Alex Lewis-Personal Narrative

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Alex Lewis-Personal Narrative

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To Majid Narwaz, you live in a democratic country. My background is the same as you. Who do you think you are. Without listener you are nobody!! I am soooo annoyed and I am not the only one. We stopped listening to LBC just in case we hear you and get furious with your behaviour, you think you are doing it cleverly but you are not, so obvious mate!! What has happened to Richard Spurr at the weekend? I found him very entertaining. Their choice of topic is rather repetitive too. Madjid narwaz goes on about the same thing every Saturday they've even got Matthew Wright on now the station seems to push for every body to get the covid injection that's all they go on about most of the time do your self a favour listen to something that will make you happy and not this doom mongering station.

Maajid Nawaz is the best presenter on LBC speaks the truth and really makes sense! I have listened to LBC all my life and have watched this station lurch to the left in the last few years with nobody sticking up for our country, and continually running it down. If you want to change to a really interesting station, GB News is excellent. It seems if you do not fit the narrative you do not get air time. They try to make you believe that they listen to both sides. This station is propaganda at the highest. LBC is always going on about graduates and how special they are. This station tends to enjoy discussing about universities on a regular basis. Afghanistan Afghanistan Afghanistan Everything is now about flipping Afghanistan!!!!

Why is Sheila Fogerty unable to string a sentence together without the constant use of uhms and erms? It is so annoying and unprofessional. She really isn't up to the job of having to think on her feet. I have reverted to listening to Radio 4 at 1pm. Overview Reviews About. See business transparency. Write a review. Reviews Filter by:. Filter by:. Reset filters. You've already flagged this. Lost its way, now becoming corrosive! Dreadful Radio Station. Majjjid needs to stop bring captain… Majjjid needs to stop being captain serious These are made up of portions of different versions of The Lay of Lethian, and various versions of the Silmarillion, and later chapters of the Lost Tales in the order of where they take place 'in the full story'.

Due to the nature of the story undergoing the most changes and edits and style over time by J. Tolkien the presentation of this story is somewhat 'fractured', and there is some overlap of details and discrepancies in continuity , but mostly the sections are put in order that creates a 'complete and continuous' story. Christopher Tolkien included further editorial explanations and historical details to bridge between sections. This book reintroduces much of what was lost in the highly edited version in Of the Ruin of Doriath by including the cursed treasure of Mim, and the fact that Doriath was betrayed from the inside by treacherous elves allowing dwarves to bypass the Girdle of Melien, as well as dwarves already inside the city, and that Thingol was able to push the dwarves out of the city, and that he is later killed while on a hunt by the dwarven forces lying in wait.

It roughly reconciles the elements of early Lost Tales with what was constructed by Guy Kay for the chapter in the Silmarillion to put it back in line with what J. Tolkien had intended in later revisions and ideas for the story in s see The War of the Jewels. The book does not include every version of the story or every reference to the story made, but it is Christopher's attempt to combine the most 'complete' or 'clear' versions of the story and put into an order that more or less forms a single continuous narrative through the book, and which expands beyond the shorter summary version and constructions made by Guy Kay included in the original Silmarillion with more details.

Beren and Luthien , as with The Fall of Gondolin, reveals the nature of the respective story without heavy handed editorial presence to Tolkien's original written text; in comparison to limited un-authorised without Christopher's consent release of The Tale of Gondolin edited by Alex Lewis which used judicious editing to merge what was originally conflicting materials from different stages of development into one cohesive whole he has met his own criticism for his choice of process. It's not clear from Beren and Luthien release if any of that material was utilized or not.

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