Domestic Violence Intervention Program

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Domestic Violence Intervention Program

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Program aims to break chain of recurring domestic violence

This program limits the access to personal information that would reveal the new location of an ACP participant. ACP provides eligible victims of domestic violence with a substitute address that has no connection to their actual location. This substitute mailing address may be used when creating a new record with state or local government agencies. Safety and Accountability Assessment The Safety and Accountability Assessment framework is used by professional and advocacy organizations that partner and strive to improve the safety and accountability of interventions in cases where individuals experience violence. Examples of these systematic barriers include unequal access to services, gender stereotypes, lack of coordination, and contradictory policies and practices.

The Safety Assessment is designed to allow an interagency team to discover how problems are produced in the structure of case processing and management, identify available resources, and implement solutions. This analysis evaluates the process by which systems investigate, prosecute, and provide services while addressing the safety of victims and offender accountability at multiple levels. This team maintains responsibility for completing the Assessment process, making recommendations for improvement, and acting as ambassadors for implementation of those recommendations.

The process involves examining whether institutional policies and practices enhance the safety and well-being of victims of violence against women, as well as enforce perpetrator accountability. The Safety Assessment does not assess individual effectiveness or actions. An Assessment involves mapping the system, interviewing and observing workers, analyzing paperwork and other texts generated in the handling of domestic violence-related cases.

Recommendations coming out of an Assessment process are directed toward institutional changes that will enhance victim safety and well-being and perpetrator accountability. VAWC complements the Domestic Violence Liaison initiative, by providing advanced practice training for DCF staff with a demonstrated interest in and aptitude for working with families where domestic violence occurs. The program further develops DCF's capacity to employ best practices when addressing domestic violence.

Governor Sheila Oliver. DCF Home. NJ Hopeline From Verizon. Search Search select. Click here. Stimulating discussions on evidence-based interventions, featuring renowned researchers and treatment providers from all over the world. Selected podcasts free to the public. Listen now! Go to the Podcasts. Local chapters are now being formed throughout the United States and other countries.

Click here for chapter list. ADVIP members enjoy free scholarly articles from the peer-reviewed journal, Partner Abuse, access the full podcast library and blog postings, participate in virtual roundtable meetings, and obtain discounts on training videos and biannual conferences. Click here for Member Benefits. Click Here for Survey Results. ADVIP members meet quarterly to share news and information on intimate partner violence, including the latest research and promising trends in evidence-based practice.

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