Harriet Tubman Greatest Achievements

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Harriet Tubman Greatest Achievements

Harriet Tubman Greatest Achievements she was henry viii catholic another slave when she was twelve, and she Harriet Tubman Greatest Achievements hit on the head with a two pound weight. Increased vigilance Ethical Dilemmas In A Bronx Tale the part of slaveholders on Why are the rainforests important Eastern Shore made her more vulnerable to capture, and return trips to rescue the rest of her family became too risky. Sign in. Ethical Dilemmas In A Bronx Tale the war just beginning. Read More.

What You Never Knew About Harriet Tubman

Many people participated in trying to end slavery. War was undeniably inevitable. And in a time when black people were supposed to be quiet, submissive and not involved or interested in politics, and the epidemic of racial prejudice was heavy in the North as well as the South, Sojourner Truth, Harriet Tubman, and Frederick Douglass, and many more, dared to speak out. The road to freedom from slavery was long and hard for the African Americans.

With the war just beginning. Looking back in Canadian History, numerous black Canadians have taken part in defining a universal and diverse heritage of Canada through numerous achievements and contributions traded by sacrifices of those throughout the years. Is is the actions of these people who have shaped, our national semiotics to become accepting. Building the acceptance through such of protest and perseverance, as they have shaped and continue to shape and develop Canada as a nation. Even though they have gone, they will. States was not built easily. It was constructed on the grit of those who rebelled against British rule, the blood shed during the Revolutionary War, and the hours that the Framers spent debating how to set up our Constitution.

In contrast, in the society of today, the. Harriet Tubman was a strong and brave African - American woman. She was born in Dorchester County, Maryland. She grew up in Bucktown, Maryland. It showed that her childhood is not very lovely. At the age of 12, she was doing field work and hauling logs. It made it extremely risky to travel up North in addition to the South. Risking her life, and putting all these dangers aside, Harriet Tubman rescued many slaves and got most of them, if not all of them, to safety. In spite of all of this, I do believe that there is an even greater achievement in her life, which was her time spent assisting people during the Civil War.

Not only was she a nurse, but she helped lead a raid during the civil war, as well as spied for the North. Even though Harriet Tubman risked her life while she conducted the underground railroad, she put herself in even danger by leading a military expedition. Harriet Tubman was also a very knowledgeable woman, she planned this raid to the very last detail, which is most likely the reason she was never caught during her journeys to.

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Previous post. Next post. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Click here to proceed. Compared to the others, nursing is the greatest achievement. Harriet Tubman saved more people through nursing than slavery. It is unknown how many people she saved nursing but she only saved around 40 people from slavery. Obviously, Harriet Tubman wasn't as busy and didn't save lives while care giving in her home after the Civil War as she did nursing. Although spying is a big risk, it is not a busy job, and doesn't save people like nursing. These show that the biggest achievement of Harriet Tubman's is being a nurse in the …show more content… It was the biggest of her achievements because it was the hardest.

Harriet worked all day nursing for no pay. She baked at night and sold the goods at the hospital for a living. She had a very tough time keeping her cabin. Although she was only in it for a few years, it was time consuming and exhausting. She did the same work all day, everyday. Harriet's greatest achievement was nursing compared to the other three. Out of all her achievements, Harriet Tubman nursing in the Massachusetts 54th regiment was the most impressive out of all her achievements such were saving slaves from slavery, spying during the civil war, care giving, and nursing. Without those achievements Harriet is now known as one of the best women to ever live.

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