Chris Mccandlesss Flaws In Into The Wild

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Chris Mccandlesss Flaws In Into The Wild

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I would always answer the students honestly, and I just started giving out more information. To hear so many times how these young people finally reached out for help, for the first time, I knew I had to tell this story. On that score, the book is not just about Chris and your parents and Into the Wild. A lot of it is about you, as an adult survivor of domestic violence and emotional trauma. Yes, and I want people to understand that, because my intent is not to retell Into the Wild. So I utilize myself in both positive and self-deprecating ways. This book very much goes into all of that. I think Chris saw nature as an escape from all the things that he was lacking in his childhood.

Things might be harsh, and nature is sometimes harsh, but nature is not going to manipulate you. I know this book is going to be the beginning of a long, really tough process. But I believe these lessons can help those who read them as much as it helped me to write them down. I wrote this book with a focus on truth and with pure intent. The person who taught me that this is the only thing that matters is Chris. When you buy something using the retail links in our stories, we may earn a small commission. Outside does not accept money for editorial gear reviews. Read more about our policy. Search Search. McCandless in Alaska. Courtesy the McCandless Family. Twitter Icon. Carine McCandless Family Collection You also emphasize that Chris had a sense of adventure at a very young age, a love of nature, and that he was drawn to Alaska by the books he liked as a boy.

Walt and Billie with Chris after his high school graduation in Carine, Chris, Walt, and Billie in the s. Filed to: Family Media Nature. More on Into the Wild. By: Diana Saverin. Since his father lied to him it made Christopher more determined to run away and find his mother. This idea pushed Christopher to accomplish his hopes and dream with taking his math classes and going to a university.

Even when his ambitions were too unrealistic to achieve, he continued to follow them, relying oh his belief of his own exceptionality. Maybe if he would have been less self-centered and a little more humble to let other people help him to prepare better for his journey, he could still be alive, but unfortunately instead of thinking rationally he let his arrogance cloud his judgments and in April he walked into the Alaskan forest not prepared for what was waiting ahead of. McCandless shows that the expedition was self-discovery, to take a risk to improve his own life.

Throughout his journey, McCandless lies in harsh environments as well as having several ways and chances to get home, but he does not take them. Many would try to say that risky lifestyles are dangerous and best to take the easiest approach especially since Chris dies in Alaska in his journey. Proving that risk can take your life or loved ones, but that is why it is important to do risky choices in life since it pays back in the long run. Throughout this time Phil tries to attempt suicide a few time but realize he just wakes up on the same day each time so he knew it was unless to take the easy way out.

Maybe after day or even years Phil decides to improve his life and change the way he behaves and changes his attitude towards others. He starts to learn about the people from the. He wants to join his father because he is now turning into a man and wants to do manly things with his father instead. Nick is only in the last part because he is no longer as young as he was, he did not have to be near his father throughout the whole story like he did in Indian camp. In Indian camp Nick 's father brings him along so he can realise what life is about. He wanted Nick to see what he does and how it changes lives. He was smart, and he knew the consequences of his actions.

After Johnny. As people age they change their mentality, views on society, and thoughts on how they want to live in the future. It is evident that Chris McCandless the protagonist from Into the Wild, went through this stage where he was stuck, tired of his parents, tired of school, grades and maybe even his friends, so he decided to just leave. The three reasons behind this conclusion are because he knew what he was doing, he made himself one goal to achieve, and practiced his …show more content… He wanted to test himself on what he was capable of. In an article written by Peter Christian, an Alaska Park Ranger, he describes how Chris was unprepared for his journey: ucFirst and foremost, he spent very little time learning how to actually live in the wild.

His story is a cautionary one because what happened to him was very unfortunate. Chris proudly shoots down a moose in June, but butchering it traumatizes him, making him regret killing the animal. He is thought to have died of starvation two weeks before his body was discovered. McCandless would probably still be alive today if his guidebook to edible plants had warned that Hedysarum alpinum seeds contain a neurotoxin that can cause paralysis. Chris McCandless wanted to experience what it was like to live off the land in the wilderness, so he set out with only ten pounds of rice, a rifle, and a book on wild plants.

He also refused to accept help or advice when it was offered to him for some reason.

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