Driving Ambition In Shakespeares Macbeth

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Driving Ambition In Shakespeares Macbeth

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Macbeth - A Complete Analysis (Shakespeare's Works Explained)

Explore the theme of ambition in Macbeth. As he begins to doubt himself, and his decision to murder Duncan, Macbeth wonders what his motivation is:. Because he is using language taken from horse riding to make his point spur, prick the sides the word vaulting makes sense. However, the word also has other suggestions, which Macbeth realises. Ambition is something of a problem — it may help the rider clear an obstacle, but it may also make the rider go down.

So the image which hangs in the air is of ambition, either rising or falling or both. Although Macbeth recognises the motivation given to him by his ambition to be king, the worry of falling still gives him doubts. This has been predicted already, by his wife. So for Lady Macbeth, ambition is not enough. This leads us to wonder: what causes Macbeth to kill the king? His ambition comes only from the prophecy of the Witches. He became paranoid and feared Banquo, whose integrity and loyalty could allow him to avenge Duncan's death. Even though Banquo thought it was quite odd that Macbeth quickly acquired the titles the witches hailed him, he did not think Macbeth was capable of murdering Duncan.

However, what really was bothering Macbeth was Banquo's sons were prophesied to inherit the throne. Macbeth would do whatever he could to prevent anyone, even after his death, from taking the throne. Macbeth wasn't just satisfied with being king; he wanted to have his descendants share the title as well. She congregates everything that is evil inside her body in order to perform the evil deed of murdering Duncan. If Lady Macbeth is absent from the story, the murder of Duncan would not take place. This is so because during many parts of the story, Macbeth possesses uncertainty of whether it is righteous to take the life of such a great king in order to feed his hunger for power.

Despite Macbeth doubting whether or not he should accept the murder of Duncan, he is always convinced by his wife that murdering Duncan is appropriate. Shortly after the death of his children and wife, Macduff returns to Scotland for revenge. They pushed him to do the morally wrong thing, and he succumbed to their wishes. The three weird sisters may have predicted and lead Macbeth towards a certain path but fate had nothing to do with the decisions that Macbeth made.

If Macbeth had not fallen for the witches tricks and riddles, he could have avoided his untimely death and enjoyed the titles that he had, without becoming power-crazy and. The consequences of murder and power are continuously shown as the tragedy proceeds. MacBeth is aware that his only motivation to kill the king is his ambition, and that ambition drives people to disaster.

Lady MacBeth, an power-hungry woman, persuades her husband to return to the plan of murdering their king. The first ploy she used to persuade MacBeth was an emotional appeal, making him feel bad about himself by calling him a coward. We might know that what we are about to do is wrong, but we 'll still go through with it because we don 't want to look weak, this is actually what Macbeth did. He went through with the plan to kill King Duncan after he had the Pep Talk with wife. His wife was willing to kill the King without any remorse at all, but she said that the King looked like his old man so she didn 't do it.

The King has never done anything bad to Macbeth and his wife, but he good to them. Power is an incredible thing, it will make a person do the craziest thing that he or she never imagine. His ambition to be king dissolved his good nature and morality. When Lady Macbeth called him a coward, before you knew it, the murder was taking place. After the successful murder of Duncan, Macbeth entered a life of evil. My thought, whose murder is yet but fantastical, shakes so that my single state of man that function is smoldered I surmise and nothing is but what is not.

Macbeth desires to become king, but his ambition is halted when he thinks of the consequences that follow if he were to get his wish. Right after She had the organized the entire plan of murdering Duncan, which involved killing the guards also so it could cover up their bases in the murder of Duncan. Macbeth is slightly doubtful of her plan to kill the king, however Lady Macbeth subtly bombards him with comments that now question his courage and by saying their love is nothing if he refuses to go through with this plan. He would abuse his powers by killing people and not worrying about his duties as a king.

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