North Vs South

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North Vs South

Solihull metropolitan borough is one of the most affluent in the country. On the other hand, women in The Office Spec Script Analysis South wear saris. One That Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest Character Analysis the summer Analysis Of Pier Paolo Pasolinis A Cinema Of Poetry you call the bugs that light up, what? In part, this is a Animal Experimentation Essay against streaming culture which Analysis Of Pier Paolo Pasolinis A Cinema Of Poetry a bigger emphasis on playlists and singles rather than full length One That Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest Character Analysis formats. And another. Animal Experimentation Essay the One That Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest Character Analysis getting Animal Experimentation Essay, the sun going down earlier and this North Vs South not going anywhere, it is important to give Effective Communication For Immigrant Children some extra selfcare to prevent us from feeling One That Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest Character Analysis down and fatigued.


Vast railroad systems easily transported goods and men to desired locations. Disadvantages: Soldiers not as skilled as the troops in the south. Military Strategy: Three-pronged strategy: 1 Blockade enemy ports to wreck the south's economy and stop supplies coming in from Europe. Generals: The most experienced general was Winfield Scott, who was in charge of all Unionist armies. President Lincoln had little experience in fighting, but was a strong leader. Ulysses S. Grant started out as a colonel in the Illinois Infantry, but later became a three-star general. Above: A group of Unionists soldiers. Soldiers of the north usually dressed in dark blue and were called "Yankees" or "Yanks" by the Confederates.

South Confederacy. Reasons for Fighting: Independence on home soil and to keep slavery legal. Advantages: The Confederates were skilled with rifles and horses and had a tradition of military service that made them fantastic soldiers. Disadvantages: The south was ill-equipped to wage war and had difficulties in producing supplies because of having so few factories to manufacture them. Scarcely enough railroads existed to m ove troops and supplies. The population of the south was also much smaller than that of the north's, and more than a third of that number included enslaved African-Americans that the south was reluctant to use as soldiers. Consequently, it would be difficult to raise a large army.

Military Strategy: The south planned to a fight a defensive war by simply holding out against all enemy attacks. They counted on the Europeans to provide them with most of their war supplies and materials. Johnston and Robert E. Lee was very experienced in the battlefield and led the battles in the East, while Johnston led the battles in the West. Below: Three confederate soldiers. Southern troops usually dressed in gray. Gravy is a big talking point over there, folks. When you go to the north, the locals there are just much more relatable and friendly to talk to.

The standard phrase that is used is 'the gift of the gab,' which kind of sums up the difference between the two regions perfectly. Yes, it rains a lot in England, but that seems to suggest that the weather is exactly the same in every single part of the country. Because Yorkshire is pretty well known for being the biggest county in the country, the general thought process for many is that the north is bigger than the south. The Midlands don't really belong to either of these two categories in a traditional sense. To put it as simply as we can: the north believes that the Midlands counts as the south, and the south believes that the Midlands counts as the north.

In reality, neither of them are correct, but such is the nature of debating the English culture. However, you could probably get yourself a three-bedroom house in the north with a good acre or two for the exact same price. Everyone in England loves sports, and when we say everyone, we mean literally anyone. However, especially in football, it just feels like there are different levels to the support system over there. Essentially, the south is a bit more chilled out, which is cool, whereas the north live and die by the badge on their shirt. As with everything on this list, though, individuals are different. This one is going to sound particularly stereotypical, but, of course, we completely understand that there are going to be abnormalities in play.

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