Wes Moores Theory

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Wes Moores Theory

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Georgetown University's Lawrence Gostin talks about what is legal -- and what might be most effective -- when it comes to getting Americans vaccinated. Twitter FB Discuss. Guests Wes Moore A youth advocate, Army combat veteran, business leader and author. Must Act To Avoid Russia-style Autocracy Friday, Oct 08 Trump impeachment witness Fiona Hill on what her own background says about this political moment, and why she thinks the greatest threat to American democracy now comes from within. Listen Discuss. I have learned about this vicious cycle in the past but hearing two specific stories effected by it helped me gain more empathy toward this group of people. The Other Wes Moore has qualities that make it a recommendable book, including great significance and well thought out content.

The word poverty means being extremely poor. In this novel, both main characters suffer from poverty. Not only were they burdened financially, but they also both lacked emotional wealth. The cycle of poverty is an issue that is highlighted throughout the book and holds a great deal of significance. This book is significant, because it shows readers that it is possible to come from nothing, and our actions determine our futures. The environment Moore the author was raised in is revealed vividly to the readers through his amazing word choice.

This quote shows the rough lifestyle Moore faced growing up. It is important that this information was given to the readers, because it helps to show that Moore overcame great obstacles. Seeing where Moore came from adds to a deeper appreciation for when the reader finds out where he is now. Moore goes to college with an amazing scholarship and gets to travel to South Africa. After that, he becomes a successful business man.

Although he did have a bit of support from his family, much of his success can be attributed to himself. This shows the readers that anything is possible through hard work and perseverance. A great story shows rather than just tells. Moore allows readers to get lost in the story through his well thought out plot. Organizing his book in a chronological order made it easy to follow and helped to build suspense. Right off the bat, Moore establishes that he is very young at that point in time.

His use of dialogue and his point of view help us to grasp this easily. You must defend them, not fight them. Do you understand? Before this conversation, Wes had gotten in a playful fight with his sister, Nikki. Something anyone with siblings can relate to. Toward the end of the novel, Moore does a good job of wrapping things up. Although he does it rather quickly, it is easy to appreciate the fact that he answered many questions. The readers find out what happened to many of the characters, including the other Wes Moore. He is serving the tenth year of a life sentence. Wrapping up the book with updates helps to bring closure and reassurance to readers.

The people that we surround ourselves with shape us into the people we are to become. In the novel, there are characters that influence the main characters in both positive and negative ways. Two character that helped shape Wes the author into a better person were his grandparents. Not only did they help raise him while his mother, Joy, was off at work, but they also helped him succeed financially. Military school helped Wes mature and develop as a character.

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