Tough Love In The Glass Castle

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Tough Love In The Glass Castle

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The La Poers became infamous in the 14th century after they launched several attacks on Waterford City. In , the family destroyed the area surrounding the city but were counter-attacked, captured, and subsequently hanged. The walk stretches for 5km and takes around 1. Set within the walls of the privately owned Lismore Castle , the gardens at Lismore stretch across 7 lush acres and offer spectacular views of the castle and the surrounding countryside.

The gardens here are divided into two distinct halves. The Upper Garden is a fine example of the 17th-century walled garden that was first constructed here by the First Earl of Cork, in around The Lower Garden, which was created in the 19th century, is more informal and is filled with shrubs, trees, and lawns. Note : As Lismore Castle is one of a handful of Irish castles that are within private ownership, there is no public access. The Ballysaggartmore Towers walk is an easy loop of about 2km through gorgeous woodland. The final ramble is the brilliant Dunmore East Cliff Walk.

Those working on the construction used this trail to go back and forth from Portally and Ballymacaw. Some of the top things to do in Waterford are, in my opinion, the places that either 1, take you off-the-beaten-path or 2, treat you to a nice, unique experience. This section of the guide is packed with places to visit and things to see in Waterford that tend to get missed by many visiting the county. This is definitely one of the most unusual things to do in Waterford. Hit play on the video above and see for yourself. Definitely one of the most unique places to visit in Waterford. Now, keep in mind that if you plan on trying this, you need to do so safely — i. Hardy locals swim here all year round. The Metal Man is a unique monument near Tramore. It stands on one of the three pillars at Newtown Cove and can be seen from long distances away.

It was constructed as a maritime beacon after the tragic loss of over lives after HMS Seahorse sank back in Dressed in traditional British sailor clothing, the Metal Man is on private land with the entrance to the monument blocked due to dangerous cliffs. However, you can see the figure from various points along the coast. Waterford Blaa dates wayyyyy back to the late 17th Century and in was given Protected Geographical Indication status. It arrived in the city with a group of Huguenots French Protestants at a time when Waterford was a powerful trading city for goods like wheat, butter, and flour.

In , a Huguenot bakery opened in Waterford. Traveller Tip : Fancy tasting some Blaa for yourself? The lads at Pure Adventure offer kayaking tours along the Copper Coast. Definitely one of the most unique things to do in Waterford. Although there are plenty of great hotels in Waterford , there are also some very funky places to spend a night if you fancy a stay with a difference. This heritage railway runs for 10km along the abandoned Waterford and Dungarvan line.

It travels from Kilmeadan back towards Waterford along the banks of the River Suir. The old carriages trundle through the valley offering great scenery of the area, which is only accessible by this train or on the Waterford Greenway trail. The next section of our Waterford attractions guide is packed with our favourite things to do in Waterford, from hikes and walks to pints, drives and more. This is one of those drives that rarely makes the pages of shiny travel guides or ads.

Which is a shame, as the Comeragh Mountains are a beautiful part of Ireland that you can soak up by car, foot, or bike. The last time I did this drive was when we were visiting Mahon Falls. When you leave Mahon Falls, point your nose in the direction of Dungarvan and let the road that winds through the mountains do the rest. Dunmore East is one of those villages in Ireland, similar to Doolin , that people tend to visit, fall in love with, and return to time and time again.

Visitors can expect an unspoiled coastline, coves and beaches. If you fancy a pint with a view, drop into the Strand Inn. See our Dunmore East accommodation guide for places to stay. Running from Waterford City to Dungarvan, the Greenway covers 46km and boasts spectacular views throughout. You can do the whole thing in one go or you can join it at various points.

If you can, try and do this either very early in the morning or during the week — as this is one of the most popular things to do in Waterford, it can get very busy at times. Waterford is home to its fair share of beaches. One of the best, in my opinion, is the beautiful Bunmahon Beach. Get out. Stretch the legs. And gulp down that fresh ocean air. A day spent spinning along the Copper Coast is arguably one of the best things to do in Waterford. It boasts a spectacular, ever-changing landscape with seemingly endless rolling hills and steep cliffs.

The Nire Valley is a glorious collection of coums and lakes with a plethora of walking trails on offer, with something on offer for both experienced and inexperienced walkers. You can saunter along through the woods beside the Nire River or try one of the many looped walks. Aim for the car park and tip over to one of the information boards for an overview of the different trails.

The unspoiled beauty of the Nire Valley gives it an almost other-worldly feel. A fine spot for a day of exploring on foot. Wareham, Dorset. Optional camping at Weymouth. Learn more. Download Factsheet. Covid Confidence. How to Join. Self Funding for You. Pay for your event place in full, with no fundraising required. Full Sponsorship for Charity. Mixed Funding for Charity. Sign Up Now! See deals. Charity Partners. Our Charity Partners. See All Charities. Check out the Challenge Options. Click here. Ready to sign up now? View all Challenges. Stay in Touch. First Name. Last Name. Screening if required. Full Challenge. Half Challenge. Quarter Challenge. Prices are before Autumn Deal. Autumn Deal. Click the Charity name to visit their website!

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