Alcaligenes Faecalis Experiment

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Alcaligenes Faecalis Experiment

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Biological Engineering Open main menu. Close Open search. Close About. Achievements Recognition E-Week Awards. Close Students. Close Research. Close People. Close Assessment. Close Quick Links. Ronald Sims Dr. Charles Miller. Introduction Excess nitrogen in wastewater effluent leads to harmful environmental effects, including eutrophication of reservoirs which causes harmful algal blooms. Design objectives. This study aims to obtain the kinetic constants of ammonium removal K m and V max through Michaelis-Menten kinetics for Alcaligenes faecalis , a known heterotrophic nitrifier.

These constants can be used in the design of a Lagoon wastewater treatment system. Autotrophic kinetic constants. V max is dependent on the enzyme or cell concentration, therefore, the V max found in this study cannot be directly compared to values for autotrophic nitrifiers. K m , however, is universal and can be compared. K m for Nitrosomonas Europa was found to be 1. Methods Bacterial strain was selected and cultured. Alcaligenes faecalis ATCC was selected as a heterotrophic nitrifier. Growth curves were produced for A. Used to identify the effect of ammonium on cell growth and verify that ammonium was the limiting substrate in the defined test media.

Also provided necessary timing information, such as doubling time of the bacteria and the duration of the log phase of growth. Tests were performed to obtain kinetic data relating to A. Bacteria were grown until OD was between 0. Additional ammonium was then introduced equal to the amount needed to bring the ammonium concentration back up to desired test concentration. Length: Mass Da : 27, It is useful for tracking sequence updates.

The algorithm is described in the ISO standard. Alcaligenes sp. Alcaligenes aquatilis. Full view. These are stable identifiers and should be used to cite UniProtKB entries. Upon integration into UniProtKB, each entry is assigned a unique accession number, which is called 'Primary citable accession number'. See complete history. Do not show this banner again. Priority is given to the annotation of physiological ligands. BioCyc i. Search reactions for this EC number in Rhea. Alcaligenes faecalis. This is known as the 'taxonomic identifier' or 'taxid'. It lists the nodes as they appear top-down in the taxonomic tree, with the more general grouping listed first. PRIDE i.

SMR i. Database of comparative protein structure models More ModBase i. HAMAP i. Integrated resource of protein families, domains and functional sites More InterPro i. Pfam protein domain database More Pfam i. PIRSF i.

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