A Goal Without A Plan Is Just A Dream

Monday, March 7, 2022 10:19:42 PM

A Goal Without A Plan Is Just A Dream

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A dream can be described as a series of images, thoughts, desires, or emotions that pass through your mind. You might dream of being your own boss or travelling the world and going on Instagram-worthy adventures. Dreams can light you up. They can get you excited for the future, or place you in far off lands or exciting circumstances. They allow you to make what seems impossible possible. A goal is something tangible and concrete — they are plans you intend to achieve. They can be long-term or short-term. For example, you might have a goal to start your own company by the age of Your goal for the week is to get up every morning at am.

Goals are attainable and specific. If you need some suggestions for what kinds of goals to set for yourself here is a list to help you. Dreams and goals are confused with one another quite often. Without goals, your dreams may just stay wishes, hopes, and thoughts, without any chance of becoming a reality. Goals are the path you take to make your dreams a reality. Dreams are something you create in your mind that can take any shape or form, while goals are based on taking action. With goals, a lot of focus and attention is needed. You can sit for hours and dream without doing a single thing about it. You can dream up one thing on Monday, and something else completely on Tuesday. But for goals to be achieved, the action you take needs to be specific and consistent.

Yet, because goals are something you actively work on achieving, there tend to be deadlines associated with them. Dreams are completely free and only require your imagination in order to be created. Goals, on the other hand, will need some sort of investment, like fees for courses, time spent at the gym, or training to start your own business. Goals are based in reality. Dreams are able to stretch your imagination allowing you to create whatever your mind wants to, while goals stretch your capabilities character, strength, getting you out of your comfort zone.

Dreams can help you envision a better life for yourself, while goals will help the world around you change by taking you further towards making your dreams a part of your reality. Do you find yourself thinking of your future in more specific terms? Do you write down what you desire to accomplish in order to make them stick, and place them where you can easily see them on a regular basis? Do you prefer getting lost in your big dreams, letting them grow and change as you do? Do you allow your thoughts to wander and create a future for yourself far from your reality? It helps for you to see what it is you are dreaming of and want to make a reality. Take a few minutes each day to close your eyes and visualize your dream playing out moment by moment.

If your dream is to help build schools in underprivileged areas, visualize yourself arriving to the area, meeting the other volunteers, building the frame of the school. Walk your mind through every aspect and moment of the experience. Practice seeing yourself as already having accomplished your dream. Let your dreams grow! Dreams are incredibly important for your well being and need to be nurtured in order to grow, develop, and come true. Blowing off your dreams for being too silly or too big is a surefire way to make sure they never come to fruition.

If your dream is to travel the world, buy yourself a travel guide, make a Pinterest board of the places you want to see, and open a savings account for your big trip. Give yourself the time to dream. Try to schedule a few minutes a day to let your mind wander and dream. Breathe and let yourself relax. You may find yourself defining your dreams and becoming more clear as you continue to give yourself more and more opportunities to dream. Here at UoPeople, anyone, anywhere can achieve their dreams with us.

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A goal without a plan is just a dream. Execution eats Strategy for lunch.

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