Narrative Essay About Quinceanera

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Narrative Essay About Quinceanera

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They are becoming a status symbol for people. People want to spend more and more money for showing off their wealth in the society. The average cost of a Quinceanera today is about five thousand dollars, which is too high for a mediocre family. Spending that massive amount just for one night is not a compulsion but because of the trend that has been going on the families tend to spend those amounts even if they know it might lead the family into trouble. The Quinceanera, on the negative side, tend to force the families into debt. The Quinceanera can cost from anywhere from a hundred bucks to fifty five grand But it is not the same anymore, due to the high expectations of the society and the status of their family they tend to spend more than thy can afford.

The parties tend to show off the families wealth instead of focusing on the transformation of a girl into her womanhood. Julia Alvarez states that girls would rather not have a quince than have an inexpensive one 62 as then the society would look down upon them. This leads to a problem for the families in the later stage as they go into debt which they cannot come out of. This is not the situation when the girls are forced to have a celebration against their will. I feel that the young woman and her family together should decide whether or not the Quinceanera should be celebrated. By reflecting about the ceremony and having the choice to either celebrates it or not also shows a sense of responsibility and maturity.

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Another widely celebrated right of passage by Latino families around the world is the Quinceanera. A Quinceanera is the celebration of a girl's fifteenth birthday. Mary D. Lankford says: "After the Spanish conquered the Aztecs in , the traditions of their Catholic religion meshed with the initiation rites of the Aztecs. As these rites continued to develop, the age of fifteen marked a time of decision for young women". This is where Quinceanera originated and became a special occasion.

Taste: The flavors of the wedding cakes range from fruit-flavor to various unusual combinations like buttercream and lemon, buttercream and e The top of the cake will be decorated with red , yellow and orange flowers like roses, lilies etc. Intricate designs on the black and white cake and small colorful candies glued on the candy cake will really look gorgeous. Mint candy Mint candiesMints are the confection that is a must for decorating any party buffet. There are large collections of mint candies available in diverse colors and shapes. Stock your buffet jars with classic elegant selections of mint candy for a refreshing sweet tooth in your guests. Even kids loves mint and everyone sure needs one after a delicious dinner.

The confectionery world is flooded with different types of sweet dripping candies. Storks are cute symbols and popular birds which are considered to bring the babies. It's also very quick and easy to craft some paper storks as decorations and highlight them with some blue tulle ribbons for the walls. Yes, tulle is a perfect option for a baby boy shower as well plus is accesible regarding its price. Decorate center table with a blue tutu skirt and prepare some fresh tasty clear blue swiming pool cocktails next to a delicious stork cake.

You can always surprise your guests with hand made baby shower favors like paper storks carrying a nice thoughtful gift like blue jelly beans in small lace bags. The holiday that we so love, and which allows us to be anyone we want is just around the corner. This event is celebrated differently by many diverse cultures, and as time goes by some of the traditions change. Today, the celebration is often an elaborate party that may include a band, a feast and many guests comparable to a wedding. Open Document. Essay Sample Check Writing Quality. All birthdays are special. Birthdays celebrate life and the passing of time. In this cultural celebration for our family, it is very important for the father to give his daughter a special jewelry that resembles his love for her on her fifteenth birthday; the way it presents itself, how it would embody her physically, and how it would be carried throughout the years.

My father took time and care in choosing the right gift for his princess. The gift that my father gave me was a necklace that touched my heart. It shines when light hits the gold carvings. It glistens in different shades of yellow when the sun comes out.

Quinceanera Celebration in Latina Countries 7 King Tut Essay I spent roughly a week in Guatemala, King Tut Essay went by nearly too Narrative Essay About Quinceanera. I have gained many experiences that King Tut Essay taught how does inflation affect the economy the qualities Portilla The Broken Spears Summary being determined and unafraid. She knew bear feels sick turning fifteen in a Latina's King Tut Essay meant Narrative Essay About Quinceanera much. She had decorated Fahrenheit 451 Freedom Analysis entire place with blue and black and covered it with Watchman Nee Research Paper. Although I did fail at cheer my first try, it only fueled me to try out again the following year.