's not really worth having in the long run, however.

Once in the plant, head a bit to the north and a ways east, and enter the room with a ghoul behind a room that has lockers. Talk to the ghoul his description says that he has a shaved head and tell him that you have something to pick up. Ask for a three-step plasma transformer, and give him the part request form one of the items on the clipboard that you found earlier. Leave the room, and go a bit to the east and enter the room a bit to the south with a rusted locker. Open it and take the yellow keycard out. Leave the room, and head to the southern part of the reactor. Put the keycard in one of your active item slots and open the yellow door. After you get past that level of security, go to the room with a shelf.

Examine the shelf and get the red key card and put it in your item slot remove the yellow card. Now, make your way to the east and talk to Festus, the ghoul in the southeasternmost room. Tell him that the reactor isn't running very well, and then tell him that Vault City is complaining about the groundwater problem. He'll say that nothing is wrong. Anyways, leave the reactor and go to the Junkyard, to the north. When you get there, go to the Survival Gear center, and talk to the shopkeeper. Ask him what is going on, and he'll mention that his friend Woody is missing. Offer to find Woody for him. Also, go to the northwest and enter the big building. Talk to the ghoul there, and he'll offer to fix up one of your weapons for finding a three-step plasma transformer.

Right now, get the speed loader for the. After you've gotten your upgrade, leave for Vault City. Go in Valerie's repair shop, and pick up the Super Tool Kit. Next, head to the corrections center and talk to Stark; tell him that you've scouted the area. He'll give you some money and you'll receive some experience as well. Go to the City Council to the north. When you enter the Council, go in the main Council building and talk to Councilman McClure he should be in the left wing of the building.

Talk to him, introduce yourself, and ask about the part for Gecko's power plant. Tell him that Lynette won't make you a citizen even if you fix the power plant problem. He'll authorize you to pick up something from the Amenities office. Go to the office and get the part. Leave for Gecko. Steal the tool kit from him afterwards. If your efforts are fruitless, save the game in a different slot, and enter the nuclear reactor. Go to the red coolant valve and use the Hy-Mag there. It'll take a few tries to get it to work. You'll lose a lot of hit points because of the intense radiation there.

If you've got a high enough science skill, you can use the computer terminal to fix the reactor. This is what you do: Add a command List programs Delete all commands Execute program Back Logoff Then choose 'add a command' again and add the following: 1. Amplify plutonium-gamma shield 2. Deharmonize neptunium impeller 3. Calibrate uranium-rod driver 4. Set voltage on saturn-class capicitor 5. Test jupiter-wave compiler 6. Install hydroelectric magnetosphere regulator Then you end the program and then execute.

After it is successfully installed, save the game. Also, talk to Festus again, and get the optimization data for Gecko's power plant. You can also go and talk to the ghoul who handles the storage and barter some ammo for another 3-step Plasma Transformer. Also, go to the north end and talk to Skeeter. Give the tool kit to him for the fuel cell controller. Save the game and successfully steal the tool kit. Give Skeeter the plasma transformer, and he can upgrade another one of your weapons. Save, and head for Vault City. If you've looked closely, there's a working computer in the reactor control room. You can chat with an Enclave guard talking head and all - it's a very humorous conversation.

Here are the steps you'll need to take: init. He'll get arrested. Tell him that Skeev is involved in illegal practices, and show him the fake citizenship papers. Skeev will be dealt with, and you'll receive a free day pass. Enter the city afterwards. Once you get in the city, go to the City Council, and talk to McClure. Tell him that you have repaired Gecko's Power Plant, and you'll be granted citizenship for Vault City.

Head for the Vault City Vault now. In the Vault, talk to the woman in the blue jumper. Tell her your name, and ask about Vault City. Tell her that you've noticed the similarity of citizens, and encourage her to explore the outside world. If you're male, you can go out with her for some experience and donate sperm to Vault City for some more experience. If you have high Intelligence, you can discuss the pregnancy cycle and tell her about radiation causing sterility and anomalities among the citizens for even more experience. Save, and enter the second floor of the Vault.

NOTE: If you examined the computer, and have searched the medical database, you can get some extremely important information regarding Combat Implants. If you want the implants which are highly recommended , pump up your doctor skill. Once you're there, go to the far right, and fix the rattling vent using the repair skill for some experience. Also, save the game, and attempt to lockpick all of the doors in the area.

The main objective is to open the locked door to the southwest the door is next to the one whose power couplings are broken. That room has a Voice Module, which is essential to beating the game. Anyways, attempt to pick the door, and after you open it, save the game. Electronic Lockpicks will also help they're at the Navarro base. Be sure to loot everything that you can find, however. Go to the third floor, and to the far left. Use the science skill on the Learning Terminal for some easy experience. Afterwards, make your way towards the right, and use the computer that is talking.

Optimize the Power Plant disc. Save, go to the corrections center outside of the Vault, and tell Stark that you'll scout out NCR for him. Now, go to Gecko. Use the disc there, and the power plant will be optimized. Save the game.

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