Description Of A Stormy Sea

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Description Of A Stormy Sea

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It ranges from 28 degrees Fahrenheit to over 86 degrees Fahrenheit. The highest temperatures are recorded north of the equator, while Polar Regions record minimum values. The Coriolis Effect causes the South Atlantic water to circulate in an anticlockwise motion and North Atlantic water to circulate in a clockwise direction. The surface salinity is influenced by precipitation, evaporation, sea ice melting, and inflow from rivers. The region to the north of the equator has the lowest saline values due to heavy tropical rains. The tropical regions are the most saline due to the high evaporation rate and low precipitation.

The Atlantic tides have been studied since ancient times. The Atlantic basin tides are considered a single phenomenon. Mixed tides are prevalent in the Caribbean Sea and the Gulf of Mexico. In , Christopher Columbus sailed to America's coast under the Spanish flag. In , Vasco da Gama proved that the Indian and Atlantic oceans were connected, after successfully reaching India through the Cape of Good Hope under the Portuguese flag. Soon after, the Spanish and Portuguese colonized much of the New World territories and confined the Amerindians to slavery. However, the two colonizers frequently conflicted, leading to series of Spanish-Portuguese Wars. Between the 15th and the late 19th centuries, the Atlantic slave trade thrived across the Atlantic Ocean, with over ten million Africans exported to the Americas as slaves.

The US and British Empire officially abolished the slave trade in , but slavery was abolished in by the British and by the US. Trans-Atlantic trade was crucial for Europe between and , with countries such as pain, Portugal, France, Britain, and the Netherlands having direct access to the ocean. The Atlantic Ocean is home to innumerable species of marine flora and fauna. It ranges from microscopic algae and phytoplanktons as primary producers to apex predators like whales, sharks, etc. The ocean is also home to several threatened marine animals including several species of sea turtles, whales, manatees, etc. Thousands of fish species live in the ocean and provide food and a source of livelihood through fishing for millions of people.

Marine pollution is a major issue currently threatening the ecosystem of the Atlantic Ocean. Littering along the beaches, the dumping of wastes and sewage into the ocean waters, and polluted rivers emptying into the ocean, are some of the sources polluting the Atlantic Ocean. Climate change also threatens the flora and fauna of the ocean and the lives of those living along the Atlantic coastline.

As per predictions by researchers, warmer sea surface temperature will result in a increased hurricane activity over the Atlantic. Episodes Country Comfort. Season 1. Release year: Crazy 21m. Teardrops on My Guitar 26m. Sign, Sign, Everywhere a Sign 27m. My Girl 23m. Blue 25m. Summer Lovin' 27m. Back in the Saddle Again 25m. You Matter to Me 24m. Bless the Broken Road 27m. More Details. Watch offline. Available to download. This show is Heartfelt, Feel-Good. More Like This. Coming Soon. Years after a humiliating defeat, an MMA fighter grabs one last shot at redemption when the young son she left behind comes back into her life.

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